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Is God :marseyracist:

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Yeah this was worth a small chuckle when I first saw it posted IN JULY.

:marseysaint: :marseybased:

y'all need god to save you

I love you Chiobu :marseyblowkiss:


y'all need god to save you

You're a great poster. I'd follow you, but your profile is too aids so I can't find the button





y'all need god to save you

I'm not :marseynerd: enough for these shenaningans

i've fixed it :marseyblowkiss:

y'all need god to save you

If j-slurs ever agendaposter chiobu like they did to llm, we riot

they should. his last post got 175 upvotes because “Wikipedia hates coomuunists” despite being uninteresting for any other reason. Rightoid purge now!

Toledo Ohio is proof god doesn’t exist.

Toledo, Ohio :marseydoomer:

I'm still feeling burned from that

What’s burning in Ohio?

This is a historically biased source against the legitimacy of Ohio’s rightful borders.

Yeah but we ended up with prime mining and cabin territory and Ohio ended up with… Toledo.

Remember Kentucky had a similar thing with what state got Cincinnati. Ohio lost.

I actually really like Cincinnati but I’d probably live in Covington.

Floyd still lives on, rent free, in the minds of rightoids

Getting murdered to own the rightoid


He made his whole family rich, caused protest and looting around the world and became a Catholic saint. That’s like top anime death in history.

Zeus fucking hates BIPOCs.

The billions of masks that have ended up in the ocean are for the sea creatures to use to protect themselves from the covid.


Mask ain’t water proof and covid molecules are less dense than water. We need to vaxx them ASAP