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rDrama Featured on the Glenn Beck Program (1m40s excerpt), and Glenn Beck Normiesplains Furries

We made it to conservative talk radio, and they accurately reported on our radical centrism! 1m40s excerpt of them discussing the DramaFur Happening linked in title. DIY transcript below.

After discussing our role in the hoax, Glenn Beck proceeds to teach his normie audience about furries, including lots of furry statistics. 19m31s extended excerpt, most ads and other discussion removed.

Full episode "rocket daddy vs. the World | Guests: Rob Collins & Riaz Patel | 4/27/22" available here.

h/t to @Sherman_March for finding this. His post got buried, so I figured I'd repost with the excerpt and transcript to chronicle this momentous occasion.

Glenn: So, Stu, there was a story, and I want to see if you have much on this. There was a story from Austin, where a second-grade teacher at a public school district was teaching students about the subculture of furries. Okay? [chuckles] [Stu: hah, yeah, mhm] Alright, okay, so the parents have found out through flyers their second-graders at the Austin Independent School District learned about youth subcultures, from goths to furries and many more. This is happening during the second week of April. One worksheet was titled 'Design your Fursona' [Stu chuckles], and students were asked if their fursona were male, female, or non-binary. Now, Austin ISD said this isn't in their curriculum; they have no information on it.

Stu: Right.

Glenn: Is this true?

Stu: It does seem to be false, actually, this one. There is a [protracted 'uhhh'] former reddit community that like, basically, tries to hoax the media and come out with— I think it's called arr-drama, like they want to create drama, basically, so they made false flyers.

Glenn: So this would be fake news?

Stu: This seems to be fake news.

Glenn: From the left? Or from the right?

Stu: I don't know if— I don't know if they have an ideology or if they just like to create drama, but it does seem like some of this is not true. [Glenn: Okay, so—] Which is, I guess, doesn't mean that we haven't seen this exact type of thing in twenty other places [Glenn: Yeah, but— that's good, that's good], but this particular flyer—

Glenn: But, I want you to know I looked into furries. [Stu: You did?] Yeah.

[continues for 15min sneering at furries, decently amusing for talk radio. ads at the end feature furry-themed jokes.]

Quote toward end: "I'm gonna take off my bunny costume now." —Glenn Beck, confirmed lagomorph

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fake news from the left...or from the right...?


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I don't know if they have an ideology or if they just like to create drama

This is about as close as anyone has come to acknowledging our radical centrism though.

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Fills me with pride

Radical centrism does also have a sprinkle of anti-wingcuckery in it which is absolutely essential.



just a sprinkle


The man above me is a groomer.


Based Glenn Beck

PCMtards think adding a 2nd axis makes this enlightened

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SubGenius is Gen X tho

Yeah it's from before my time. It's part of that nerd culture that existed before 1995, and then when the internet was suddenly opened to normies that was the first thing you saw. There was a time when it still flourished, but by the time smartphones came out it was completely dead.

there's actually an active subgenius instance on the fediverse called

Today is Sunday, September 10470, 1993.

In the poetic words of (mostly) Earth, Wind & Fire: Do you remember / the Eternal month of September?

Are you far right or far left?

I’m far ting.

This makes me mad.


this makes the left sound cool

:marseyvibing: The Democratic Party will collapse by 2030. :marseyvibing:

Wingcels stay losing :marseycool:

Beyond Good and Evil… and into Left and Right wing



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And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Marsey into power.


It will be because of my longposts. I'm an incredibly persuasive writer. Natural good looks help too though.

the good ending

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Bussy? Y-you guys talking about bussy..?

Katze Heil :marseyreich:

Snappy says sexy Indian dude rights

First radio, next national TV. How long until we get a world leader to say the words "r drama" when they're forced to deboonk some bait?

I just want someone on the MSM to pearl-clutch over an enlarged Marsey on the screen


:marseyceiling: :marseyceiling: Are the white wom*n extinct yet?! :marseyceiling: :marseyceiling:

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At this rate should have it done within a month, we've honestly been on a roll

Hope it's Maldamir Putin.

Come up with a large enough hoax about Biden and it could happen.

How do you guys find this shit? Are you unironically watching Glenn Beck?

I wonder how many ebin rdrama references have been missed because we're not all dumb enough to read/watch the absolute bottom of the barrel. I saw an L4L reference in a Vice article the other day

Joshua Moon/Null referred to @chiobu as "the rDrama Guy" in his last stream. I guess I'm the only one who unironically watches because nobody here mentioned it.

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:marseyblush: Josh senpai noticed me? pretty funny to see a kiwifarms dude referencing the rdrama guy while looking for a 4chan meme :marseybigbrain:


I don't think of you as the rdrama guy or even the Singapore guy, I think of you of Chiobu because I actually remember your name.


He referenced you more directly when talking about the /r/place Marsey drama, he mentioned telling a guy to stop spamming marsey gifs everywhere


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

lol I only got one marsey removed in the rdrama thread :!marseycrying:

might be someone else :!marseyangel:



huh, idk then. always assumed it was you because he was reading your post about the place stuff, lol.


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"


1:12:38 but it should be already linked


kf is more drama adjacent than other places so after the place happening and the coverage of that on his stream its not as surprising anymore compared to literal who publications but still fun :marseyparty:

I saw an L4L reference in a Vice article the other day


But words do mean things; calling landlords “property owners” is almost worse than calling them “landchads,” and half as accurate.

They even made landchad pipe to the subreddit.

ty ty

This writer covered, among other things, the AOC bathtub feet pics one footcute twink on /r/drama debunked. I think she might've done one more thing that came from us too, don't remember though.

Glenn Beck is like the OG journoid doomsayer. No other person has said society is on the brink of extinction as long as Beck.


Alex Jones might have him beat.

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Peter Schiff is in the running

"Monica Lewinsky is a fuckin hoe and Bill Clinton is a god damn pimp!"

-Kid Rock



Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"