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Unfortunately women don’t understand “this isn’t serious to me and I’m not looking for a long term relationship” but they still go along with it thinking the guy will get addicted to her gussy and change his mind.

Many such cases.

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A tale as old as time


The real tale as old as time is the redditors believing in this. It's hit every fucking reddit check box. Almost as good as the fake storie about the woman breaking up with the dude and then learning he was rich and wanting him bacl. Half the story was the guy torrenting things ~because redditors jizz their pants over that~ as proof he was cheap.

These are the same people who bought that "Jenny" story hook line and sinker.

Was that the 20 parter about the dude who kept going for runs? Christ I'm getting old that must have been seven years ago.

It's been a million years so I'm probably misremembering some details, but long story short some guy suspected his wife was cheating and hired a private investigator to tail her as she went on a trip. You would get book-length posts where OP provided literally up-to-the-minute updates that this PI was allegedly feeding him. I don't remember how it ended but I seem to recall people slowly realizing it was fake, though far later than they should have.

That shit was so stupid. This fucking story, the coconut, and potato one show me that redditors are gullible idiots.

i forgot about that one :marseynooo: what a great saga

It was believable until I read the part about a healthy poly relationship.

For real, in theory poly can be great but in practice it's a bunch of insane narcissists gleefully stomping all over other people's boundaries.

Great drama bait though. The idealized poly relationship is such a draw for people who want to believe, much like the idealized communist government or the idealized libertarian "city of the future." (It runs on bitcoin, obviously!)

:marseycoin: :marseylaugh:

it doesn’t even work in theory.

I have seen only one poly relationship last. Both partners were highly educated and well employed. The man was a self admitted cuckold fetishist. And even then, he vetoed a few of the temporary boyfriends. It basically takes two very specific and successful people to get poly to work in a semifunctional manner.

Every other "poly" or "open" relationship I've seen has exploded into flames. I think my favourite was a lesbian polycule that turned into a small claims court squabble. One of the girls sued one of the girls that took the polycule's cat with her when she found a rich boyfriend.

It works in the theoretical world where neither person is a selfish narcissistic slut who is just trying to max out their own body count without any concern for their partner's feelings or sex life. And such people really do exist! It's just that I've never seen two of them together in the same spot at that same time, so it could just possibly be one really fast person who's a master of disguise. So if you see a healthy and well adjusted poly person, please tug at the corner of their jaw to make sure they're not wearing a rubber mask, and report back to me.

r/drama originally banned posts from the creative writing subs, time to do the same TBH.

Yes, and in exchange we don't believe them when they say they aren't looking to hookup and don't have sex on the first date. Why? Because dating is a negotiation and you're both trying to see how much you can get out of it.

No need to treat me like a child.

did she already forgot everything typed before that or

OP is most rational foid

Bitches need FDS, smh :marseynails:



Now watch this drive.

What am I coping about exactly? :marseyhmm:



Omg my favourite part is coming up next!! :marseyblush:



Now watch this drive.

I can't breathe




Why are women addicted to posting their L's online?

Attention seeking :marseypat:

they dont take any W's

They're bottoms, it's a fetish thing.

That is the biggest L I've seen in a while. Why would you post an update where you look so utterly pathetic? No one is going to side with you


Nate and the gf prob laughed their asses off at that dumb bitch.

Before we hooked up he said that he wasn’t looking for anything serious, and that he’s seeing other people, was I okay with that? I really liked the guy so I said sure.

Literally bent over and picked up the L all on her own.

Also, from the comments:

When someone tells me "he’s seeing other people"

That to me means (or implies) he is single and hooking up with others,

There is a big difference between "seeing other people" and being part of a open relationship.

Literally what difference does it make? Peak foid logic on display here. Not to mention reddit's usual take is that until you make things official with each other you can fuck around no questions asked.

The difference is pretty clear from her wording - she wanted to lock this dude down after pretending to be okay casual and with a long term girlfriend, that was no longer possible.

You lie by telling me upfront that you're seeing other people when you're actually dating another person. I lie by saying I'm ok with that but then catch feelings anyway. We are not the same.

Somebody in the comments tried to make it about STDs, as if that's not a concern with anyone regardless of their current or past relationships. If he says he's seeing other people, assume he's sticking his dick in them, and take appropriate precautions.

Obvious bait is obvious. Even in her own biased telling, the boyfriend never lied to her and both he and the girlfriend were totally calm and civil. She's snooping on his phone, trying to start drama with the girlfriend, and getting mad that he didn't take her on fancy vacations. Please.

the guy who told me he wouldn't invest in me didnt invest in me reeeeeee

Like 50% of the comments are insisting the boyfriend lied because there's apparently a massive difference between "I'm seeing other people" and "open relationship".

what getting dicked down by a chad does to a gussy

Back to dissing Asian men online to feel powerful

meet Chad at gym

Let him rail you with no commitment or investment

Find out he's dating a chick

He takes her on expensive vacations and has plenty of money

Tell her out of spite

Get told to fuck off

That is a thorough and hurtful PATROLLING