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Basketball gets accused of cultural appropriation, Vice sneeds


"Cultural appropriation is bad and we should cancel anyone that does it..................NOOooOO not like that!"

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Will we reflect on the stupid selectively-enforced standard or just ignore? Tune in tomorrow.

Also all cosplay is dumb and I don't care about it.





y'all need god to save you

Do mayos get cancelled for anime cosplay too? Anime aesthetic is basically W Yuro anyway, all races look shit in them but Yuros look the least shit.

Personally, weebs absolutely disgust me. Cosplay is for losers.

The richest man in the world is a weeb.


Cosplay is disgusting though. Everytime some 3dpd in garish makeup and synthetic clothes pops up in the middle of reading a manga I close it and go wash my eyes.



The only book you should be reading right-to-left is the Quran.

And? The richest men in the world are all libertarians too, what's your point? 🤨

Poor detected

Accusing others of being libertarians without proof won't make you Elon sweaty. Try harder.

If he is a weeb he is a rentoid at heart. This is why we need old money to be more powerful.

"It sexualizes Japanese people, the user explained. When Rios asked if the same logic would apply to a white woman wearing the attire, the user said no, “because white women aren’t sexual like black women are.”"

Based and blackqueensaresexypilled

Mayofoids BTFO

Actually, Japanese apparently say they look the closest to characters in anime and they have some arguments in their favor. Anime aesthetic just really brings in (mid-northern) Eurasians and both Americas somewhat together.

Some leftoids do believe that anime is modeled off Western mayoids and incessantly cops and seethe about their made up bogeyman.

Incelkai and other fantasies are based off of Euro folktales and settings and hence often include mayoids. Otherwise mayos going we wuz waifus and shiz is pretty r-slurred

Because they like the setting, kinda interesting to see non-Western takes on it. But there’s usually Japanese and some general East Asian settings and elements present in varying amounts depending on the piece. Older stuff leans even more into “neutral” to Japanese influences settings, it’s kinda hard to say that stuff from like Akame Ga Kill to Touhou is set, at least completely, in an East Euro or Western setting.

Technically, you can’t really tell who is a mayo or Jap, especially since the latter created the characters and they like to imagine themselves being in armor with a magic sword.

All anime characters look like white people because they are meant to be attractive. Have you ever seen an Asian accurately depicted in cartoon form?

Isekai I think did away with the thin veil of anime not being set in Western cultural context. KNY is like the only major Japanese anime I remember with explicitly Japanese themes, otherwise they always use medieval west as a fantasy setting.

I think most fantasy anime, including isekai, still have a large amount of Japanese setting influences present.

There’s Dragon Quest which I think counts. Demon Slayer is actually set in Japan compared to most fantasy anime that are set in fictional places.

Yeah but those fictional places always have gothic architecture, popes and people with german names. Take SnK, there's explicitly one Japanese character and she isn't even the main one. They like that aesthetic to the ninja/Japanese style fort aesthetic.

I don’t think SnK is a good example given the fantasy elements are minimal and the author had a deliberate intention of it being set in Central Europe to Western setting with early modern to 19th/1910’s technological and societal elements that is definably different from Japan and Asia, even if it’s made up.

You’re right about German names and Gothic architecture but it’s still spaced out with other stuff.

Only seen a pope in a fantasy anime once in Shield Hero.

Zero no tsukaima had a pope. I think kumoko had one too, not sure.

Popes in anime are cool, it’s fun to see Japanese takes on Christianity.

“Nooo! You can’t make us step on statues of Jesus or crucify us!”

“Ha ha, crucification nail goes pam pam

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Mayos getting mocked for cosplaying is no news to our world, sweaty.

It sexualizes Japanese people, the user explained. When Rios asked if the same logic would apply to a white woman wearing the attire, the user said no, “because white women aren’t sexual like black women are.”

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Things that never happened

People mad she looks another skin color instead of like a god damn 8 year old?!?!


Average Reddit jannie's priorities. :marseygroomer2: :coomer: :bardfinn:

Doesn't this incel shit ever get tiring? Like we can all tell it's not a larp in this case. How are you not exhausted by all of this?


She's at most a quadroon, not a basketball.

Asukafags btfo!

she straight up had white face? where is the objectivity


That's what you get for wearing mayoface.


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One user on TikTok commented on Rios’ video that they “don’t like African Americans.” Another user, who claimed to be Japanese, directly messaged the 23-year-old to say she couldn’t wear a Japanese school uniform because she’s a Black woman.

Girl rappers have devastated the global opinion of black women :marseykween: