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UPVOTE if you want this to be implemented. DOWNVOTE if you do not. Poll will run until noon EST tomorrow.


Basically just a tipping system. Like someone’s post? Tip them some money. Maybe BAT? I don’t know how that works. This isn’t about turning your dramacoins into crypto or anything, it’s the standard fare pay-content-creators-whatever feature that’s becoming an industry standard.


  • Helps distance us from our Reddit origins by branching out in one of many new directions

  • This is becoming an increasingly common feature, and it may be good to stay ahead of the curve

  • The potential for you to make some money, especially if the site grows considerably, by making good posts


  • I feel like it incentivizes posts to be marketable. Though one could argue that karma systems already do the same, so this may be a moot point

  • You’re all broke NEETs


UPVOTE if you want this to be implemented. DOWNVOTE if you do not. Poll will run until noon EST tomorrow.


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fuck off carp

Seriousposting for a second:

I don't like this. People will just farm goodboypoints by parroting what rdrama wants to hear. Especially if there's a chance they're going to be financially compensated in doing so.

I know it's not the same thing, but just look at what happened to r/CryptoCurrency when they added their coin (xMOON). It's now filled with garbage posts and people posting what others want to hear just so they can transform their updoots in IRL money.

Not at all related but I’m still bopping to your profile anthem


It's a banger, isn't it?

I'm sure that crypto subreddit was previously a bastion of lucid, rational discussion about the prospects of various digital assets 🙄

It was shit. But now it's even shittier.

Fair. You're probably right that earning eCoins worsens any community's circlejerking problems

Bro you aren't investing your college fund into PAWGCoin? Paper hands bro

I'll start posting bussy.


Initiate ORC posting.

people should be here because they want to wallow in shit, not because they can make a buck.

Sometimes I can't tell anymore but this is just a joke, right? People wouldn't actually give someone money for posting on a forum.

That’s my take tbh


I occassionally donate to codecels for making the internet more enjoyable. Surprisingly, the army of adbots are being held back by a few brave Slavs.

Let's pour one out for all my Slavic n*ggaz around the world.

I need some way to feed my kids so I’m for it

i'm just gonna start botting shit if i get paid for it

as long as PoC have priority and extra privilege when it comes to the currency. Especially PoC on which whose land you are currently standing on. is built on un-ceded Algonquin Anishinabe territory. The peoples of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation have lived on this territory for millennia. Their culture and presence have nurtured and continue to nurture this land.

You know how many Reddit subs turn to shit because people are trying their hardest to make shallow, mass liked posts for NO VALUE KARMA? This place might end up like that if it does get larger.

Just implement some kind of award system similar to plebbit except there’s no premium. I’m sure some of us wouldn’t mind donating to help keep this site running

Only if there's an option to spend your neetbux to burn someone else's, preferably at a 1:2 ratio. Obviously such acts should produce visible flair and malefactors' usernames should be visible, just like it is with downvotes. To prevent everyone from just instantly withdrawing their neetbux lock them for a week upon receival.

I'm pro sex work

I'd prefer to be dramabuckbroken IRL, but this sounds like a decent compromise... For now.

I will only support this if I can use Dramacoin to buy drugs on the dark web.

If you implement that give me the contributor badge 😤

Also I think making it something of actual value sucks, but making dramacoins transferable would be okay. Even if I dont know why someone would do it. Maybe to 'reward' a very good post with more than an updoot, you could maybe show how many dramacoins a post received in the votes tab.

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


This is a horrible idea - I don't think you've thought trough the repercussions - this might end up giving pizza money.

Jannie im letting you know that you can bypass Word filters by editing the comment

Tip me

Gave you a stylish profile badge



This isn't twitter 🙄

Congratulations, I do not downvote often but you earned it!

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