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Wtf wtf wtf…. WHY are people like that even here? It’s a Marxist sub lol… people who aren’t marxists are just guests here and should act appropriately. I fully support banning people who come to your sub and post shit like that.

StupidPol saying "It's a marxist sub" has about the same meaningfulness as an antifa guy saying "we only hurt nazis" at this point. The only difference between them and a rightoid sub is just having to hamfist the phrase "class is the real problem" into any statement you make.

Except when the topic is wh*te genocide, then it's important to talk about racial oppression (of wh*tes).

Also "China is problematic, it's capitalist but we'll suck Xi dick everytime he introduces an authy law"

China is based now for banning women from driving?

simping for privileged imperialists and slavers


Lmao Gucci is such a crybaby mod. Nooo you can't post objectively true facts on my subreddit!!

The whole sub is based on a few topics and completely r-slurred on anything else. It's like interacting with thousands of slightly less verbose Pizza shills.

:marseycomrade: :marseymini:

People don't realize what a treasure Pizza is until they have to deal with his thousand r-slurred cousins

When you pick a sea shell on the beach, it feels like a treasure


Banned for rightoid covid disinformation.

:marseyblush: :hearts: Gucci :!hearts: :!marseyblush:

I pretty much stopped going on stupidpol cause I spend too much time here and don't really use other sites other than for drama purposes, but rightoids really are ruining it. Hopefully Mr Bananabricks will crush them all with his giant cock

Oh no the commie seriousposting has been replaced by rightoid seriousposting sub ruined

Well, yeah

the average online rightard is ten times more annoying and pathetic than the average socially centrist “marxist” teenager

It never was good. :marseyjam:



Where lie though? :marseyreading:

Well, for starters, I was a regular there

So your taste has changed and the sub’s quality hasn’t. :marseyjam:

Who is Gucci? I only go on stupidpol occasionally to dunk on the fucking cringe feminist SWJs bro (facts and logic)

Best j-slur, causes insane amounts of seethe, also OP

Vaxxmaxxer and Chinese Communist party gooner. He's basically the commie pizzashill.

All Reddit commies are basically pizzashill, they never let something go.

They're not used to any serious challenge to their beliefs and you can tell if you ever get in a WORD WORDS WORDS battle with them. Anything that doesn't suggest communism is heckin valid is CIA propaganda.

:marseycomrade: :marseyshooting:

I had the more ML and/or r/communism types in mind who often respond like robots.

A bunch of humorless cute twinks that lot is.


y'all need god to save you


It’s an intellectually lazy post. Think about the claims here: “no group in recent history is more coddled” and “this is a systemic problem that has weakened America.”

Neither holds up to an even cursory Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

Who are the other “groups” and Who is doing the “coddling”?

What is “coddling”?

When is “recent history”?

Why is America being “systemically weakened” through “coddling”?

How does “systemic coddling” “weaken America”

I’m not trying to teach people how to be better racists, but I expect a post with 100 upvotes on this sub to hold up to basic examination.

Wow stupidpolers are r-slurred

I got like 200 upvotes for calling someone a racial slur (mod replied in approval too). Very based.

What slur? They vary in power so much, calling someone a BIPOC hits way harder than chink for example.

what does the word coddle mean?

Checkmate rightoids :marseysmug2:


:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

It doesn't matter if they're right or left, they are cringe



Lol no it wasn’t.

It'd be very easy to purge them. Only chuds aren't gigavaxxed.

If there were no rightoids on that sub it would be just libs sometimes yelling about class.

Or gucci's pinned mod comments and Dougtoss's essays

Where's the lie?

r/stupidpol is like if a bunch of 1800s commies got introduced to present day "socialism" by watching tiktok and r/cringetopia, with the odd Ben Shapiro & Crowder commentary about why pronounsinbios need to be chucked in the looney bin.

Sure, you'd have the handful of intelligentsicucks bitching and moaning about theory and bullshit, but at the end of the day most of the communards and commutards are going to be so flummoxed by it all that they want to go back in the time machine and prevent the present from ever happening.

But the time machine doesn't work anymore, its reverse gear is broken, and the terrible truth dawns on them: they're trapped in a world with a 0.0003% ze/zim/zir population.

There is no escape from the hellscape, and suffering massive cognitive decline from the futureshock, they start a subreddit.

And only the R*ghtoids are mentally special enough to listen.


Anyway, That's my script for Tucker Carlson's origin story!

Pay me money if you use it, or I'll sue. (crypto & neocybershekels ONLY!)

we just need universal healthcare like Europe. And unions, like Europe. Europe is a paradise!

This is a really long way of saying you don't fuck.

you don't fuck.

WRONG. I'm married to my left hand, been together our whole lives. :!marseycoomer:

Lol I’ve met people like this, in real life. They truly never measure up in anything they do. They can’t maintain eye contact, they don’t ever really accomplish anything, this is his only outlet because he’s too spineless, weak, and awkward to do anything else. He goes from sub to sub crying about some kind of criminal high fantasy as if anyone would ever notice him in real life. Someone’s probably bullying him as we speak lmao.


I clicked the link and still thought I was on rdrama

"Muh rightoids"