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Does Anybody Want To Help Me Build a Dramautist AI?

I'm looking for Dramautists who have programming experience to help me build a Dramautist AI. Let me give you some background on what I am envisioning and why this would be good for drama.

A long while ago, when I was just out of college, I would use Photoshop to create fake news articles. I was surprised at how many people believed them, just because they had pictures attached. This led me to my next passion project, editing Wikipedia articles to be entertaining rather than factual. It turns out that if you are good enough at manipulating people's data sources, you can get them to believe in a whole alternative reality that doesn't exist, something which I call the Mandela Effect. I like to think of myself as an early pioneer in the field of Fake News.

Later on, I decided to build on this dramatic success by making people angry about Culture War issues, to see if I could impact politics. One of the tools I used was a scripting algorithm to quantify the amount of anger in online threads about g*mergate and bump the angriest threads to the top of the main page. I felt that this was very successful. But we can do more, and as Dramautists, are we not obligated to?

Now that technology has advanced so far, I think that we now have the tools and technology to build robust industrial-strength AIs that can actively manipulate elections. We could put any candidate we wanted in office - think of the Drama potential! Not to mention that we could both improve the world and make a ton of money simply by putting our own political candidates into office. Since Dramautists are both smarter and better looking than normies, it's obvious that it would be a significant improvement to the world if we were in charge.

The trouble with my plan is that my programming skills are very rusty. I'm a Gen-X guy and I don't have experience with all the cool new AI toys that you millennials have, like Tensorflow or GPT3. I could really use some help on that. I do have two decades of experience in the technology field and a fair bit of project management experience, so I think I could still be pretty useful to the cause even though I don't have a ton of experience with AI coding. Also, I do have a ton of experience in hacking people's thought processes and I think that would be very useful in terms of making sure our AI had the innate craftiness and feral cunning of a true Dramautist.

I'm not a selfish guy - if this project ended up making money, I'd be happy to split it with everybody on the team. I'm just very passionate about our Drama Outreach Program and I think that if we cooperated as a team, we would stand a much better chance of winning that coveted Outreach award and earning some Dramacoin. Who's in?

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Save us Uncle Ted.


the Mandela Effect:




>tfw you spend a ton of time and resources on an AI project just to get incessant bard posting


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

im not reading all that but from the few words i picked up by skimming, gpt3 is not yet available to the public for shit like this, ur gonna have to use gpt2. also assuming u have good enough hardware it shouldnt be too hard to take an existing gpt2 bot and train it with the data we have from both this site and the archives for /r/drama /r/deuxrama /r/zweirama and /r/dtama. the /r/drama ssbot is okish and you would have a much larger corpus than that has access to

@sirpingsalot's profile picture@sirpingsalot could always pay for shiny new bots :!marseysmug2:


i can help, ping me wherever this is discussed

Thank you queen! I will reach out to you once we have enough interest to kick this project off.

gpt-j is open source, can test it here

6 billion parameters vs 1.5 billion for gpt-2-XL vs 175 billion for the largest gpt-3 model

(They just released a 20 bil parameter version of gpt-j too


![](/images/164557916005.webp) has Reddit archives for training data


If I had time lmao

Lol remember subreddit simulator? Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we created a shitposting site that was populated solely by bots. How long would it take to figure it out? πŸ€”

I was thinking about this very thing last week. Like simulate an advice sub that gives a conglomeration of all the generic advice we see given already. Then anytime a drama poster makes a post asking something absurd logical like "My boyfriend won't let me cum in his busy whenever I want" the comments cen be generated to say things like

OP, get out of that relationship now! Clearly your partner is being toxic and unreasonable. The fact that they can't even realize that denying you a basic human right is wrong says a lot about who they are. Staying in it will only hurt you more in the future.

But there is a lot more to this to think through and I only have so much time. But it'd be fun.

I have tons of AI experience. Even programmed my computer to say "Hello world!" once. pretty much a legend at this.


i don't get this part, are you saying you invented the term?


The term existed before me, but I think everybody else is using it incorrectly. People who talk about Mandela Effects usually mean one of two things:

An alteration in reality where history literally changed (these people tend to be a bit superstitious and prone to conspiracy theories)


The appearance that history changed due to fuzzy thinking or people remembering things wrong (these people tend to think of themselves as more educated and intelligent)

I think that both groups are wrong. I didn't create the term Mandela Effect, but I believe that I'm only one who's using the term correctly to describe what it actually is - the result of entertaining pranks by enthusiastic dramanauts. We're not the only ones who do this, of course - the intelligence agencies do it too - but our Mandela Effects tend to get spotted more frequently, because that is more entertaining and thus creates more drama to feed our adorable drama god Marsey.

So to answer your question, I didn't create the term, I'm simply the first person (as far as I know) to use it correctly.

That was a mistake. You're about to find out the hard way why.