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FCS trying so hard to paint 30+ year old guys that don’t date woman their age as evil and bad :marseylaugh:

Off topic description because another dramacel hijacked my post and I don’t want to throw my effort away.


“ I made the mistake of having sex with my first boyfriend ever. I was 27 and a virgin. Not for the lack of attention, because I had been rejecting every guy before that. But I slipped up and I paid for it. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I would have broken up with him much more easily and earlier instead of hanging on if I hadn't slept with him. The oxytocin hits hard. Anyway, I'm never having sex with any man ever again until I'm sure he's committed and has shown that he wants things to be exclusive. That's the standard and any man who can't meet them, too bad. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It's no loss of mine.”

(づ ◕‿◕ )づ She must be 40 or close to 40 if she use smiles like that (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

“ It's all so imprinted on us from such a young age that it's all we know. Men want sex, try not to get raped, and when you choose one to love you have to please him sexually or it's your fault that your relationship falls apart. I'm completely on board with breaking this cycle. Sex, when it happens should only ever be a choice not an obligation. We're not going to get to that point unless we stop the cycle first. So many of my friends and I are in our early 30s and just starting to figure this out. permalinkembedsavereportgive awardreply”

La classique femme du pute regret. So she regret being a hoe when she was young and now she want guys to respect her like she is epic virgin trad grill. No guy in his 30 will simp for a 30 year old hoe no amount of Female Cope Strategies is going to change it

ε=ε=ε=ε=┏(  ̄▽ ̄)┛


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THIS. If he’s 30+ and you’re 18-20. STAY AWAY. PREDATOR ALERT. I’m so glad this was addressed in the video

Do they honestly think they're giving this advice for the sake of younger women or that younger women don't notice why old spinsters give this kind of advice?

I honestly don't think they're saying "stay away you little jezebels, those moids are rightfully OURS." They're saying, quite correctly imo, that any adult whose dating preference is zoomers is most likely compromised in some way.

Close, but not quite right, they're saying: "I don't like facing the fact that I'm old. Calling men who like younger women, libertarians will help us cope with our gross old age."

Calling them libertarians is just inaccurate, libertarians don't have sex with anyone outside of Thailand.

Millennial woman’s are barely better but if you add youth and looks in the equation than picking a millennial woman with bags ain’t the best option if you can choice.

Also at 30+ every single person is compromised including all FCS memebers

Well yeah, no shit.

Hire blackpill from wikipedia

“ A 2011 study suggested that marriage of younger men by women is positively correlated with decreased longevity, particularly for the woman, though married individuals generally still have longer lifespans than singles.”

It’s kills are their arguments why they should date a marry a young Chad kek

"Moids benefit from marriage far more than foids" is just about the least radical observation one can make about modern gender politics, it was barely shocking 50 years ago when The Feminine Mystique came out.

If you are actually a lesbo it's natural that you wouldn't fully grasp male sexuality.

ps. Welcome queen let me know if any of these creeps bother you :marseykneel:

When I was 32 I dated a 19 year-old.

She was pretty boring but had a body like a whippet and all my friends wanted to bang her. In return, I paid for stuff and took her to places she was too poor to go.

This is the correct way of things. Women should bring youth and beauty, men should bring status and wealth. Foids saying otherwise is pure cope.

Nobody cares how educated you are or how your career is going, lady!


Lemme check.


Nope. I’m right!


This has been fact checked by Taiwanese patriots.

Verdict: WRONG.

He was talking about men, not enby clout chasers.

i can fix they/them

That wasn’t the part I acknowledged was wrong


This is quality right here.

The world needs more macho man memes

a body like a whippet

please stop you're making me cummm

The ideal body type on a woman, prove me wrong.

When I was 32 I dated a 19 year-old.

all my friends wanted to bang her

Tell me you're a poorcel without telling me you're a poorcel.

I couldn’t have got this particular chick if I was poor.

I'm using "poor" relatively. I don't think you're on food stamps, but being a fukboi in your early 30s going after kids just out of high school is generally not viewed positively by other well-off 30 year olds, most of whom are pursuing careers and starting to pursue families.

Fair enough, but the teenage butthole was fire tho.

Other well-off 30 year olds actually don't date 19 year olds because they're bald and ugly. The less bald and ugly you are, the younger the foid you can impregnate. Imagine a thicc 18 year old Latinxa firing your jumping beans out of her pussyhole like a gatling gun. That's how you pursue a family (not applicable for balds).

The is the truth of it. Any man in his thirties with money and looks isn’t settling down with some doughy thirtysomething five out of ten when there’s still a decade or two of wild sex and adventure to be had.

A chick on Hinge had a profile pic with a brain on it that said "This is why I'm hot." I commented, "I'm sure your brain is just adorable." This prompted a screed from her about how she speaks 4 languages, has 2 degrees, attends law school, and has had her writing published, so her brain is anything but adorable. These basic ass REEmales don't understand that actual smart people don't need to flex. Collecting degrees with nothing to show for it is embarrassing. It's not like schools only take your money for liberal arts degrees if you're smart.

had a body like a whippet

Now watch this drive.

White woman moment

Flat ass. Flat tits. Four percent bodyfat. Massively into anal sex. This is what peak female performance looks like.

:gigachad: :gigachad2: :gigachad3:

Consent laws if FDS was in charge:

Female: 35

Male: 16

As long as this is age of adulthood with voting and agency rights and whatnot, I'm totally fine.

"I'm just looking at the scientific literature"

I hate "science" "studies" and "foids".

Wrong. You aren’t europoor, so you can’t feel true hatred.

what did you just say to me ????? i am fucking GLORIOUS Scandi MALE from long line of GLORIOUS men

no women in hyperborea

No guy in his 30 will simp for a 30 year old hoe

r-slurred delusion OP, plenty of moids young and old are willing and ready to do so.

Than why has more female users than male one ? And later group has also more woman than man ?

There are very few 30+ year old man that ain’t blackpilled. Like can you imagine a 30 year old relative fit man with good salary running after a 35 year old average woman (fat) who is single mom and buying her flowers dinners and all the bs a dude does when he is 16-25 ?

Because the men who would date them don't earn enough money to be noticed. The milf hunters are only interested in fucking not relationships.

When i was in my 20s id intentionally fuck women that were 35-45 pretty frequently, as did my friends. But simping for them? Nah. Theyd get a single date and if i didnt get to nut in them afterwards i was out. A lot of them liked the idea of dating younger men cuz (im guessing) it made them think they were still desirable, but dudes arent fuckin them cuz theyre desirable, theyre doing it cuz its easy. Ive confirmed this aint just my autism, some of 25yr olds i know do this to with the same mindset as i did.

I was 27 and a virgin

Imagine the weight :marseychonker2:

Fat or Mormon

Can be booth

Wrong. Never met a fat Mormon and I have visited the Mormon High Charity. That no coffee + no drinking seems to work out for them.

I don’t drink coffee don’t drink alcohol, maybe I should join those mormons

Honestly dude they're incredibly nice and the girls are typically hot. Now I can't really say whether or not they put out but the non-practicing ones did. Utah is actually a really nice place.