The SUV did it!

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It warms my heart to see the mainstream media inadvertently redpilling the remainder of American centrists and independents that have not yet caught on to its pernicious lies.

No joke, Trump actually broke their brains. The slide in quality and (relative) impartiality since late 2015 is downright shocking.

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I was actually redpilled on the journo menace during gaymergate. I thought only game "journos" did that because they aren't actually journos but then the TDS kicked in and everyone lost their minds and now we are here

then the TDS kicked in and everyone lost their minds

Fucking zoomers don't even remember BDS

was BDS as bad as TDS? he did do 2 terms, did we miss out on that much seethe just because of lack of social media?

BDS caused the rise of Jon Stewart who singlehandedly shaped the tone of the modern Dem into that of the SRDine.

Zoomers detected.

Jones Stewart was already peaked when O-breezy came into office.

jon stewart in the obama era was a terrible sycophant

That's why I said BDS, as in Bush

I'm r-slurred, I read that as 'Bama Derangement syndrome. Because of that foid who carved a backwards B into her forehead.

Carry on.


No it was not. Things have gotten more polarized over time.

BDS is worse because their movement supports people whose goal is to kill all the Jews

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Wrong BDS

I'm not aware of the radical centrist take on bush? The iraq war was horrific if anything I've read is right and I'm 50:50 on his cronies doing 9/11. :marseytinfoil2:

All the real journos left journ*lism when the money did.

The internet killed news media as a profitable enterprise. So now the only remaining reason to fund a news company is so they'll push your agenda.

For me, it was the DmC incident.

what happened with DmC? I only remember sony censoring something on their ps release

tl;dr gaymer and journo autism

I'm talking about the DmC reboot, specifically. Basically, Capcom took a well-loved but slightly niche franchise, that had done well but not smashed sales with its latest release (which was obviously rushed but still excellent) and handed it to a Western developer (Ninja Theory) for a reboot. There's a few very good retrospectives about all the drama and controversy, but the short version is that they took a campy action series noted for its fun and deep combat and turned it into an edgy shitshow that was no less juvenile but took itself a hell of a lot more seriously, while dumbing down the combat significantly. The real juicy part though is that the new devs (and specifically the director, Tameem Antoniades) took a lot of potshots at the old games and its fanbase (notably saying that the protagonist looked like a gay cowboy, which while not innacurate isn't great PR) and the gaming journos ate it up with puff piece after puff piece, all hailing the "Shakespearean" new story (which featured stuff like Futurama plot ripoffs and a sniper rifle abortion) and, as one, going with the line that the old games were outdated and irrelevant and the bold new direction was the true future of the franchise.

Predictably, fans took issue with this whole direction and even more predictably, journos did their usual song and dance about how the entitled manchildren were just blinded by nostalgia and their toxicity was stopping them from recognizing the reboot for the masterpiece it was or whatever the fuck. Long story short, the reboot underperformed massively, the special edition of the last pre-reboot game (4) destroyed it in sales, an updated rerelease with a bunch of gameplay improvements and fan-requested content (even helped out by the franchise's previous director) for the reboot came out and did make it a lot better but it was too little too late. Eventually they announced DMC5 which continued the original story (and was absolutey fantastic), the reboot was dead and buried, and journos kept on being r-slurred.

Anyway, the point I was getting at is that this was the first time I saw a really blatant wagon-circling, PR-mandated narrative as journos joined as one to craft puff pieces for the reboot and shat on the original fans. It was over something relatively unimportant, but it was one of the many incidents that crafted the gamers-vs-journos climate that eventually led to Gamergate and we all know how that turned out.

Interdasting, I played the fuck out of DMC4 long ago on the 360, absolutely loved it. I didn't know about this shit show. Thank you for taking the time to edjucate me

Here's a more in-depth analysis of the whole shitfest if you feel like reading wordswordswords: . Probably worth its own post some day.

No, don't reply like this, please do another wall of unhinged rant please.

I will never forgive anybody involved in that shitshow. I wasn't even a DMC fan, and I can tell how much bullshit that whole thing was.

Thank God DMC4SE was fun, and I am quite sure the numbers convinced Capcom to give us DMC5, instead of Dmc 2.

Them making Vergil more ridiculous with every installment is pretty nice.

Unironically vreotbart was right



y'all need god to save you

Inshallah please make one of the two missing passengers of the SUV white so we can explore how whiteness can steer a car into crowds even from the backseat :marseyinshallah:

The media once again refuses to name the bear that did it.


Yea, I'm a racist. What of it?


I'm not racist, I just accurately hate people from some races. Like Dutch people.



We must protect our pure christian society from the Dutch menace at all costs.

The Dutch are the most manlet-phobic society around, they deserve some credit for that

There’s absolutely nothing unusual about hating swamp krauts.

:marseyracist: :marseyshrug:

Ban assault SUVs.

Nobody needs four wheel drive and three rows of seating. When the constitution was written the founders only intended for the people to have horse-drawn carriages.

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This but unironically. Abolish soccer mom cars

I guess that SUV was legal but it should not have been there and went out looking for trouble.

Thousands of SUVs cross state lines DAILY