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  • brzl: based j*rno??

rDrama: โ™พ || LibsOfTikTok: 0 rDrama debooooonked once again!


Congrats @soundsystem and @Corvus for the mention!


They even gave a us a cool little shoutout!


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Hello journ*lists! If youโ€™d like advice on how to do your jobs, or to learn more about this naughty orange cat website, please feel free to register an account and shoot me a dm!

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Any journ*lists that doubt Carp's credentials should note that he has a golden Marsey in his flair.

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6 hours well spent


Dear journ*lists! If you ever wanted too test you're shotgun skills and go on a hunt for a drama Manager, please shoot with @GlowShark_donGERous_ a dm!


Trans Lives matter

rDrama is proud to carry on the ages-old tradition of trial by combat.


A journ*list Dick-Cheneying Carp would be pretty funny.

:marseyeric: :!marseycarpcrying: :!marseymoose:

"Hold still, Carpie, there's a big one right behind you!"

I hope journo-slurs start posting here regularly.


I don't know what happened. I was trying to get a scoop and the robot on there screamed the n word at me.

Snappy btfoing an NBC writer is my fetish.


Seriously, do you need to actually change the content of the flair when you reroll it for it to hit gold? I might have some reroll tech you'd be interested in if you know. Just don't want to have to roll enough to test it.



Yeah it has to be changed, I was alternating the Marsey each time from :marseysipping: to :marseycarp: and back again.


Imagine wasting your time like that

Yeah kinda pathetic ngl

Here's the trick

  1. open this page

  2. hit f12

  3. open the console

  4. enter $("#customtitlebody").value = ':marseysickos2:';$("#titleSave").click();

  5. press enter

  6. check if you struck gold by refreshing some other screen

  7. pick something else as to replace :marseysickos2: in the above command

  8. press enter

  9. you can now hit up arrow twice in the console and it will toggle between the two until you hit gold



Careful though.




Still too much work. I'd rather spend 8 hours writing a Python script that would do that for me.

8 hours? Its python not C.

Yeah, yeah, it should take 15 minutes, and yet experience tells me that it takes longer.

what would happen if someone where to flairlock you? :marseytroublemaker:

Youโ€™re too broke to find out :na:



imagine needing to reroll your flair and not just getting it when you change your flair on the first attempt lmao

lol apparently carp gets mad and turns into a reddit janny whenever someone mentions this


Learn something about optics spazzy, this is a front-facing thread with journ*lists prowling around.


fuck off carp

Bussy exposed instead of the ass?

VERY risky in much cases.

jews are all nwords. fuck whitey.

Fuck whitey inshallah

Damn you seem like you're :marseymati:.


Hello journ*lists! If you would like an extensive list of reasons you should close the garage door and leave the car running, please feel free to register an account and shoot me a DM :3


/r/drama and the subsequent rDrama.net exists specifically to, well, create drama. Members of the forum claim to not be all that ideological, simply looking to troll those who easily fall for "ragebait."

They're starting to evolve from the "alt-reich trolling operatives" narrative.

:marseyclapping: :marseyclapping: :marseyclapping:

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Theyโ€™re not wrong about this one.

:marseytrain:, :marseytrain:, train, troid, TIM, Ellen Page, penny verity oaken

I donโ€™t use my signature. This could be YOUR ad space. :marseyexcited:

Im utterly shocked an online journ*list actually reported on this site correctly

They also used a screenshot instead of linking directly. Theyโ€™re learning!


The only reason they say this is because right wingers took the bait and they get to point and laugh at them.

The solution to the culture war was always right in front of them but they were too busy reeing.

Depends on whether the ones that end up looking like r-slurs are leftoids or rightoids

  • Respect bussy, heterosexuality is a degenerate lifestyle choice

  • It is NOT ok to be white

  • Autism is bad and we're all bad

โ€claim to notโ€

They through that in there, basically implies that rDrama is actually that

You're not shit next to me. My genes are just light years superior to yours and I don't even need to look at you.

getogeto downvoted snappy like 5 seconds after his comment

I'm telling you he has to be a bot

It's bardfinn account

So true

๐ŸšจBard bot alert!๐Ÿšจ

Reset the counter. Current counter was: 0 days, 3 hours, 13 minutes

Record is 0 days, 21 hours


weโ€™re all just alts of each other


I'm halfway to the alt-seeing-eye and then I will become enlightened.



โ€ฆjust fyi bb been told itโ€™s kinda easy to bypass alt detection so if u want to save ur dcโ€ฆ.


It gives a profile badge



keep yourself safe discord cute twink

I don't use Discord because I don't understand how to use it.

How? Itโ€™s basically IRC with emotes and embeds

I know one of those words ๐Ÿ‘



More comments

based :marseyexcited:

It's a mailing list with Marseys

Wow I want to be in now, please can you guide me through the setup process?


He is not discord, @Soren and I think @JoeBiden (I don't 100% know) are discord.



Stop being discord, Soren


trans lives matter

Hey you are discord when you get drunk!



No, just discordancy :marseyjam:

trans lives matter



Pumperino gets btfo at the one gimmick he has :marseylaugh:

oooh that makes more sense I just @โ€˜d him for downvoting after like a sec but I could of sworn I seen him comment that downvoting ainโ€™t a crime or smth






New sources for the Wikipedia's article [1]


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Rdrama.net

This is terribly written

I know. I learned how to write in English by reading bardfinn's longposts


what country are you even from, doctor?



The part about tx bounty hunters is just completely wrong.

This is becoming a regular thing now. Only a few months till Tuck features us and this place gets flooded with rightoids.

I'm surprised we haven't had an influx of users, maybe a lot more lurkers but I'm interested in the next site stats posting.


We're close to approaching 10,000 accounts.

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I don't do numbers, I can only understand information if it's put in graphs with arrows pointing out the important parts.

5 digit user IDs


The ids will certainly never reach 7 digits

Active users (as in those who posted, commented, or voted in the past week) has consistently hovered around 1700-1800 since we started tracking it.

since we started tracking it

Two weeks ago?

Honestly surprised that there that many users.

time to monetize ๐Ÿ“ฏ

House Furry has the most posts and comments, no surprise there


all i want for christmas is for marsey to be discussed on tucker carlson, make it happen tucker

We can disable signups at any time

We haven't had a lot of lolcows on this site

It would be kind of funny to instantly chud the new accounts

We would definitely want to allow some people through. Strict immigration policy doesn't mean no immigration.

Maybe add an invite-only system for waves like that one.

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We probably just open it up for a little and then close it again. Keep going back and forth so it let some cows to the pasture but not too many that we can't milk them all.

We probably just open it up for a little and then close it again

trans lives matter supporters /r/neoliberal eternally btfo by the gay mafia

Instead, troll dramatards by outnumbering them with lolcows. You can call it the Great Replacement

We can make it so their votes dont count in the algorithim. We could have a Poll Tax or something lol. @Aevann

import paypigs, and use the money to buy reddit ads.

Would carp allow it :marseytinfoil2:? That's the real question.

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If it threatens to overwhelm the regular users, then yes. People may not believe it but Carp actually cares about the integrity of the site.

Literally the only one not influenced by ideology and able to look clearly at the things.

rDrama will not fall to wingcuckery. That means rightoids, yes, but also leftoids. We have the tools to easily fend off mass rightoid rapefugees, and I have the hateful personality necessary to drive away any legion of leftoids.





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