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Taliban official: "Sixty percent of women over 40 in the West marry their pets." 🐕💊 women in the replies post their "husbands"

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Can we give this talibancel master baiter award ?



Do they not read what they write?


They wouldn't be so pathetic if they had a shred of self-awareness

Talibanchad you mean





Бляяяя, теперь зарплату урежут а у меня семья и дети и ипотечный кредит ((( но я тебя сука найду :marseysad:

Currently squatting under Yakutsk apartment block smoking meth with dog people and shitposting on rdrama. Come try and find me.

:#marsey420: :!#marseywolf:


Like a year ago I good matched with such a kpop Asian girl from Yakutsk but she ghosted and blocked me thinking I must be some fake profile since for you russky it’s strange when a dark skinned person speaks Russian especially when they ain’t from Russia.

Но че как думаешь выкрутился ?

You located her dumb ass and fed the evidence to the Skinwalkers.


What else are they supposed to do? Is any "man" really thirsting after 40+ yo gussy?

I will fuck slightly chubby MILF wine-aunts; you cowards will never stop me.


Read my bio boiiiii


I read it but I don't find it accurate. Young women are cuckoo cra-zay nowadays(not that I have any other days to compare to.)

I'm not sure how sugar-mommy relationships happen in real life but then again I don't go outside

It's probably one of the cases where "just go to a bar bro" actually still works


Litterally the hotest woman around. Anyone that thinks anything else should eat a shotgun.

Some people do :gigachad2:

Yes, if she's tight as fuck, is extremely fun to be around and/or an expert in some fascinating field, and is incredibly, mind-breaking, apocalyptically slutty and skilled in bed. Then yes. This set of criteria is also not quite as rare as I'm making it seem.

Honest to the lord ive been dramapilled so hard i cant even tell if thats a legit number or not

The man above me is a groomer.


Are the Taliban truly the most Chad people in the world? They don't even like technology but they are able to shitpost by simply stating things slightly our of proportion and get the whole world seething.

> 140 character madlad

Marsay no

> 20 word madlad

Marsay yes

Dancing to this guy and not a gussy in sight. Your brain on the talipill

True, but not really a hard argument when coming from a country where most guys lose their virginity to a donkey.

And kidnap children and marry them


Something something something 911 something something something he was actually in Pakistan the whole time.

Let's just all nuke Pakistan its for the best.


They are our worst ally.

Though if Israel is our best that really sets the bar low

Reported by:

Muslims have yet to be right about anything.



keep yourself safe cute twink


talichads stay winning

Also lol at the Taliban guy talking about anime and body pillows. Response is Women don't talk to me. What am I supposed to do, tough guy?