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I was at a wedding recently and started discussing VR with some people when one of them turned to me and unironically said "Wow, you know a lot about technology. That isn't common in Texas, is it?"

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I laughed at that for a solid hour. It happened at the reception and I was sitting in my chair trying to contain my laughter for that entire time.

People unironically believe that Texans are a bunch of uneducated hillbillies. Like here it is, DFW has a population of over 7 million people, a job market that is absolutely exploding, tech companies are moving here en masse (and I have a professional job at one of them), and the state has the 10th largest economy in the entire world. But people still hold the belief that we're living in the 19th century wild west. I thought we were having an intellectual conversation when it turned out they were just impressed I could tie my own shoes, lmao.

That may honestly be one of the funniest things anyone has ever said to me. I still laugh about it from time to time. My dad said he learned a long time ago to lean into it, so he'll say "howdy" to people from out of state and also tell them that DFW airport has the largest stable in the world because we all ride horses to the airport. He said they believe it almost every time.

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when next srd pinned post?

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I'll probably ask to come back in like six months or so. I want the SRDines to get comfortable again first.

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What kind of VR setup do you use btw?

I got the Valve one so I could play Half Life: Alyx. I don't really like VR in general though. Or at least I only think Alyx is an okay game.

VR is great until the headset shifts a little and everything gets all blurry. I spend almost as much time adjusting the headset as I do playing the game

Same. Also, the cord is genuinely a major tripping hazard. I feel like I'm constantly having to move it out of the way as well.

And the valve motion controllers have touch sensors that work fine unless your palms get sweaty (which is very possible after extended gameplay since you're standing and moving the entire time). And in HL Alyx, you NEED those sensors to work to reload guns. There were times where I got cornered and ended up dying because I couldn't reload the freaking weapons.

> Palms get sweaty and slippery

> Keeps fumbling and dropping spare mags

> Dies

Hmmm, sounds pretty realistic to me, sweaty :marseysmirk:

Ours is wireless. I can't imagine even trying with a corded headset.

The Quest 2 is much better for the reason it doesn't have any cords. AirLink works amazing to connect to your PC to play PC games like HLA. Facebook sucks, but that headset is the king of all headsets and it's like $300


No shit. When it comes to ease of use, the Q2 blows away all the older VR units I’ve used. To the point I call it next level. I fucking with camera setups, no fucking worrying about the cord, no fiddling with the headset because it won’t stay positioned. The shit just works, and work well.

Quest 2 is wireless. For a PC game like Alyx, you’d need to run it through a router to be cordless though. But plenty do.

Have you played boneworks yet?

I had that problem a lot with the older units. We have a Quest 2 now, and so far, it doesn’t have those issues. It is sooooooooo much easier to use. Plus, no cords or cameras to fool with.

I'd have to ask what we have because the equipment is my roommate's.

Have you tried gluing the headset to your face

Fr tho yea Alyx was kinda overhyped. You should try Elite Dangerous, a lot of my friends can’t even play it because it’s so immersive. Racing games like Project Cars can be fun as well and a little less dizzying. And I found Pistol Whip and Synth Riders to be more fun than Beat Saber (and you can just download a dump of 1000 songs instead of paying $20 for an album like in beat saber)

Alyx was kinda overhyped.

keep yourself safe :))

The USSR’s two greatest mistakes: educating Ayn Rand and treating Solzhenitsyn’s cancer.

The only games I play in VR are flight sims like DCS and IL-2 because I'm a major autist. It's a massive advantage and makes drunken flying and dogfighting much more fun.

LOL, HLA is NOT overhyped, that shit is next level. And Elite Dangerous and HLA are so different as the comparison to be meaningless. I found ED to be dreadfully boring, myself, but to each their own.

dude it was Boneworks but with a Half Life skin lol. I liked it but it's not a killer app for anyone other than huge HL fans

and I'm just saying if he didn't like Alyx then there are other great games, some in other genres. VR isn't just "whooaaaa dude you can reload the gun yourself!!"

Boneworks was garbage tho. Imagine paying for an unpolished tech demo.

Die die explode die

No shit, no one said that’s all it is. :marseyeyeroll:

well he said he doesn't like VR then says it's because HL Alyx so I suggested another genre, wasn't directly comparing

same team brother :marseyrain:

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What is this 1000 song dump and does it have anything aside from shitty techno? looks to be down right now, but yea it's got a bit of everything (pretty sure there's taytay even)

and it seems like you can do this with beatsaber too, just search "[game] custom songs"

Cool. I'll check it out. Every custom song I want to play on beat saber is like expert level and I'm not about to practice to shitty techno to get that good

Interesting, I stopped gooming about when VR started and I didn't try that many games, but I honestly thought it was incomparable to normal gaming. Playing some horror games I actually had cold sweats, never felt that playing anything else.

Someone modded vr support to alien isolation. Just think about that for a minute

I played it back when they first added it. The devs themselves put it in. Yes, it was fucked up.

I’m curious, how bad was it?

I didn’t mean it was bad, I meant it was freaky and scary. However, the devs just slapped it in for the hell of it, and home vr was still new, so there was no options to guard against motion sickness, like modern vr titles do. So, when it came to motion sickness, a lot couldn’t play it. I didn’t finish it because of this, but I played enough to tell you that shit was freaky.

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I genuinely think that would be so scary that it wouldn't even be fun. The game already gives you anxiety every second. I think VR would actually make it TOO good of a horror game lol.

Awful lol

Feeling hunted IRL can't be nice

Resident Evil 7 in VR is fucking terrifying. I’ve never been the least bit anxious in a traditional game, because I am not 8 years old. And when I actually was 8 years old, the Atari 2600 was the most popular system, and those graphics weren’t going to scare anybody (well, at least not in that way, lol). But VR makes it MUCH easier to trick your brain into saying “FUUUUCCK!!!”.

I can't even imagine. I played RE7 briefly and I remember feeling pretty overwhelmed with the main character being so damn weak and the dad so relentless. I don't wanna trick my brain into thinking that's really happening.

Im sure you remember dinner table scene, near the beginning, where the dude (I think it was the dad) is screaming in your face and shit? It was nuts, it felt so real. Also, there is another part, near the beginning, where you are going through some deep water, and your head is barely above water. I started reacting as if it was real, and kept straining to keep my mouth (IRL) above the water. I swear I could feel the “danger”. I never did finish the game, and I doubt I ever will, because it is on the PSVR. After getting used to the Quest 2, I don’t think I could go back to such a clunky system. VR has came so far. When I first got the PSVR, I was thrilled at how it was so much easier to use than my first VR unit (Oculus DK2). Compared to the Quest 2, it is just a big, clunky, pain-in-the-ass, with an annoying, limited camera.

Oh yeah, when he chops his son's arm and all. Fuck lol that must be wild.

I didn't know the tech had improved so much. I do remember thinking the controls in some games were terrible. Like the ones where you had to click on the ground to move, it's ridiculous, I've got two joysticks in my hands why can't I use those? Good to know it's better.

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GTA is pretty dope.

Despite all the posturing there sure seems to be a lot of gaymers in here.

My life has been rdrama work game for 2yrs almost

That's probably true for most dramatards +/- the work part.

Look at the genius who just figured out that rdrama is rusing most of the time.

Not about the Mayocide though, unironically all white devils need to die.


It's almost like dramatards self flagellate just like redditors.

Yeah I'm really whipping the skin off my own back here by occasionally making fun of bideo bames.


Thin skinned like a redditor too!!

How far on the spectrum are you


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Remember to use AutoMod to sticky so they can mald even harder about not being able to block you. :marseycanned:

Did they remove your permissions?

yeah lol

God I hate them so much. SRDines do one good thing and immediately undo it.

Never in the history of ever has such a henious hate crime been committed. Did you tell them your a severely neurodivergent manchild? Do they realize the sort of devastating impacts that could have on the psyche someone like you? It's time for a crusade.

How does it feel to have your life so empty of any events that you make plans to make a post in SRD in 6 months?

you act like canning SRDines isn't a noble cause

:marseylawlz: :gigachad2:

wow, this lawlzpost sucks!

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Welcome back Lawlz!, did you see the Ben 10 marsey I made?

no, show it to me

you gave him the Alien Force omnitrix but have him wearing the original series shirt

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Wow, absolutely annihilated


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Sorry, I used Google images for references when making it lol


This is the most Lawlz comment ever.



Bless your autism

This is why we love you, lawlz

Flareon BTFO, clearly @Sylveon is the better eeveelution.

Don't be so harsh on Flareon though, poor thing never had things easy in life.


Fucking amateur hour around here


Holy shit, BTFO by :marseylawlz:

People unironically believe that Texans are a bunch of uneducated hillbillies.

They aren't?

Hi :marseywave:


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Texas is like every state in metro areas have tech jobs, and the rural areas are full of hicks. Texas has more than their share of hillbillies, but it's not like Teslas aren't everywhere.

We sure are. Yessir.

You still get people speaking with a southern draw in the suburb. Pretty charming.

The ingnorant, uneducated, smug leftoid always reveals itself. Hurrr, aren't you Texans a bunch of dumb-dumbs :marseygigaretard: :marseybluecheck:

I miss Lawlz posting.

Stereotypes exist for a reason, sweety


After living in both, Chicago has just as many r-slurs as any place in Texas

I moved out of Texas a few years ago and one of the first things someone asked me was " do you ride horses a lot?" Like, some r-slurs think that Texas is the wild west lol


Giddyup, coastaltard!

Hey lawlz, did you end up getting that Corvette?

I put in an order for one but it won't arrive until May or June

Most dealerships are charging $20k-$40k over sticker price, it's fucking idiotic. I finally found one guy who would sell them at MSRP and would also submit an order for it to have the exact options I want. He works at a dealership in Ohio lol. I refused to go to a Texas dealership and be price gouged.

That's because they can't get the parts to make them. The Corvette plant laid off 700 employees last month. The auto industry is in melt down.

It really just shows how outdated these companies are. Tesla managed to pivot and only shut down operations for a couple of days. You can still get a new Model 3 in like 6-8 weeks.

No it shows that the off-site companies who supply parts like transmissions and other parts can't hire new employees for the turn over rate. The supply chain problem in manufacturing is from not being able to put out the parts that are essential to manufacturing the finished product. It has nothing to do with an outdated company. It's all about people not going back to work after riding that unemployment untethered for over a year. So now it's causing widespread layoffs for the ones who did continue to work or went back after the initial layoffs.

Why are they laying people off if they are short on labor?

Because if your supplier can't supply the parts you need to manufacture the product then you can't make the product.

I don't think a lot of you realize the absolute crisis most u.s. industries are in right now. It's about to get really bad. Theres a reason r/antiwork blew up in membership and it's not just a meme movement.

Most anti-workers are insufferable but I honestly hope some good comes out of this half-farce of a movement. Like, at the risk of sounding like a Ch*po, there's no reason the average white-collar or blue-collar worker should have to work 40 hours a weeks for the wages they do with the amount of automation of work we have today. Automation has made it so that more can be done with less effort.

So people are either accomplishing more through technology (mostly scripts or calculators for white collars, and robotics for blue collars) than the people doing the same job thirty years ago, but they aren't making that much more dough (accounting for inflation) and they also don't get to work less hours than the people doing their jobs decades ago despite being able to produce or accomplish just as much in a fraction of the time.

I'm glad that some people are starting to realize that this is bullshit, despite the fact that many of them are just lazy or have r-slurred ideas on how to fix it.

That's fine and all but when it's just the majority of them refusing to work at even double the old pay the jobs offered (with sign on bonuses sometimes in the $1000s ) it's not a movement. It's taking a year off with all the money they saved from the fed supplement.

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Wouldn’t automation make their work worth even less?

One of my relatives works in auto parts manufacturing and the management is on another layer of r-slurdom. They've been laid off twice in the past year from "essential roles" because the companies keep pumping out shitty parts that get turned away for QC issues by the manufacturers. So instead of listening to their QC, they just keep churning out shitty parts and fire their quality department to make up the loss in profit "because it's their fault this happened". (It's not their fault if they mark shit as faulty and they ship it out anyway to make management quotas.)

Anyway, the relative just quit their last job because the entire department got laid off and the remaining manager said he was going to "have some words" on performance issues. The relative told him to go fuck himself and walked out the door.

edit: plz no dox

Big dick energy


The C8? Damn dude, honestly congrats

Thanks man, check out the new Hypersonic Gray color. It's fucking sick!

Wow, that looks beautiful. I loved that almost brushed metal look.

What interior color?

All black napa leather!

I was at a wedding recently.

[×] doubt

one of them turned to me and

[×] doubt intensifies

it was my stepbrother's wedding so I had to be invited

I like to think that you give the best man speech at every wedding you attend even though you're never asked to.

I'd let Lawlz give the best man speech at my wedding

I'd watch Lawlz give the best man speech at his own wedding. Think about it, it would be a pinnacle of his shitposts! @MasterLawlz, add this to your unattainable life goals.

That would be believable if you hadn't made someone talk to you in the second line. Overall good hook but middle got slow and poor finish. 5/7.

Everyone's already asked about the Corvette, so I'll be special: you get that lasik yet?

The living prophet Muhammad el Masterlawz has returned

:!#chadjihadi: This would not have happened had you not disrespected Islam :!#marseyhead:

Back in the early 2000s, people used to make fun of me whenever I outed myself as a filthy south am*rican by asking where the fuck did I find a computer in the middle of the jungle or how do I even have internet access, I usually rolled with it by claiming I lived in a mud hut, my computer was stolen from a humanitarian aid aircraft and that my tribe reverse-engineering the technology, along with other absurd bullshit.

Of course no one believed me (probably), but I had one moron that kept probing me for weirdly specific information about my "tribe", my mud hut, how does my tribe generate electricity or access the internet, and I kept feeding him bullshit. I had a good laugh that day, I think he genuinely believed it. (My english was way shittier back then, that probably helped my act)

Are you Que or Hue?

Hue :marseydepressed:

How many times a week do you get robbed by motorcycle bandits?

What if I am the motorcycle bandit?


We call them "two guys on a motorcycle" here, though. I should try to make a "two Marseys on a motorcycle" one day, to culturally enrich the Marseyverse.

Hope it gets better. :marseyhearts: