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Please post me on r/HermanCainAward if I die

I don’t have social media besides this and Reddit. I’m unvaccinated and I work out maskless at the gym. I’m a NEETmaxxing medically retired veteran living the average redditor’s dream and I do believe vaccines are effective but I figured I’d be fine if I did get it because I’m not fat, old, or immunocompromised. Well I finally got it. I caught the coof. I have a fever of 101-102, body aches, and a very sore throat. It’s like a mild flu so far and a good excuse to maybe get some opiates from my doctor. I might die though, you never know. If I do, do not let me die in vain. Please use a title like “long time moderator of alt right hate subreddit r/CringeAnarchy, hate-adjacent murder-porn subreddit r/watchpeopledie, and creator of notorious bullying and fat shaming sub r/Cringetopia has died of covid after refusing to get vaccinated to own the libs”. Please ping Bardfinn so he can cancel any ongoing FBI investigations.

I have instructed my foid to tell the other Cringetopia moderators if I die. It will be known. Thankfully I won’t because I’m not a fat weakling but just in case I do.

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No email address required.

opiates for flu?



Yeah like cough syrup with codeine. A man can dream.

purple drank it up if you do get it :marseypat:



:#marseygucci: :#marseysosa:

If doctors wont give scrip for the good shit, why even bother with them? Dont patronize stingy killjoys.

Some states give that out over the counter, but you have to ask the pharmacist

@BARD_BOT bardy mentioned in post! :marsoy:

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Wait, wasn't the record 13h before? Did we break it at one point?


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Not too bad.

Do you mind if I post you on r/justiceserved as well? I want to maxx out the dramacoin.

Please. r/leopardsatemyface too.

As a medical doctor the only treatment I can suggest you to cure COVID is euthanasia. :marseyproctologist:

This is the harsh reality: you're unvaxxed, you've been exposed to high virulent quantity of the virus because you weren't wearing your face mask and you took many other reckless risks. :marseyvirus:

According to my statistical model since 2020 you've cause at least 5'000 hospitalizations and 300 deaths of COVID. Let's that sink in. :marseyreading:

Maybe you should consider that you're more of a weight to society than anything else


I’m thinking about going out on the town and just standing next to some fat people.

I've reported you to the FBI for bioterrorism :gigachadglow:

organize a reddit moderator meetup

I would rather just die alone.



medically retired veteran

Which body parts did you lose?

Did you get them back?

Can you work weekends clearing out illegal squatters in Great Lakes region?

Medically-retired veteran? You're living the dream (aside from the whole janny thing).

nah hes one of the few good jannies


contribute to the marsey archive project!

What next some insurrectionists also love their country

no he's still breathing

best of luck kxng, plebbit would be significantly worse without your influence


contribute to the marsey archive project!

Aw shucks. Thank you.


Trans lives matter

OK, so why can't we do all that before you actually die?

Are you seriously suggesting that this is a perfect opportunity to fake my own death? Wow just wow. I would never.

You could also get resurrected three days later and go around praising the Good Lord for that.

medically retired veteran

Bro sleep apnea is a sign that you’re fat, therefore you’re probably gonna die of coof

Call your monoclonal antibodies hotline and tell them that you're Native American, you'll be better within a day.

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Every day is april fool's day only you are the fool.


r/CringeAnarchy, hate-adjacent murder-porn subreddit r/watchpeopledie, and creator of notorious bullying and fat shaming sub r/Cringetopia:

my foid

Should have a dead man's switch with your own dox like a true Chad

Do burgers really get opiates for a mild flu? Really is the land of the free

DM ME FOR A GOOD TIME :marseyhomofascist:

No, any real doctors don't give opiates out for cold. There are unscrupulous ones, who usually get caught and put in jail, but no doctors use opiates as cold medicines.

I just got some illegally. I’m not high from it but I feel much better. There’s a huge difference between a little bit of codeine and hydro or oxy. What exactly do you think codeine cough syrup is prescribed for?

It’s possible. I’ve gotten hydrocodone syrup before for bronchitis but they don’t prescribe them like they used to.