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The (((rightoids))) are beginning to feel safe agendaposting. we need another crackdown

80+ comments of raggot seething and unironic td level content

I guess lefty riots don't count

they dont

Reminder that Travis Scott killed more people than January 6th.

neither travis scott fans or jan6 boomers and security guards are people

Is this what they call gaslighting

gaslighting is a memeword. if you can't believe your own mind you deserve it.

Wanna right hook this dude so hard his glasses break and his hat flies off like Bobby Shmurda

nice fanfic

Lmao dems you’re all gonna die

oh fuck off

I come here to get away from raggot agendaposting. Do better.

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Trans lives matter

Wholesome 100

:!marseytrain: :trans: :marseytrans2: :trans: :!marseytrans2: :trans: :marseytrans2: :trans: :!marseytrans2: :trans: trans rights! :lgbt:

:!lgbt: :trans: :marseytrans2: :trans: :!marseytrans2: :trans: :marseytrans2: :trans: :!marseytrans2: :trans: :marseytrain:

:!marseytrain: :trans: :marseytrans2: :trans: :!marseytrans2: :trans: :marseytrans2: :trans: :!marseytrans2: :trans: :lgbt:

(Upvote me or you're a transphobe.)

upvoted :chad:

Domo arigato gozaimasu!

transrights! :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: transrights! :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: transrights! :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :animesexual: :trans: :trans: transrights! :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans: :trans:

Upvoted you since I’m not a transphobe


That's right, cissy, get in line! :marseykyle:

I love all trans folx!






Umm sweaty this is VERY offesnive to nonburgercels as it implies a cis white heterosexual male is their president.

Actually their president is a POC called Netanyahu :marseyexcited:

Netanyahu is actually a burger himself, look it up. The Israel controls America conspiracy theory is actually a psyop to cover up the fact that it's actually America who controls Israel.


Israel controls America

America reverses it, and controls Israel

America controlled by Rothschild's

Rothschild's bow to the Bogdanoff

:marseybog: :marseybog:


People of Chosen? I knew it!


Person of Carp

Every other day I would have downvoted :chad: you. But it's carps transition day :marseyparty:

Person of Consulting. Bibi got his start at the esteemed Boston Consulting Group

person of coin

Biden is the leader of the free world but Europoors don't have freedom

pinkname lives matter

You have banned Kinder Surprise Egg. Chocolate with toy. Let that sink in.

Because it's pedophilic. Unlike you Europeans we don't tolerate that kind of behavior.

pinkname lives matter

Good joke, lets open r/egg_irl and see how well your murican kids are doing with eggs

We give our kids the freedom to choose their gender

pinkname lives matter

Okay you won. Can't argue with this

GOOD post





Ok europoor have fun with your shitty waxy chocolate

Yes he is.

So true!





And he won in a landslide

Deal with it, conservitards 🍦😎

Anti-agenda agendaposters are the ony thing more obnoxious than agendaposters

I don't care what you think about other retards' shitty posts, thank you.


apt comparison, but you forgot one thing, which is that there is a simple fix to my problem, and it is to make BETTER FUCKING POSTS YOU STUPID IDIOT

Wow you're unironically seething :marseysneed:

Bad post

Is their a single moment in the waking day of a leftist where they aren’t whining?

no sometimes im soyfacing when consuming marvel media.

Lmao @ implying I'm a leftist


:marseyonacid: :marseyjam: :marseyonacid: :marseyjam:

Wow, this lawlzpost sucks!

The linked drama post was funny and you're an annoying r-slur.


Hey I’m dunking on Dahl too, can I have some free dc, rightoidz?

No, because they don’t exist :marseyghost:

wow a NigChest emote for twitch channel ty