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‘People are nasty as hell on there’: the battle to close Tattle – the most hate-filled corner of the web


I'll be honest I'd never heard of Tattle before I saw this article, but it looks like the Mumsnet Kiwi Farms. There are 6 sub-forums: Families, Gurus, Instagramers, Bloggers, Influencers and Celebs.

Each forum contains generic gossip threads about largely birthing person, UK-based Internet and daytime TV personalities.

Some choice highlights from the article:

“Everything about me is twisted,” says the Dublin-based influencer Grace Mongey, 33. “When my cat went missing for four days, they said I hid it in my back yard for publicity.” Things got so bad, Mongey had to take a mental health break from social media in July this year.


In August, the influencer Em Sheldon gave evidence before a parliamentary committee, calling for the site to be taken down.


Without a hint of self-awareness, the article opens by endorsing doxxing:

Abbie Draper was so excited when she heard there was to be a big Tattle reveal that she set a reminder on her phone. On Friday, 1 October, at 7pm, Andy Malone was going to reveal the identity of the founder of the notorious website Tattle Life – the mysterious “Helen”.

Jump in the discussion.

No email address required.

While politicians of all parties fulminate about the social media giants, Tattle flies beneath the radar. This is due partly to the perception that its subjects – birthing person influencers and media personalities with professional management and large Instagram followings, often working in the parenting, fashion, or beauty arenas – in some way deserve the anonymous vitriol, or should deal with it as the price of success.


These influencers need some kind of opposing force. God only knows what kind of damage they do to young girls with their fake personas. It's important that someone exists to point out their flaws.

This pretty much just sounds like PULL for a new generation, and that's a good thing. Kiki Cannibal was an important cautionary tale for me in my early internet days.

"boo hoo influencers gave me a bad body image, wah wah" young girls need to man up

These modern day censors (or censorship lovers) make me fed-post so fucking bad :marseyglow: :marseyunabomber:

Outlawing "being mean" is not only peak dystopian, it is also incredibly obvious how easily it will be exploited and abused.

At first it only targets from SWAT-ing or stalking. And before you know it, you're not allowed to discuss Epstein and his libertarian friends. Slippery alone you say? Nigga have you been in a coma the past decade? In fact, even the libertarian protection is happening with our favorite locomotion aficionados :marseygroomer2:

:marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber:

Social media and its consequences...

Freedom of consequences does not mean freedom of speech.

That's why I'm here instead of reddit. Even with the rightoids, as long as I can speak freely...

This is the nicest thing you've ever said about us!


Does this mean we're dating?


Eww, dating a pinkname.

We need more name-colorism on this site tbh. Ive seen some mild poking but we need a full name color apartheid

Criticizing the government is hate speech

Redact this fedpost... NOW!!!


They're basically freelance advertisers, and advertisers deserve no sympathy.



They try to frame it like sexism is the reason the site is still up, when it's women's obsession with small celebrity gossip that drives the whole industry.

Women are talking shit about women and that's somehow a man's fault.

Also lol that these bitches couldn't stop reading about themselves. Just close the screen nigga haha

Are they using birthing person or is that the rdrama edit?

mostly from British users. (Almost all the people discussed on Tattle are British.)

I thought this was gonna be good. :marseysad:


Oi you gots a loicense for that drama????

Tattle users mocked the name for its similarity to the word “blaze”, and began calling him Baby Spliff

Anyone who says women aren't funny hasn't read this

women (male)

who could have possibly seen this coming? I thought making every corner of the mainstream internet boring, sterile, and hecking wholesome 100 would make these damn dirty trolls change their evil ways.

Haven't tou heard sweety? Science says censoring trolls and chuds makes the total meanness in the world decrease 💅🏼

no point to sarcasm, deplatforming genuinely works

Tfw STILL no MSM article about Marsey as the internet's premier alt-right hate symbol. :marseycry:

Soon, inshallah.

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All it takes is one hate-filled bait sub and a slow news day.

Why does this exist? I thought foids liked Kiwifarms

Terminally online edgy foids like Kiwifarms. Tattle is for soccer moms to gossip on it seems.

Terminally online edgy foids

If only they could stop being fat they would be perfect.

Even without a massive futa cock?



No, foids like lolcow.farm

Quietly, without mainstream recognition, Tattle has become one of the most-visited – and hate-filled – websites in the UK.

Let me tell you this-- rdrama.net is one of the most malevolent, cruel, coldhearted online communities you'll ever find, and even as a supporter of free speech it appalls me that the internet would allow such a vile, festering hub of bigotry and sadism to exist. You think [slur]town was bad? That website, if you pick up on the dog-whistles (and many don't even bother with that-- say want you want about Stormfront, at least it bans "n[slur]"), will reveal itself to you as the internet's number one hub for the web's most hardened Nazis, Klansmen, Fascists, and Gamergaters. You'll notice on the description that it encourages members to be as dramatic as possible. That's intentional. They encourage arguments in the comments section. That's intentional. You know the Three Minute Hate (it's from this underrated book 1985, give it a read, it's scary how much it parallels our society)? It's like that, they want to stoke the flames of reactionary rage so they continue to dogpile every progressive and minority who enters the website, normalizing these evil feelings. They brigade from website to website, having an entire cabal of admins spanning hundreds of communities, gaslighting lived experiences of the oppressed and unashamedly bolstering the internet's white supremacy movement. They've kink-shamed hundreds of people too, some even... to death. I fear that rdrama.net may be producing an entire army of Dylann Roofs and Elliot Rogers, and I highly suggest that nobody dares visit that horrible website, lest you potentially fall victim to its corruptive aura.

♻ Please consider the environment before printing this comment ♻

Sometimes I think the foids are OK.


Oh no people on the internet are saying things I don't like. Let's close them down

Bong birthing people are savage

That website layout and everything about it, minus the drama, is cancer

It's like the most generic forum layout ever. Zoomer detected


It was probably designed by a woman to keep the normies out.

Who would ever do such a thing?

Or you could just not go there lmao

blaze draper

well if it isn't my new account name

Hi Blazed Raper

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Engorged mammaries and posteriors may suffice for those of simpler minds, but I hold with a far more enlightened view. The most beautiful curve on the birthing person body, by far, is her smile :)



I think it is funny how the "troll hunters" ended up doing more trolling than the trolls.

:marseytroll: Yes my followers, THIS random women is the CEO of trolling

Its not her?

:marseytroll: THIS TIME, my followers, THIS random women is the CEO of trolling

Behold the power of weaponized bitchy Karens!


The only people they influence are r-slurs