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You got your 6th booster shot, right anon?

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Its free snappy being homeless isn't an excuse.

They got all the most vulnerable people first by threatening to cut of gibs

are you saying youre triple vaxxed?

Cope more mud blood :marseyblowkiss:

cope with ur fent ODs, first and foremost, Dr. Junkiemanlet PhD

Meth mouth of the ass

whatever you say, junkiemanlet clone

Dr. Faugdanoff

'E vaxx'ed? Good. Mutate eet.

:marseybog: :marseygossip:

People really thought the Bogs died, they transferred their conciousness equally among their trillions of Bogdabots, you have a piece of the Bogdanoffs inside you right now.

DM ME FOR A GOOD TIME :marseyhomofascist:

We are all bogdanoff on this blessed day :marseylove:

Don't need the vaxxerino if you never leave the house. :marseyneet:

I just got my 9th booster and feeling good.


β™» Devez-vous vraiment imprimer ce courriel ? Pensons Γ  l'environnement ! β™»

Of course dear colleague.

I've already scheduled my 10th booster


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i just love that an IV drug user that has OD'd on street fentanyl several times, is so concerned what is in the vaxx :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

Says the literal meth head alcoholic neet :marseylaugh: :marseythumbsup:

ah yes, the regulations of alcohol in my home region of scandinavian success is EXACTLY the same as street fentanyl in burgerstan! great use of logic there, lil junkiemanlet :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

Post meth mouth shrek

i see the junkiemanlet brain is really working overtime with this reply :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: how did the fent find you today, Dr. Junkiemanlet PhD?

At least post moobs my lady boy loving pal

at least post your car-partment where you OD on fentanyl on the reg

Tell mommy and daddy shrek I said hello πŸ‘‹ desu

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I will take as many vaccines as the State of commiefornia recommends, maybe more.

Oh my! Your chin is swollen from the sandflies that bit you.

Hopefully he finds a cure to eliminating the sandfly menace!!!

I try to rotate out my weekly boosters between the different companies. I'm running out of places to go to, so I'm having a crate of the chinese stuff delivered to buffer out the rotation enough that cvs staff turnovers prevents them from recognizing me.

I'm currently able to bench 1000, I'm hoping by summer I can hit 2000 and levitate or at least double jump with leg movements. I can't be within 10 ft of other people for more than a couple seconds or their brains melt from my psychic field. Sucks, but that's the price of being vaccinated.

go make a pizza you italian fuck

Can I get this in a jpg?

Base image was png, you'll need to convert it yourself

No u