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Posting MtF authors to r/menwritingwomen


Reading :marseytrain: writing is painful, but all it took was less than 2 pages of skimming for this excerpt.

Below is the uncropped which reveals the heckin valid xueen's girldick



I had to give Rachel a male name, someone caught on :marseytroublemaker:

I was going to let this play out naturally before one of you ruins it, but I'm sure the :marseyjanny: are going to be told the truth soon enough. The thread is already the top of hot, and only 4 hours old. So come give it some updoots and comments before it gets mopped.

Dramatards on notice



Wow, so transphobic




We've been mopped

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Every woman centered subreddit is either dominated by or bends the knee to trains. Foids can't stop losing.

You cannot disagree with someone's existence.

"Hi I'm black"

"I disagree"

"Oh no I have been defeated."

Ok, now do that with a white man walking up to you and saying "I'm black". You can't disagree with someone's identity, right?

Just added a screenshot of that above my post to the bottom of the thread as you linked it :marseylaugh:

This is ingenious trolling. Good job OP!

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The sub is kind of slow for how many subscribers it has. Since I already went through the painful part of downloading a PDF of LGBT+ short stories I'm sure there will be plenty of material for future posts :marseyclueless:

It's a refreshing new take on dunking on trains while also educating others that trains think differently than regular women when it comes to erotica.

@Aevann ffs ban this cute twink already


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Cruel but not unwarranted.

Only once comichuds accept transfolx will the nerd multiverse be at peace.


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Oh no i laughed :marseysmoothbrain:

Us being besties who laughed at this dumb joke:

:marseybrainlet: :marseybrainlet:


:#marseyembrace: :#!marseyembrace:

Reported by:

haha fucking gold!

Rachel K. Zall


:h: :e: :c: :k: :i: :n: :space: :v: :a: :l: :i: :d:

yeah nigga

Why is he posing like Pepe, the infamous Nazi chud hate symbol?


I didn't even think to find a picture of the author, gross

:marseythonk: As an extension of the thread we saw a few days ago where a bunch of mtf's admitted that the way they present themselves was always based on what they previously idealized as their "perfect woman" before the egg cracked...is it truly possible that the proliferation of these trainsmans in the modern era can be directly traced to art hoes of yesteryear not donating enough crumbs of pitypussy to liberal arts educated sexless virgins?

:marseyhmm: :marseyhmmm:

Many such cases!


Man Im really embarrassed being male sometimes. Maybe I should transition just to evade the shame X)

Most subtle dramatard

Weโ€™re having sex and Iโ€™m behind you and youโ€™re eating a kebab and as youโ€™re cumming you have to say โ€œKebab!โ€


Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


Yikes, some heavy transphobia right there.

Women :marseyclapping: can :marseyclapping:have:marseyclapping: prostates:marseyclapping: too

Normalize :marseyclapping: fucking :marseyclapping: women's :marseyclapping: ass :marseyclapping:

Added to the OP, I sincerely hope that wasn't one of you.

Man Im really embarrassed being male sometimes. Maybe I should transition just to evade the shame X)

Comment by stupidpoler88

Most subtle dramatard.


Hope you don't get the mop so that you can do it again

No mop can stop me :marseygigaretard:

:marseyautism: > :marseyjanny2:

Somewhere somehow some degenerate is getting off to this

and he just replied to ur comment, chud

That's some /r/badhumananatomy shit.

Leave it to the redditor to ignore all problems except the one that doesn't exist

"""DAVE'S CRUiSING Tips""" Ditch CLunky PATOFRM BOOTS Instead, Wear. ROLLERBLADES WHen Cruising,INCREASE Poundings Per MINute (PPM) 105% TESTed. GoldenGAtePark SF May1997 ESCAPED 3 SFPD Crusiers 4miles Chase, WRongful Accusaton, PUBIC Indecency Wearing NOTHING Excep ROllerblades, Sissy Wig, FuckHarness, HARD COck and INSATABLE LUST For Men """STAy Tuned For More""" Thx;

David we've been over this. Having gay sex in public has been legal in San Francisco since 1890. There were gold miners running around pounding each other's butts right outside saloons and nobody cared.

10/10 idea king, gg

this is a great idea lmao

:#marseyclapping: :#marseyclappingglasses:


well done, this is an amazing bait idea


Yep, Jannie came and cleaned it up what faithful service.

The same janny mods /r/tallgirls and /r/thefutureisfemale lol

Best post in weeks

this is not nearly as bad as cis moid writing which suggest troids are in fact hecing valid

Xir goodreads page includes videos of xir in a dress reading xir shitty poetry :marseyshakespeare:

Giggabased thread king


You can also do this with womens writing.

Jesus Christ, could you virtue signal any harder? Yes, we get it, you have no clue what trans people think, yes we get it, you failed high school biology and think you're smarter than the world's top epidemiologists, would you do us a favor and take a hike?

Yeah well, just last century, the worlds top epidemiologists though that Pellagra was infectious and not cause by a niacin deficiency, so consensus if anything, is a group norm that is formed as a social convention and not some mystical truth.

I fucking hate Redditors and scientism

Protect Black Trans Women. Protect Trans Women. Protect Black Trans Men. Protect Trans Men.

Anyone else think it's weird how specific yet limited this is?

"Protect people and also Black people".

They don't believe in universalism, they are notiberals.



Almost like these cunts just want to complain about something.

For most women it is impossible to cum from only penitration





This is fucking hilarious. Do it with this book next!


I've got some more short stories to go through still. There are a lot of :marseytrain: on that sub so I'm debating making up an author for the next post or just misgendering them again.

Making up an author makes it harder for them to google it and find you out

I didn't think they would catch on so quickly, I underestimated neofoids