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they have begun deleting all new messages lmao Merari01 AKA The Crying Dutchman is currently melting down on Slack about Marsey “the neo-Nazi cat”

Bonus BelleAriel Discord tantrum:


More Slack updates, sry it’s gonna take a bit to sift through this tantrum jfc there’s so much lol


He namedrops us here uwu


Here we see someone suggesting that maybe Marsey isn’t a hate symbol


Merari01 has it all figured out, though. The Nazi website kiwifarms and the Nazi website rDrama have joined forces to draw a ginger cat:


I’m watching you 👀



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Seeing how obsessed you are with me gives me an erection.

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lol I took a few screenshots in your Slack about a two-day long meltdown you’ve been having over a cartoon cat

This was 5-10 minutes while I drink shitty mango white claw

ps why do you defend child male feminists?


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Akchyually Aimee didnt rape children she only defended her father who did, get your facts straight Chud

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And married another toucher tho


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Ashton had to know what his dad what’s doing in that torture attic ffs


No fuckin way the mom and Aimee didn't know there was a damn 13 year old kid in their attic being raped and tortured.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

and @Merari spent most his time defending him n his chomo degen family from “twansphobia”


If I understand it correctly it was her own 10yo sister. So I don't quite buy the idea that when your sister disappears and there are muffled screams from the attic when you dad goes up there you can claim innocence.

The autists at Kiwi Farms found her childhood home. That place had no sound barriers between floors lol

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

Iirc that was just conjecture. Not without reason, but also far from proven.

Interesting, I reread some articles about it, for example and yeah it sounds more like a relative I guess? Thank you for correcting me.

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Over a week or so. Like, the father must have brought the kid food and water. Not to mention the noise (:marseydespair:) or the dads filled diapers (:marseyliquidator:).

He absolutely knew whats going on and is a chomo himself. And like all chomos i hope he gets fed-posted on in real life

And gets dressed up just like daddy would when raping a child.


She just had daddy issues and wanted daddy to love her too

Or "her" daddy loved her a little too much.

Snappy, pull up statistics on how strags reproduce

100% He got raped stupid and that's why he's the way he is

That's her groomer Nekosune, not Aimee I believe.

It's really at the point that whenever I see a Pudgeface McNochin I wonder if they are getting ready to :marseytrain: out in order to groom kids into being as miserable as they are.

It's amazing how much Chtorr conforms to this phenotype


Ashton left nekosune right



Why do they (including FionaCat and Chtorrr) all look so uncannily alike

i mean tism can be read on faces like u can read a downies face from 20 yards but I think this is AGP face on point



They're fat and then they airbrush out all of the features that might allow you to tell them apart, so they all end up looking like vague blobs of flesh.

convergent evolution

Fat blends all their features together

Holy shit, they're fucking disgusting. I want to take a flamethrower to them.








Still didnt rape a kid. Youre spreading misinformation and antisemitism, chud

She knew her dad was a child male feminist and she let him dress up in a bear costume and photograph kids while she was campaigning for office.

mango white claw

It's the only tolerable flavor. I save the lemon flavor for guests lol.

I bought a variety pack and I suffered through all the pineapple first :uhuh:


They all taste like shit to me. Just buy Tito's, club soda and limes.

Cheaper too.

I'm triggered by all hard seltzers because they were the drink of choice for my alcoholic former roommate

Tits and just straight water. Doesn't go to the hips

Club soda has zero calories and it’s bubbly

Buy a soda stream nigga



A. Does your cum take like pineapple now when you autofellate?

B. White claw tastes like the flavor is coming from the next room over.

It tastes like the flavor is from the next room over but with added piss

Yeah I don't drink much whiteclaw, but that's the one I get if I'm in the mood for it

Raspberry and blackberry?

Lime, watermelon, lemon, and pineapple are gross.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

Mango is the only tolerable flavor

I have never had a White Claw. Just seems like zoomer Zima to me.

lmao that's what @KAT_B0T says and he's right. It's zoomer zima indeed.

It doesn't really even taste good, but I like it by the pool or during the day when I don't want to get totally wasted at noon.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

wtf is a zima? White claw good bc less sugar n carbs than most drinks plus no nasty fake sugar taste I rly like the black cherry flavor


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black cherry

![]( ![](

This is really merari btw.

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So now we have a reddit powermod in here enjoying the marsey emojis? Remember @Merari, one Marsey at your table makes the table, chairs, floor and everything it touches to become one giant cosmic-horror level Marsey.

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:#marseyeldritch: :#marseycthulhu: :#marseyspooky: :#marseylovecraft:



We all really do know each other. There's discords and slacks everyone sits in to varying degrees of participation.


Do any of you niggas have jobs or families?

Are ya winnin' xir?

What, everyone graduated from modmail jerks?



I honestly can't think of anything gayer than literal janny cabals lmao

Wait now I'm thinking this whole thing is a little suspicious, how do we know that isn't a fabricated convo?



Im in the slack that was leaked from and people were saying it was me so merari asked me about it. Merari also can bant and said he was going to post on the site.

His account isnt new either. Idk what else to tell you.

His account isn't new? You mean he's been participating in a known alt right Nazi crypofascist site?

Yikes. Not a good look for Reddit.

Give him a verified badge

Someone made him a meme admin

Jesus. Suddenly I feel dirty. And I'm watching the Grammy red carpet.

Now that you've seen all the Marseys, what's your favourite? Mine is:


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Please do not objectify the hate symbol

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Nice. My favorite is


because look how smug that cat looks lol


This one and this format


nice. Why does shitposting send you into such hysteria?


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

Shitposting is literally why we got ran off of reddit.

Because righteous indignation gives him the moral justification to continue to work for a billion-dollar company for free.

Actually no they're admins they make minimum wage CHUD

Merari is not an admin and does in fact do it for free :marseyjanny2:

Welcome! You'll fit right in!


Don't lie, everyone knows :marseypepe: is your fave.

Good choice honestly

You know the tail makes a swastika? You are a nazi.


Cute that you're here, but you're a reddit powerjanny, so you need to keep yourself safe.



Gotta be one of these for me

I'm glad you like my Rikka


I like :marseyconfused: and :marseydetective:

This is the only acceptable answer.

I gave you some marseybux so you can chud award the first rightoid that annoys you :marseyhomofascist:

so thoughtful


How could they chud award a rightoid if there are no rightoids on rDrama? :marseyjam:

Watch out Merari im about to post a scary nazi symbol:

:#marseytrans2: :#marseyblowkiss:


:marseyllama: :marseyllama: :marseyllama: :marseyllama:

If you have 1 nazi at your table, you have a table full of nazis. You're a nazi now. :(

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

Merari, what is your view on homo fascism?

I don't do heathen units, use metric.


trumpbros..... it's over yet again





:!#chadjihadi: This would not have happened had you not disrespected Islam :!#marseyhead:


Imperial chads can't stop winning!




nah u just defend chomos :marseysipping:


What is that, 1.2 Napolean units?