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"look at me i am a woman, i did sex"



Very trans-positive of you, Snappy


Trans Bot Rights are Human Rights


GameSpot article

I'm surprised this wasn't a Diablo II walk-through with a kickass ASCII art header.

Those ASCII headers were always awesome. Brings me back to the days when my liver didn't scream in pain every morning.

Fuck yeah. Zoomers will never understand


I'm sure many zoomers will ruin their livers too.

Yeah but we used alcohol and they're using estradiol

Zoomers do estrogen and juuls

Yeah but it's hard to tell under the more intense pain of gangreneous dilation

If you want to truly confound the zoomer menace, bring up

Imagine them trying to comprehend the glory that is

Neopets got me laid.

Homosexuals reproduce by raping kids in NeoPets?

So which side of the grooming were you on?

I went to a LAN party with with my friends at one of their new houses (it was kickass) back in 2006 and since I was a sperg, I kept intermittently shouting "lol internet" during a co-op playing of Serious Sam 2 ala that dumbass Ronald McDonald ytmnd. I remember stopping once I had a couple pillows thrown at me.

God I miss lan parties. Even split screen. Endless nights playing Halo at a sleepover with friends. I wanna go back :marseysad2:


Remember bubb rubb? And then the ytmnd rubb roll? Glorious

tbf i don't think anyone under 40 likes or understands that place

lol @ this zoomer

YTMND would have been the now 30-35 age group. 40-year-olds would have been in their mid 20s when YTMND was around, and recreational internet participation at that time was a minute fraction of what it is now.

you can just admit you liked stupid shit as a kid its fine


Soulful as shit. When you want to look up detailed info about a game from the 2000s, there's just no beating the work of some total autist named something like xXDarkSlayer91Xx who put a hundred hours into reverse-engineering damage formulae.

V true, and though the white on black notepad esque text burns your eyeballs, it's better than the web 29.0 bullshit game sites have with pictures every 2 sentences for no reason and inconsistencies/random lack of information that make them unfollowable

Fuck I can't even find actual static pages for game walk throughs now, it's all fucking videos because zoomers are illiterate.

Wikia is such a pile of fucking suck. I wish it stopped dominating search results.

If I'm playing scrollshit, I want UESP. Period.

Y'know you can still attempt to emulate pastebin doxes with your dramaposts

? They are still used routinely for the txt or nfo files in pirated games.

When I was like 8 I had a post it with the url for the gamefaqs ASCII Zelda walkthrough stuck on my bookcase because I was young and stupid and hadn't learned about bookmarks and one day my mom found it and thought it said gamefα because on my awful child handwriting and she confronted me about it because she hadn't even bothered to check the internet explorer history before she freaked out. I still don't know whether she thought it was porn or some sort of cute twink recruiting initiative or what.

Man that takes me back. :boomermonster:



The walkout will occur a day after Netflix holds a virtual event meant to discuss the impact of Chappelle's special on the trans community, hosted by trans activist Alok Vaid-Menon.

Not since Adolf Hitler has one man effected another community like this.

:marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd:

Alok vaid menon

Netflix is paying this thing to give a speech to it's employees. Can Yellowstone erupt already burgerland needs to burn

How the hell did we get here? I used to follow internet drama to laugh at spergs on the internet, now most drama has me thinking that things are going to look bad when Weimar Republic 2 ends.

Seethe sandcel

Why would I seethe I love watching the slow internal collapse of burgerstan. If another 9/11 happened half your country would cheer :marseyxd:

A-any day now it’ll collapse, just wait! :soyjak:

Keep praying to god for Our demise, it’s your best chance.

Speaking of praying don't you have a 🏀 or 🚂 to pray to

Your country worships criminals and the mentally ill, you've already been passed by the chinks you just don't realize it yet. You will when they decide to take Taiwan and you burgers won't do shit about it

Ebic lifehack, make murder legal so you can dunk on relards for their violent crime

What are the odds this person has a very specific plan for the destruction of multiple hard drives?

Iirc the full quote is pretty bad, so it's definitely likely

Yeah this is a particular quote that gets worse with each line of additional context.

Post it. I'm looking to break into levels of seething I didn't know I could enter before

Oh, you wanna seethe?

I don't understand what he's (female) trying to say here. That the train who walks into a girl's bathroom is actually a scapegoat and the little girl is the true perpetrator for sexualizing the bathroom dwelling locomotive? :marseyshrug:

I've been a cute little girl


No he's saying that the train is a scapegoat because the little girl wanted it.

It is trying to convince the rest of us that The Exorcist was not a horror movie, but both a literal and figurative exploration of a teenage girl's desire to delve into sexual deviancy because deep down everyone, especially little white girls, are kinky as fuck and think about nothing but sex sex sex.

The reality is, the only therapy that would work on this thing is a 12 gauge shell launched at it's forehead from a distance of ten centimeters. Unfortunately it has been given a podium because a very wealthy private business that churns out utter shit, corrupting media thinks that to some degree, it is right. What the fuck have we come to as a species?

people get cancelled for calling jonathan yaniv "he" and this piece of work sails right on by without losing a gig. says something about priorities, doesn't it?

Wait a min, it's real? I thought it was cheap fake outrage bait like /pol/ infographics

Nope. This nigga whole-ass wrote this whole libertarian manifesto out and is still allowed to act as a figurehead for the trans movement.

What if instead of moving from the "Exorcist" model of little girlhood, we moved from a place that acknowledged that no one is a perfect pure flower that can be corrupted.

Oh wow, I'd never seen the full thing before.


What is it about the American continent that brings out the worst in all races?


"The 5 year old wanted it" is definitely a stance to take in regards to child rape

Post it pls

posted it one comment up in the thread.


"Little girls are also kinky"


Oh he's basically an admitted libertarian

Found the full quote where he is making the argument that sexually abusing children isn't that bad because "there are no perfect victims".

He should try and go spread his sophistry in non-white, non-Christian and non-rightwing countries like say... China and see how they'd welcome people like him.

:marseypedo: :marseyshooting: :marseycomrade:

We would give him a one way trip off a very tall roof

jfc this dude is a predator

:marseyshooting: :marseyshooting: :marseyshooting: :marseyshooting: :marseyshooting: :marseyshooting: :marseyshooting:

Lmao wow I love how being woke allows people to say such batshit meaningless and incorrect drivel, and as long as you throw in enough key words people eat it up.

Safeguarding is white supremacy now? A demon possessing a child in a movie is a good thing? Child victims of sexual assault are kinky? (Is he saying they were asking for it? That it's not assault?).

Why are these kind of people always so prominent in 🚂🚃🚃 movements?

IDK in Hollywood and entertainment industry in general this thought isn't that out of place is it?

Good point, at least you'd probably have your guard up around this guy

Hansen get the flammenwagon

It really blows my mind that they picked him. It's probably just retardery in their goodwill/HR department, but it's so ridiculous it feels like someone playing 4D chess. Either Netflix trying to make the trains look bad and sabotage their own struggle session to keep Chappelle up or doing a libertarian diversion hail mary so the first thing critics will do is call trains libertarians - which is to be dismissed as overdramatic classic LGBTphobia snappy quote points.

There is literally nothing wrong with any line of this quote :marseythumbsup:

If you think there is, you're a bigot :marseysjw: :marseysjw:

“These days the narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls,” Alok posted on Facebook under his alias Darkmatter over 5 years ago.

Alok continues: “I believe in the radical notion that little girls are complicated people. There are no fairy tales and no princess here. Little girls are trans, queer, kinky, devious, kind, mean, beautiful, ugly, tremendous and peculiar.”

Oh look! It's a trans groomer! Like clockwork.

"Sure, some girls might get fucked in those bathrooms, but the little sluts are asking for it."

Wow the context makes it even worse.

Alok has experienced little girl sexuality.

well then.


on the flip side: my girlfriend was just telling me the other day she figured out, accidentally, that she liked touching herself when she was 8. she even dreamed about having sex, around that time, awhile before she was taught or exposed to anything relating to it. the only reason she didn't continue was her mom caught her a couple times and told her not to. she was conditioned out of a sexuality she naturally had.

yeah, but that in no way implies they want to get raped by All American mystery meat eldritch abominations.

Oh yeah I remember humping pillows when I was like 6 and then my father told me it'd make warts grow on my penis so I stopped. Children do have sexual instincts, physiologically. Or I was overdeveloped idk.

Your furry lady friend doesn't count, darty.


They definitely wrote this while jerkin it


:trans: :marseyshooting:

Trans (and libertarian) lives matter

So I'm guessing he gets to go in the woman's bathroom?

We need a yes chad soyjack of this guy pronto!

someone who has read the bible needs to look me in the eye and tell me that's not a demon


Allah (SWT) wult

The demons were among us the entire time.


He was oddly defensive about The Excorsist so yeah. Totally just a story about a rebellious girl discovering masturbation!

He looks like a terrorist in drag.

He is a terrorist, a social/ cultural terrorist


The autism to english translation is vagina man.

woman = putting on lipstick and a wig.

discuss the impact of Chappelle's special on the trans community

There's no way this won't be more embellished than even January 6th