rDrama Double Feature: MrBeast & The Holocaust

Twitter Drama 1: Children's Youtuber known for giving away money, MrBeast, announces an IRL Squid Game

Leftoids, Children, Minecraft stans, and average twittoids (extreme overlap between the 4 groups) give their takes.

Commies seething about... a wealthy man giving away most of his money

Anime pfp sneeding

The original announcement tweet itself, with plenty of literally who's begging for a morsel of attention

With all the poorcels, zoomers, and "influencers" that will inevitably join, I unironically hope he starts killing them like in the show.

Twitter Drama 2: A Radical Centrist school chadmin want teachers to consider "both sides" of the holocaust. Leftoids sneed uncontrollably.

I'm not even going to link individual drama, because the holocaust word search is just filled to the brim with leftoids smugposting and sneeding.

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600 or 6 million, it's still terrible!

Everybody's entitled to their opinion. I say 6 million, he says 6 hundred. You probably say a number in-between.

Have we considered negative 6? A fraction? What about some kind of complex number? I might need to go break out my linear algebra textbook.

Best not go into the imaginary numbers bit, I found people get a bit touchy

All I know is, whatever the answer is, it's an irrational number.

The jokes write themselves

I'm sure the Jews are really reassured to have a handicapped troon/ugly foid rushing to their aid.

Lol, nah, more like being forced to out political necessity.

Jews be like "nah fam, just put me on the fucking train" lol

those symbols

Has there ever been a specific individual in history that managed to personally perform acts of violence from a wheelchair outside of say, a sniper?

Give me a platoon of men like him and there will be no more war.

Tbh half size probably weights more than that negro beanstalk. Still impressive though.

Its a cointoss wether or not her friends die

POV you're an SS officer and an angry 6 ft she-hulk is charging full force at you while screaming, "ITS MA'AM!"


:!chadjew: :marseytrain: 🔥🔥🔥

Oh so that was the plan

Mr. Beast is peak zoomer- a marketer handing out money that isn't his, and doing works of "charity" (planting a million trees creates an environmental issue) under the guise of "wholesomeness."

A facade being held up by 12 year old Brazilian girls who want to win an iPhone giveaway, all spamming in his comments.

Wow I thought Mr Beast was some sorta cute twink but you just convinced me he's a chad.

hypercapitalist praised for charity

ruins the environment

makes poorcels feel special by by feeding crumbs to a select few

commie sneed

You're actually correct. Think he'd accept mod here?

>using the word "hypercapitalist"


fair enough

More useful to this planet than ten thousand leftoids put together.



(If you’re implying you’re a leftoid, don't. You’re much more than that :marseyhearts:)

planting a million trees creates an environmental issue


Yes, tree overpopulation is a real thing.

Please elaborate. I can't think of this ever being net negative (though suboptimal if done badly) unless you plant more trees than the optimum between the ones already existing in a natural forest

unless you plant more trees than the optimum between the ones already existing in a natural forest

Literally that

Did he do that? Otherwise you are grasping for straws

My bad, its 20x my original comment. I think I'm being baited.

I have no idea who Mr Beast is. I just know UberEats keeps trying to get me to buy his god damn burgers.

You're confused. They call them "Beast Burgers" because you never know what kind of animal the meat came from.

Isn't the reason Mr. Beast got popular in the first place because of videos where he gave a bunch of money to homeless people?

actually it was sitting in a chair and counting to a million

Industry plant.


Reported by:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you'd get a lot less Holocaust denial if you didn't just focus on the Jews.


sneeding at Holocaust revisionism

They’re just mad they’re not the ones doing it.

No u