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r/FriendsOfBrian was just nuked RIP

was just browsing r/FriendsOfBrian when it was banned. :marseysadge:

Thank you for your Service @chiobu EDIT: and @The-Flying-cute twinkman

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The conspiracy against Brian goes all the way to the top


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Even if he did murdered his annoying girlfriend, that is no reason to ban his friends for gathering in support of him.


Reddit admins can hardly be considered at the top of anything relevant.

Top and bottom are a matter of orientation.



Not sure if the homoeroticism was intentional. If so: clever.

Wait, what were you talking about before?



“This is Greendale. The conspiracy, at most, goes to the lower middle.”

A 1 in 7 billion chance he did it and all those people out for his blood. Sickening.

It’s really heartbreaking how he’s being maligned by every news channel (surprise-surprise an abuser is well-connected!!), and it’s being weaponized against a really good person :(

We'll have our revenge when Brian reappears with the real killer in tow.


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He's gonna find that bear

:!#chadjihadi: This would not have happened had you not disrespected Islam :!#marseyhead:

It might have been that woman who's been protesting in front of the Laundrie house. She's already been in prison for strangling someone.




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lmao did they seriously put bardfinn in the banner

that's a guaranteed way to get banned

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Reddit HQ must frequently fly Barfin in for gangbangs if they insist on giving him this -frankly disturbing- degree of special treatment.

I talked about how barfin on record said he beat his wife and kids. Third account was quickly banned.

It had been there for a couple of days.

rdrama is not sending their finest.

It's not a coincidence the sub was banned for hate, instead of ban evasion or harassment or any of the other bullshit reasons they normally use.

Yet no crab thread on AHS

Which one is bardfin

The name is in the header as part of a domestic violence meme

The black man being suffocated by the officer.

Rightfully so

And the George Floyd shit lmfao. It was only a matter of time before they got y'alled.

maybe the reason they banned it was that barfinn text on the banner


Reminder the guy who basically invented Reddit, who is currently solving global warming, advocated bullying powerjannies until they snap n' sperg.


man.. was really not worth putting bardfinn in dude


saving the css for memory


You really should have discussed it with reddit veterans, lol. I would have told you myself that it's guaranteed to be suicide if I'd have noticed. Even typing bardfinn in comments often gets accounts y'alled, and you've put that in a banner on a DV meme, lmfao...


I don't know what you expected, tbh.


fwiw i didnt really care for bardfinn

well no point saying anything now, in hindsight i should have known better

fuck bardfinn and the reddit :marseytrain:s, hope they off themselves


Damn, I wish I'd have seen that comment. The problem is that has a lot of people (ruqqoids etc) that are entirely unfamiliar with what you can get away with on reddit, unlike the traditional r/drama demographic which knew exactly how far we could push.

Oh well. I just hope it won't fuck carp's shit over.


Oh well. I just hope it won't fuck carp's shit over.

It's all connected, bro


it was in DMs since I was hesitant about putting it in and i tried to use the van to hide part of that cunt's name anyway but yea no point saying anything now since i was still the one who clicked on upload :marseysob:

really bad timing about that carp thing



Hell of a way to nuke a sub but that one didn't even get cucked by chadmins yet. :(

Outlandishly based

This is a great post to show the limitations of the human brain.

Are admins human?

They are when we need them to be, like Jews can be white or POC as needed.

Schrödinger's cac.

Like the bulldozing Mohammed’s house part

If it had stuck purely to the 'Brian is an innocent victim' stuff the gigajannies would have had no credible reason to ban it at all (not that that has stopped them in the past). Definitely harder to justify a ban than most of the other bait subs just on the premise of the sub.

Honestly I'm surprised it lasted so long due to that "Why were Gabby's nipples hard" post being stickied for weeks.

That was the funniest post in a very very long time.


Reddit hates trans BIPOC DV victims confirmed!

It was a quality bait sub, probably a lil too much media attention.

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

Too much? What does that mean?


Reddit only shuts down subs when the media points out hateful content on the platform.

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

This is no longer true. It used to be somewhat true. HermanCainAward got more media attention than FriendsofBrian and it's still up.

They also neutered HCA to the point that there's no reason to go there anymore.

Sounds familiar.

:marseycry: :marseybattered:

How do you neuter that sub? The primary reason why it got negative attention was because the entire point of the sub is smugly pointing out people passing from Covid.

“Newflash, we totally don’t want this sub to exist to laugh at bigots and chuds dying” :soyjak: :soyjakfront: :soyjakyell: :soyjakhipster:

they had to remove all photos and names from the posts which made it entirely boring.

You think there’s a chance it might still get y’alled?

HCA is full of the type of r-slur that posts on r/politics or AHS. The day they found Gabby Petitos body I posted a picture the CNN headline with the title "Young unvaccinated woman goes on cross country super spreader event. You can guess what happened next." and I got insta-banned. Humorless pussies.

It honestly sucks that you can't be funny or even just weird on the internet anymore unless it's some benign redditism like puns or quoting a marvel movie.

This comment reminds me of when dildo man fucked Captain America's bussy so hard that he pulled out the infinity beads and gave mega aids to half of America(i.e. trumptards)

Someone post Colin Powell to that sub

He doesn’t fit the criteria, he’s never publicly opposed vaccination. Wouldn’t make sense and would get y’alled immediately.


HCA fits the agenda of keeping the angry mob too distracted to go after congress (again)

Ya but hermancainaward is on the right side of history bigot.

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

a journ*list quoted my shit posts in an article and i was able to text all my friends and show them the proof that jounralists are r-slurred and should be executed

Was it the believeblackbodies one?

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.


Goodnight Sweet Prince

This community was banned for violating Reddit’s rule against promoting hate.

Promoting hate against who? Domestic violence enjoying mayos?

we already know that reddit dot com policy officially accepts domestic violence perpetrators as subreddit moderators




Like Icarus, Brian and his friends flew too close to the sun.

Rdrama Daedalus can only weep as our son falls from the heavens, killed by his own hubris.


banned for promoting hate

truly Brian and his friends are the downtrodden refuse of the era. May his name soon ring out across the parapets, and let all know his trial and tribulation. We must not let this capricious injustice stand

Was it the new banner?

If that pic with Bardfinn mentioned in it is new, was most DEFINITELY the new banner.

Yeah if that was the new banner then that was a really, really dumb move.

It may have turned the whole thing into a Bardfinn Fan Club (r/SubredditDrama's official site) dog whistle

:platysalute: :!platysalute:

:platysalute: :!platysalute:

:platysalute: :!platysalute:

:platysalute: :!platysalute:

:platysalute: :!platysalute:

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:platysalute: :!platysalute:

Probably can get it appealed unless you autismos were posting on the same accounts that subscribed to the 150 other banned subreddits.

I imagine Brian was in the swamp this morning with his pet wolf and he was reading our posts of encouragement one final time. He may have cried some tears of grief when he found out his friends got erased by the alt-right, but he still knows he’s not alone.

There can be no peace as long as even one Brian is unjustly oppressed

Friends of Brian, your watch is now ended.

Trans lives matter, and so does Brian's. I hope he finds Gabby's killer, and can come in from the cold at last.

For what? What rule did it break? Did it get too many dramatards and got autojannied as ban evasion sub? "Hate" my ass, mayocide now.

r-slurs changed the banner to include a “bardfinn beats his wife” meme.



Pour one out for the real ones

Definitely my favorite bait sub. Thanks @chiobu for the laughs.

HEY! Show me some damn respect.


Congrats. Only took 18 or so days.

Gabby Petito looked disgusting—nipples protruding—from her brown shirt before dying. Very very disrespectful


Godspeed, magnificent bastards.

20/10 never forget ✊✊

My dick is so hars right now

Why why why

Love affair with bardfinn is double edged sword.

Surprised it took this long



Reddit attacking neurodiverse victims of abuse once again.

I ignore this one cause I thought it was stupid but damn it looked like fun. Next one Im going in all the way.

Imagine the potential seethe this could generate when Brian is finally proven innocent. You would get a nice mix of r-slurs getting behind it because it will be such a big deal.

The new sub could be the ultimate bait for gabby degenrates to come in and talk about why friendsofbrian was acktually a hate sub.

If this doesnt show the misandry that runs rampant in our society I dont know what does.

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


Trans lives matter is a joke admins should kill themselves

Too many spiders