Continuing a string of mostly stupid ideas, Marjorie Taylor Greene has another one.

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y'all need god to save you



Give him the presidential medal you chuds

Kylie Rittenhouse for Woman of the Year :marseygroomer:

We're going to be hearing about this for the next 6 months, aren't we...



Rightoids had a national-scale culture war victory for the first time in years, this is gonna be with us for at least the next election cycle. Rightoids will be smug and leftoids will be coping.

No further comment, but I always thought your pfp was Randy from Trailer Park Boys, and it distrubed me to recently learn it's not.


Typical college boy :soyjak:

vs average dungeon master :spank:

Apparently I can't upload an image with an edit on mobile

That turns me on

I wanna see six hot loads :marseynut:

Yes sir

I was so upset when I realized your pic wasn't boondocks

I'm still the stone the builder refused.

Watch Venture Bros tho, good show.


might have to check it out at some point whats it abt im too lazy to look it up

It's hard to describe, tbh. it starts as a better than average extremely low-budget adult swim show, but becomes about super science and other comic-book meta references and there's a funny family dysfunction element that gets in there. I'm up to season 3 at this point. It's a fun show, and if you enjoy this site, you'll probably enjoy it. It really does get better with every season; the creators, Doc and Jackson, really never had a guaranteed next season so it does have a continual "do or die" energy"

Hopefully the movie will be good and not the end.


I think it needs to be said again for people in the cheap seats: Centrism is now being called "rightoidism". This was a win for centrism. When it happened and the vids of it all started to drop they were being posted on leftoid subreddits and people were saying, "I dunno me it looks like he's defending himself...we want to be able to defend ourselves if we get attacked at protests, right?" I don't know what happened, but they all dropped any pretense of looking objectively at what was on video and decided they needed to start to call him an evil murderer.

Leftoids losing is de facto rightoids winning no matter what. Especially when there's no centroid party in America.

Leftoids seem to be the ones who have a problem with centrists way more than rightoid ones anyhow tbh.

r/enlightenedcentrism: “why are the centrists not joining us? Is it because we call them Nazi enablers?”

“No, this is just proof that they’re actually fascists”

especially SRDine type leftoids

Both Democrats and Republicans are the centrist parties, reclaim them from the leftoid and rightoid hordes! :marseycrusader:

True enlightened centrism is like a bonsai tree. You have a Plan, and you want legislative outcomes to match your Plan. So, like a bonsai tree, you carefully prune the branches - a little from the left, a little from the right, eliminating a politician here or a political movement there - until the ultimate outcome matches your Plan.

It's very zen.


supporting an active shooter just because he killed people you disagree with isn't centrism, it's extremely wingcucked

Is he still an active shooter? He looked like a chubby shooter to me.


If not minding that violent libertarians get killed makes me a wingcuck, I'd like two scoops of wingcuck please.

This literally happened to me and I was shocked when people acted like I was insane lmao. I was thorough in how much I covered my ass too.

This country is just zero-sum boomer dunking and scams

Yes we will


Nothing stupid about honoring a hero.

Wait for Trump to win in 2024 then he can give him a Presidential Medal of Freedom during the SOTU.

This is just stuntin' that has no chance of passing.

She is more of the problem than Kylie.