:#marseyscooter: chtorrr got doxxed lol :marseylaugh: - rDrama site banner
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  • Albussy_DumbleDonGER: Vaccine misinfonation
  • stringauer: Doxxing is a crime in the state of california. Banned.
  • dramaqueen: holy based
  • dart200: FAT
  • BeauBiden: this reminds me of the time i bullied a fat neurodivergent foid on discord for months. she never left. lol
  • fic8: Fat Lives Matter. Period. As I speak, I am contacting cloudflare. This needs to be taken down.

chtorrr got doxxed lol :marseylaugh:


:marseypixel: If you didnt know, she is the non-passing cis biofoid that slaughtered marsey lmao :soycry: :marseylaugh:

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No email address required.

rDrama.net does not host or allow dox of anyone.

Our ToS is very clear on this matter. Our ToS does not disallow linking to legal websites posting legal content either.

Get fucked chtorr yall should have used an anon acct.

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our BIBOCracy is under attack

do I friend here on facebook and ask why she deleted my favorite kitty

Based j*nnies? :marseysoypoint:

Except that time we accidentally doxed the libertarian guy and his underage children


due to the cyclical nature of abuse, they were libertarianphiles too.

so if i post dox to pastebin and link it here, that's cool?

All links to legal content are allowed

Epic mod

We dont allow it here. But we will link to it and laugh. Nice loophole.

Livestreams face in mod "conference"

How ever was I identified :marseyshook:

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they said her real first name too.

Cassidy is such a lame foid identification

Excuse my straggotry, but the only Cassidy I know is Cassidy Klein who is a pornstar.


knowing pornstar names :marseykys2: :marseykys2: :marseykys2: :marseykys2: :marseykys2:

A mystery




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Fuck Marsey

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Get fucked

Hey, you're unbanned! GJ

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Yeah, I'm pretty fucking smart

regardless of what you think of marsey, that was uncalled for. Christians shouldn't be rude like that, apologize now

poor "people" deserve everything done to them


I love Marsey more than my own children. Fuck you!!!!!!

Marsey is the worlds child

Auto correct keeps wanting me to call her Marshy. It’s just another day of oppression from big wigs and fat chicks.

Who cares about some fatty?

Me. Bullying fatties is service to your country.


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You can tell people here aren't malicious by how we don't do anything with her dox. Wish she'd recognize that.

because we aren't psychopaths (except for @MarseyIsMyWaifu)

Objectively speaking, we’re not psychopaths, we’re not sociopaths for making people mad and enjoying it. Here’s the difference between doing a little trolling and bullying: it’s not as fun to make some genuinely depressed, anxious, or feel bad about themselves. We just want to make them mad.

I’m fairly certain most of us are the youngest siblings in our family and never got to dab on and tease younger siblings until they have a screaming reeeeeeing meltdown and shit and piss their pants, so we seek it out through the internet.

If someone still genuinely thinks we’re sociopaths and doing something morally wrong, ask yourself, focus on your heart and the way you feel… you feel a little bit mad, or at least partially, right? That’s why. There is nothing wrong with making someone mad. You only start to become a bad person when you try to make them feel bad.


Weak incel detected. The highest form of drama is causing someone real, irreversible mental harm.

Tbf I am

Terrible people love doing it, the action itself isn’t what makes it so.

I try to make them feel bad, seeing ugly, fat and or poor people makes me unironically seethe and I want them to feel my hatred, be it towards me or a world that secretly looks down on them like the scum they are. Every time I save a fat unhealthy piece of shit from their life choices and ignorance a piece of my dies inside


But what if theyre genetically predisposed to being ugly fat or poor? :wolfmarine: :marseythinkorino:

Then the universe hates them as much as I do and I am reassured in my hatred. Some people are worse than others and contribute little

I don't want to hurt people I just want to bully them until they learn not to post embarrassing shit online constantly.

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:

We’re at least a little bit sociopathic and that’s a good thing.

Ted speaks about oversocialization, about never being able to be naughty. Monkeys play tricks on one another. I’m a working man and I think it’s just a natural urge to piss off your friends on the job site. Making people mad is fun. People will fall victim to their own sociopathic urges if they don’t find a reasonable way to satisfy them. Drama could cure basically all societal ills.

Everyone is someone's sociopath tbh

Hi, I'm an oldest brother

Shut up and give me your lunch money dweeb


All of that long posting won't clear your consience, asshole

I am a terrible person. Making someone mad is not morally bad, however.

Even fat non-passing giga-jannies deserve to be happy.


rip FPH :(

That actually sounds hilarious

:soycry: Dont turn us into a kiwifarms clone

People who are unironically worried about that are dumb. Forums and link aggregators are too fundamentally different. Plus we're allowed to plan gay ops while they can't :marseycool2:


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

Kiwifarms wouldn't mail people cute cats

You're allowed to mail stuff to people

not according to JWC :marseytears:


Well the jannies don't want you to do it, but I don't see how sending stickers would be illegal. If you don't want them, just throw them away like the million ads and coupons that come every week.

Is there marsey merch available anywhere

All in due time. :marseymerchant:

That janitor named after a male feminist serial killer sure is getting touchy


Postcard Marseys. I still gotta send BelleAriel a trump postcard.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track: https://vocaroo.com/1ch7DVALybPf


I can't wait to see the /r/modsupport post after someone does that.


It was a joke, but i forgot that rdrama users might be unironically r-slurred enough to do that :marseyshrug:

Irony is dead you should know that

I would unironically send a marsey postcard ngl

What should the return address be?

We need the address for this company


Ah well, at least she's safe from getting raped with that face and body.

She'd make a productive braphog.

Won’t stop her from claiming she’s constantly under threat of it

[ ] Male

[ ] Female

[x] Fat

Trans fats matter

this was already known, also I think doxxing isn't allowed here

i didnt see any addresses in there, and reddit admins are considered important public figures

Is there a more important public figure?

Doxxing on site isn't, linking to Kiwithreads is.

It's honestly for the best. Allowing doxxing takes away from the fun of things. I want to be mad at usernames and generate drama with them, not someones real life.

:marseyshrug: idk if they want me to remove the post i can

I already screenshoted it and escalated to the rdrama Aktion Battalion.

Off site links to legal content are fine.

Ps. While I like Marsey I think it would have been funnier if rdrama just replaced random things with :marseytrain: flags as it would seem completely natural and your average subreddit would probably capitulate in fear of mass banning.

@DrTransmisia thoughts???? Might be an epic troll

So much emphasis on the trains, but none on the most oppressed minority :marseysaluteisrael: :marseymerchant: :israel: :marseyisrael: :marseyshutitdown:

I had this idea yesterday, you r-slurs just don't listen

I regret not pushing for that, our egos got in the way (dramabros, maybe, just maybe, we might’ve gotten a little TOO COCKY). That had the potential to cause a massive shit show. We would’ve had a crazed army of fellow terminally online, and literally no admin would be able to get in the way and stop us.

already did it was very effective in the USA vs train border



never forget mod summit

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track: https://vocaroo.com/1ch7DVALybPf


Why is no one talking about the cat-lady menace

These women all look like the guy who tried to get thunderfoot fired years ago

we should draw her full name + adress on /r/place :marseybruh:


S.N.A.P.P.Y. approves

If we pulled that off they might literally shut down place lmao

nobody wants to go near that cow anyways

born: Mechanicsville Virginia

Wtf is in the water in that state



Reddit was created in Virginia. So it's some seriously bad shit.

I really want to know how much it's paid.



Well the estimated salary calculated by NASA scientists for a reddit mod is deep into 6 figures so I would have to imagine it's at least close to 7 figures.



She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track: https://vocaroo.com/1ch7DVALybPf


Of all the big long pseudo intellectual ramblings bf has done that's probably my all time favorite.

Practically doing charity


Banning chuds is its own reward

People who worked on Marsey were banned. Jannies are currently shooting plasma from their shotgun wounds in rage.


Lives in Satan stragsicko. Of course



I hate when someone is so genuinely hideous that I feel bad making fun of them. Their genetics and health choices have already done too much damage, it takes all the fun out of it.

Chtorrr is... Le Good!


trans lives matter


I can't tell if they're joking about the Australian union jack or if they don't realize the union jack on the Australian flag is literally THE union jack

All this because she didn't want a cartoon kitty that would be barely visible by the end of this whole thing anyway. It's hysterical to me that this apparently triggers them more than actual swastikas lol

Is ugliness a requirement to be hired at Reddit?