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Ladies and gentlemen...we have an event. Terrorism in Waukesha, Wisconsin? Left, right, or Muslim? A "protest"? An accident? Who knows.

Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.

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Wait a second--many injured but none killed.

Sailer's Law of Mass Shootings's a black shooter, retaliating for Rittenhouse? Race War is on!

Eyewitness report (not always reliable). Somebody tweeted this video, then deleted it.

LMAO. You can hear the panic in the newscaster's voice as he tries to tell the guy he's on air.

:!marseyparty3: :marseyparty1: :!marseyparty2: :marseyparty3:

If only the /pol/tards had a meme for this one. Perhaps something about closing it up?

That seems illegal or something. I know Commiefornia has laws that make taping illegal without consent


You can see how rape demons pull down his right eyelid!

Christ. The sensy jannies remove the tamest of comments there.

Nevada sex offender registry

Just how many state lines did that sick motherfucker cross?

I'm voting Muslim moid intentional because for maximum dramacoin it needs to be someone who flew over unvetted from Afghanistan or who crossed the southern border and Islamic terror is back on the menu.

Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.

Suspects now described as either Black OR Arab

Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.

cross state lines

Low iq if you vote for foid

my vote is on an asian foid driving to the grocery store


contribute to the marsey archive project!

Ok you legit have a point :marseyshook:

And low iq

I vote for foid (male)

Its widely known that women cant drive though

It's statistically likely that this is a teenage black kid who has called someone a cute twink recently, so I voted Rightoid+Zoomer+PoC.

This is the suspect. He's born in 1982 so he's xoomer-millenial

Those eyes :derpthinking:

I think it's confirmed POC

No option for incel?

All mayos are incels in their hearts.

This is why Asians are officially mayos now :marseylove:

facts. according to bill maher rittenhouse is an incel.

that's a given

Average SUV driver



72 grannies in heaven

POC minus Asian excludes East Asian, includes Bong Asian

Mighty progressive of you to see a crashed car and not assume the driver was Asian.

This is how black people must have felt after OJ got away with it.

Asian foid*

I'm hedging my bet and saying everyone did it accidently on-purpose because they were drunk

Weekend in Wisconsin, the safe money is on "Super drunk driver"

Around ten or so years ago I was working on an ad campaign for a group of restaurants and hotels in Healdsburg, CA, which is a little Sonoma County wine town about an hour north of San Francisco.

One morning I’m walking though the hotel lobby and I see my uncle, whose from Detroit, and was the head of advertising for Ford at the time. When I went over to say hi it seemed like him and his coworkers weren’t having a great morning.

It turns out they were doing a series of ads where they gave a bunch of people new Ford Focuses for a week and documented their experiences. The first problem they ran into was that out of all the people who had signed up, around 90% of them had DUIs, which disqualified due to the company’s insurance.

The second problem was that out of the 10 people who managed to qualify, two of them managed to wreck the cars during the week, and three of them got DUIs while driving them.

It was a bit of a wake-up call for me, since I’d been spending months photographing from the side of the road and had many more months to go sharing the road with these people.

Now watch this drive.

Mommy is soooo proud of you, sweaty. Let's put this sperg out up on the fridge with all your other failures.

I'm going with the Muslim-Alcohol-Millennial combo. BTW, this is lazy. You should have made a bingo card.

I'm betting on drunk moid lefty millennial making a wrong turn.

Twitter says a black moid was detained but that could be fake.

Mayocide on?

Where's the Deep State Alien option?

Where's Incel?

Multiple injuries, and no death indicates it may have been a rightoid foid. I'll throw in Xoomer for fun.

Now watch me wrong on all counts.

American SUV rules out leftoids and asians, arabs could be but not high probabilty. Car wise could be a woman but the driving was not chaotic enough - foids would panic too much in a situation like that.

So probably white or black, drugs have potential but not alcohol or weed.

Leftoids will drive whatever car their boomer parents provide them.

Now watch this drive.