Orangeman never stops triggering the libs.

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Occupy dems reads like a parody of occupy dems

So many such cases it's not even funny anymore.

>get b& from Twitter

>still cause twittercels to seethe


because he thinks he belongs on the monument

Where's the lie

Donmaldo believes many things, few are based on reality

Most of them are based though and that's all that matters

this is the story you tell yourself lmao


First the marseywaifu guy and then you, I forgot to ban all you obnoxious cute twinks on this account.

When you finally obtain the courage to admit to yourself that your life isn't going to get better no matter what you try or do, make sure to have a livestream set up first before you tie the noose around your neck.

impotent rage, weak insults, 'kill yourself' isn't the big "I win" button you seem to think it is lmao

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  • Impassionata: lmao selective blocking/unblocking to reply to me hemad

Don't worry, you'll remember me when your big day comes.

Have you wondered if maybe they're no annoying and you're just a fragile little bitch?

Have you wondered if maybe Impassionata is not annoying

Are you delusional?

Yeah like don't damage my brand like that

Some people just don't have any respect these days smh

Good point. The second part is still true though

One is a r-slur who spent his first few months on this site talking about nothing but his love for a cartoon cat.

The other is a pompous serious-posting cute twink still living on daddy's dime who thinks reading article headlines on r/politics makes him an intellectual.

You also sound like the type of cute twink who nobody would miss after blowing his brains out, if I were you I wouldn't wait for tomorrow.



lmao it's the same post as yours



You look in pain under that mask, friend

So true

he's a one-term president, he doesn't belong there any more than Jimmy Carter (who was objectively better for the country)

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Idgaf about burgerland or its politics, it can burn for all I care. Trump was funny and therefore deserves to be there.


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Downvoted :chad:

I downvoted you for praising Carter.

There seems to be a lot of rightoids here only because leftoids continue to get more and more r-slurred so even radical centrist seem right wing when laughing at leftoid shenanigans.

Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! ... Hell shall be their home

Yep :marseyagree:




y'all need god to save you

if the normies are freaking out about something why do you think they're wrong when you can't understand them smh lmao neurodivergence

:marseysrdine2: The normies are acting like srdines.

But I don’t understand you so I’m neuronormie. :marseyjam: :boomermonster:

Who doesn’t understand who?

I wanna say no, rightoid but, yes. Left should've just taken a knee in 2008 and rolled with the punches. Rightoids would've never gotten off the ground after Bush.

And then gender neutral bathrooms happened. Lol.

The man above me is a groomer.