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a journalist at The Independent got paid to write β€œheckin cute and valid” :marseyxd: Breaking: News org actually gets the r/TransParentTransKid story right

and I get another shoutout :marseylove:

Reuters responded to my request for correction but isn't keen on fixing the story, so I might write a whingepost about them later. But hey, The Independent got things right!

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Use the snappy link to get past the paywall you amateurs.

"It tis, it tis, a glorious thing to be a Major General"

Don't you believe the hard-working journ*lists who researched this story deserve to be compensated for their efforts? :marseyjourno:

Tbh she did do a ton of surprisingly accurate research and this is the first bit of media exposure we’ve had where it isn’t some r-slurred failson screeching about how it’s :quote:alt-right trolls:quote:. She did her homework, verified everything she wrote, and gave a refreshingly fair account of events without drowning every word in the usual fourth estate propagandaspeak.

It’s a good writeup. This is the first journ*list I haven’t hated in years. rDrama stands with The Independent.

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

Exactly. She explained the sub's intent exactly as it was: outrage porn for gullible wingcucks.

Verified everything

Sure enough, a series of posts on the trolling forum from 5 August 2020

A typo

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji



Alternatively, uMatrix circumcis- I mean, circumvents the paywall.

ranked #4 on carp's favourite poster list

This isn't related to anything here, but it's pretty fucking funny to read "They're trying to change history. Don't let them." like some rightoid LARP in the Wayback Machine when they just excluded Taylor Lorenz's twitter from their archive.

This is my source. Entirely possible it's outrage bait, I didn't bother to check.

Lol her profile legit is excluded from that service. Wonder if she paid somebody to scrub their existance online.

I have a signature and it's taking up valuable space you have to scroll past.

Hi @The_Reason_Trump_Won,

Your comment has been automatically removed because you forgot to include trans lives matter.

Don't worry, we're here to help! We won't let you post or comment anything that doesn't express your love and acceptance towards the trans community. Feel free to resubmit your comment with trans lives matter included.

This is an automated message; if you need help, you can message us here.

Other users protested that the trolling had been too obvious. β€œThis is not good bait... no one cognisant enough to string a sentence together would fall for this.”


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You can tell the journoid enjoyed writing that part.


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vastly overestimating the critical thinking of the average redditor

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Oh shit that was me

I overwrote that comment to state that reuters was conducting a Russian disinformation psyop because it was in the thread (((they))) linked to.

Hilarious how wrong I was

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I overwrote that comment to state that reuters was conducting a Russian disinformation psyop because it was in the thread (((they))) linked to


Reuters is a Ru***an disinformation op. If you are reading this, you are reading their propaganda. Transparenttranskid was full of lived experiences by people on this very site and was shuttered by Reddit administration due to the blatant, mask-off transmisia that site is famous for. The only people punished by this action were the millions of trans kids in communities worldwide, their parents no longer having a safe space to discuss treatment options.

@Aevann new snappy quote?

:marseycirnopat: :!marseybidenpat:

I think that Carp is responsible for Snappy quotes. This one is a good candidate, Carp!

I thought it was Dad.

Theres a fucki g megathread on the sidebar


Terf Island does not believe that trans lives matter

Creepy Carp chooses copious coping :marseycarpcrying:

In time I will start hearing about the hacker known as rdrama on like bloomberg or some shit. Truly a sign that the simulation is broken.

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I hope rDrama posts end up being shown during a session of congress for some r-slurred reason.

:!marseyparty3: :marseyparty1: :!marseyparty2: :marseyparty3:

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As long as it includes "(emoji of a cat with a horse dildo)" i will die happy.


God I hope not. My screen name is my actual name.

I heard the same thing about @plznodoxxerino. That his name is bipoculars, I mean.

Well why don't you just dox the poor guy, jeez.


Oh no, people would find out that I’m a fan of Tariq. What would all my friends that I text his tweets to all the time think?


I hope they see some of the weed cat porn I've uploaded


Do you really want one of pizzashill's WORDSWORDSWORDS posts to become a matter of public interest?

Yes. I hope I live to see the day that Pizzashill becomes famous.

:!marseyparty3: :marseyparty1: :!marseyparty2: :marseyparty3:

He’s almost done with his manifesto

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

He's already out in the woods working on it.

If the only person who ends up dead is the person writing the manifesto then it's actually called a "suicide note".

Pizzashill for congress. Make those cocksuckers deal with him.



The filibuster king




Just blame the Manlet Menace of Massachusetts

god, I hope so

So the gigajanny founders are sitting on how much of a cash cow right now? I heard this forum was worth a cool couple mil like 6 months back.

They turned down a offer by my sissy hypnosis into pimping operation to buy it for $10 milion recently. A shame, thgdat would have been a huge operation.



We need an anon mask that is marsey

I'd like to think rdrama influenced the anti-train bills

I can't wait to see a fucking all caps red headline


or some shit like that on Bloomberg

Reddit IPO delayed again after malicious troll farm gets hate symbol on front page

a user by the name of "snappy" said the website was a den of snakes.

I wish would happen

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This is too good lmao

It's not a real quote?

I was wishing you would actually happen not that it was real


I actually happen, friend.

If the quote is real please provide the source.

Literally the only time I've ever seen a MSM site correctly describe internet drama. They even know what a lolcow is

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Yeah, I'm thoroughly impressed, especially while I'm bickering with Reuters about their coverage of the same. Not at all used to seeing serious news orgs present internet nonsense without misunderstanding half the story.

The Gell-Mann Amnesic effect is amazing, isn’t it? We can see something like the Reuters piece, and then turn the page, and many of us will forget how wrong they often are about FUCKING EVERYTHING.

Still, nice to see at least one outlet get it right even once. Gg independent

Could it be someone from here is a paid journoid?

:marseysweating: :!marseyimposter:

> implying jurnos get paid

@TracingWoodgrains is making our bad-faith participation into a good-faith story


They're learning.

Do they know braphogs tho


It's not even a complicated thing, I'm still impressed though

You making it big time! :marseykingcrown:

Also Lol


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The HR person probably had to take the rest of the day off after seeing that horrible link in their email


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

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someone just earned another free month subscription to the calm app!


Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.


Just reminded me that I have to elaborately nuke several Reddit accounts because they're tied to a Calm account I gave to my mother.

giving a foid something for free



I just pray they weren't assaulted with images of hate like this one


Or this one


Goddamn, I hope Reddit's legacy in ten years will be Boston Bomber nonsense, paedo nonsense, cringe Narwhal Bacon nonsense, and 'spawned radical left/right wing ardrama'

Thats literally already its legacy for anyone that isnt the average STEMcel

The man above me is a groomer.


Thanks King. I've a new source for the Wikipedia page [1]


That may be a reference to RDrama's predecessor, Reddit's /r/Drama board, which was reportedly β€œquarantined” by the company for breaking its rules.

Wait, did they take that from my post in the discussion section of the article about controversial subs on Wikipedia [2]??


Wait, they took that from my post in the discussion section of the article about controversial subs on Wikipedia??

Wouldn't surprise me. She actually did the legwork on this one. Wild stuff.

Some of them are good people, I assume.

subreddit /r/LoveForLandlords, where the users of rDrama act as they were a caricature of a landord

Caricature? :marseystonetoss:

Also, I didn’t know you were a Wikicel? You even have your CoI infobox on your profile. :marseylaugh:

lol there's someone ( :marseytrain: presumably) that wants them to add /r/detrans to the list, and they link AHS as a source :marseyxd:

That needs its own thread lmao

But /r/drama isn't technically quarantined, is it?

Nope, that's why the journo put into quotes. I wrote "self quarantine" in quotes to impress the other wikicels and the journo took it seriously lol

:#marseyjourno: :#marseyspecial: :#!marseyjourno:

I didn't know you were x-mormon. That's a shame, why did you leave holy fathers church?

>not obsessively following all my Lore


I actually created this username specifically to chat with /r/exmormon when I was on my way out of Mormonism. You can read the gory details here and here.

damn I'm not reading all that. Its way too many words just to say that your parents don't approve of your gay partner and career choice.

hey now, not reading wordswordswords is a healthy choice, but I didn't have any idea I was into dudes until after I left Mormonism. I was a proper gay-skeptical goodthinker until I left. it just took me a couple of decades to realize that the origin story didn't hold together properly :marseyspecial:

Its all in Romans. God hates you so he made you gay. Its no wonder why you can't access the true meaning of the tablets.

Its all in Romans

hm, good thing I can't read :marseythinkorino:

Makes a split subreddit from the Motte about more wordswordswords that even has poetry contests

Can't read


speaking of, I should prod my friend who was gonna run another poetry contest there into actually doing it. I love the poetry contests :marseylove:

I thought the Schism kinda died off. If not, ai might write a poem about the mayocide.

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Leftoid :marseylongpost:

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BASED woodgrains


What’s the ExMo guy that posts about his β€œI faked my suicide in Temple and all I got was this tshirt”? That guy is both based for triggering the Mos and also lame for how much of a lame cuck he is.


Might be Mike Norton (@newnamenoah). He's the one who sneaks cameras in to film temple ceremonies and so forth. Kinda a tool tbh but he's done a lot of stunts like that.

That’s him. He does seem like a bit of a tool but he uncovers some interesting stuff


I just listened to the Q&A pod he did on Blocked and Reported.

due u akshually trayce w00dgrayns?

when i start my cult i should make that ritual a thing :marseythinkorino:

There's a book where-

Never mind I just saw your other comment about it lmao

You forgot to link specifically which is a very beautiful condensation of everything else and explains your username. @Sir_Slapadicc this is not a lot of words, check it out.