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8chan's creator, Hotwheels, rolls into the Fediverse, blocks and reports to our host, wheel in for this one!

For those who don't know what the Fediverse is (*cough cough* Carp), just think of Twitter that's decentralized, Mastodon is a server for the fediverse, think email

Frederick Brennan, the 8chan creator and developer, aka Hotwheels (officially) rolls onto Mastodon and meets, our fediverse instance. Not a wheely good reaction of that.

His reaction? Report and other instances to the hosters, and reports them to's admin (Gargron, creator of Mastodon)


Here's the "uncensored" (appropriately federated) introduction thread from him

Yes indeed, he reported all the offending instances who sent him "death threats" to their hosting providers and to the instance admins (I have not been contacted about yet, for now, :marseysweating:)

Just a bit unusual coming from a guy who let Qanon and freeze peach roll on 8chan(kun) to react even harsher that most rainbow people on Fediverse usually do (most people just report/block and move)

Gargron, owner of indeed blocks our instance today as Hotwheels reported us. We are now wheely banned from all the official Mastodon dev instances


I registered and host, I have not recieved any emails yet. I also registered the domain, but I do not host it. Hopefully our Fediverse instance lives (it will)

Anyway his Mastodon account is a goldmine and he has furry porn already, enjoy the show :marseypopcorn:

![](/images/16637907044582772.webp)![](/images/16637907044582772.webp) sneed

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imagine being the kind of website that THE OWNER OF 8CHAN reports.

you people make me sick.

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They arenโ€™t reporting this site. Itโ€™s some shitty twitter clone filled with rightoids.

what's the difference

We have chud awards and admins ban over the top rightoids here.

i mean what's the difference in reality not fantasy land

It's a dumb site. This one's better.

:quote: um um we're totally different and cool and our hot girlfriend goes to another website ok you don't know her :quote:


what's the difference

trans lives matter


This is a superior reddit clone with filled with rightoids that get constantly checked with chud awards.

This is a shitty reddit clone filled with rightoids. is literally just a hell thread of @HeyMoon calling a Nazi transphobic

Lol I havent even checked it for the last two days, I assume the eternal fire is still burning?

It looks like it started to die after you left.

And libertarians. Dont forget the libertarians

What? That's the hated unifier. Everyone hates libertarians. That site is going to tarnish the good name of this site. @nekobit clean up your awful site.

Im talking about fediverse as whole not the drama instance. I went to the blocklist thing once and like 70% of instances there were some libertarian or libertarian adjacent instances

Not surprised.

That makes sense

i haven't explored the fediverse since I accidentally saw loli hentai shit multiple times out of nowhere :marseydisgust:

Clean ur ass first

![](/images/16637907044582772.webp)![](/images/16637907044582772.webp) sneed

wash your penis

I block all the active libertarian instances.

![](/images/16637907044582772.webp)![](/images/16637907044582772.webp) sneed

Our reputation on is of being the most lib cucked of lib cucks and I've spent nearly 100% of my time there trolling rightoids. It has been until now the premier place to fuck with rightoids.



It doesn't matter what you say. I've already declared it a hate site.

Harsh, but also unfair.



No, it's a federated network full of different people and you're looking at federated timeline, but keep riding on my fat balls. is not this site

![](/images/16637907044582772.webp)![](/images/16637907044582772.webp) sneed

It looks ugly af btw :marseysmug: :marseysmug: :marseysmug: :marseysmug: :marseysmug: :marseysmug:

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!

![]( if you need zoomer design

![](/images/16637907044582772.webp)![](/images/16637907044582772.webp) sneed

To be fair, our instance isn't overrun by rightoids. It's basically shitposting and HeyMoon pissing off rightoids in other instances. And there's one guy that posts fat chicks for some reason so I blocked him.


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

Speaking of pissing off rightoids i havent seen @pizzashill in a while. Did he finally figure out how to book a flight and make his way up to alaska ?

No idea, tbh I don't read most pizzaposts because I usually don't care about whatever he's arguing about.

I like to think he's making friends with bears and elk in Alaska rn preparing to topple society or something.


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

I blocked the fat chick guy too. What grown man is really obsessed with a pop star?



Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

Are the rightoids in the house with you right now?

:#marseytinfoil2: :#marseyschizowall:

uhm its :marseyakshually: filled with valid trans queens who are beating back the nazis of

Whyโ€™s he hiding in the Philippines

Just get inside a shoebox when the feds coming knocking damn



Given how hard he encouraged kiddy porn on 8chan its pretty obvious why hes in the Philippines

That shits legal there? :marseyimpossibru:

It was when he owned it. Shit was fucked, and iirc they started cleaning that shit up because the qtards started noticing things about the site their champion against pizza parlors and the Clinton crime family was posting on

South East Asia has libertarian shit, but it's also a great place to party 24/7 and fuck whores.

Bobby Lee and his Filipino girlfriend have a podcast, and in one episode she talks about being fingered by an adult man when she was 12. rocket daddy wasn't too off the mark when he called single guys visiting south east asia libertarianphiles.

I was in a clubbing/bar area of Vietnam right before covid and I must have counted at least 50 middle aged white guys hanging out alone waiting for something to come along. Probably not all libertarianphiles but I doubt many of them would ask the age of the women that came up to them.

i mean, it's honestly quite difficult to tell the difference between a 16 yr old and 26 yr old here.

difficult to tell the difference

i :marseylove: groomers



I honestly never got why people got so mad at musk for that lol. It still keeps getting broughht up to own the elon on the orange website (HN) when realistically that old cave diver was 80% likely to actually be a libertarian.

He was throwing a tantrum because his stupid overengineered plan would've been a huge PR win for him.

Anyone who calls themselves an "expat" and lived in a 3rd world country without some sort of obvious career that brought them there is an extreme pervert

Pretty much anyone not Indian or Filipino.

when a fat old man with Jimmy Savilles haircut traps you in a conversation about how much he enjoyed "meeting women" in Thailand


I did a port visit in Thailand when I was in the Navy and there were a bunch of these types everywhere I went. Dumpy-bodied 50 something y.o. bongs, all. I didn't think much about it until much later but they were guaranteed sex pests looking back.

Unsure, but the number of delusional old boomers who talk about "how nice the women are" makes me suspicious


Is this seriously the idiot who did an AmA last year? As in the one where he said that the most important question in the world was some shit like "Who is Q?"

Ricky Berwick and Sminem had a baby, and it is beautiful.

lmao he uploaded his videos in 144p


Holy shit it looks like someone stuck a teenage incels head on a baby's body

:marseyagree: What more can you expect from the creator of 8chan?

Hotwheels was the king of incels at one point. Technically king of the wizards, but same shit. But then he got laid and was chased out of Eden.

Lol how did he get laid? I doubt that even possible physically.

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


Some chubby virgin chaser met up with him and fucked him somehow.

The guy who made q-anon and bought 8chan paid for it obviously

The girl in question actually had a habit of fucking incels, it was her thing.

so 'Daddy problems' are like weed to her fentynal problem

He's not in the Philippines anymore, Jim Watkins ran him out

Is that the dude who kills people and feeds the corpses to his pigs?


So the legends speak

Where's the rest of his body?


the DNA got bored with his face and said fuck it

im pretty sure he hasn't been in the philipines for years because of pending criminal charges against him

Last I heard about him, he was "coming out" as a furry and showing off his fat green bear fursona and I'm not looking it up rn because he had explicit art commissioned that he was showing off.



Even his fursona has a small dick


Excuse me lads I need to vomit.


Lmao Im amazed that this thing can survive tbh

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


He was in the Philippines, he got chased out of there because of some legal threats.


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

He got ran out of the Philippines for hate speech (against old people) pretty karmic tbh.

Good thing he thinks trans lives matter.

It's kind of insane that the creator of 8chan went from that to this. Mootchads, we won!

I think he's just trying to make his soul right before he meets his maker. He sinned online so he's trying to atone online (in the most neurodivergent way possible :marseysmug2:)

:marseyjesus: :marseydisabled:

You just have to pray for forgiveness, Hotwheels. No need to act like some weirdo Internet vigilante.

Yeah its 10000% overcompensating

Those who fall to troll's remorse always become the most insufferable losers imaginable. They're the terminally online version of born-again christians.

Yeah hbomberguy is like the prime example of that. Imo troll remorse is even worse than someone with 0 regrets, because you need to have done some terrible shit to overcompensate over internet non sense

He used to be a troll?

A massive one IIRC. He used to hang out in the same forums as Mister Metokur. Jim often talked about how much of a nasty troll hbomberguy was back in the days, like he was intense even for jim

Here is an example

(Metokur was the forum name where they did old-school gayops and doxxed furries/internet marginals, hence mister metokur)

Hbomberguy/Hbomb was a member on He was more apart of it then he says he was, but like Jim said in the video**, he has gone sjw** since the site closed down he went to college: A quote from the answer that I find ironic since I doubt his fans know FFF was used to troll people: "I still have a Films for the Fustilarian t-shirt, I might revive it as a legitimate production company*"*

It's always the ones on Twitter who scream the loudest about a thing who did that thing to an extreme and now do a 180 to make themselves feel better.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

This guy reminds me of Alexmazy, he was a former AHC mod who went from far right to far left after leaving AHC. Now hes a crossdresser who spends all his time on genzedong trying to discredit AHC and every once in a while starts spamming rants towards me on discord. Its these wingcuck r-slurs who spend so much time on one side, realize that rightoid side is bad, and then go full far left to "appeal" for their sins that are the most annoying mfers on the planet

Wingcucks gonna wingcuck. Take solace in the fact that he will never, ever be happy with himself or his decisions lmao

Hes based u know

Is moot still being a cute twink?

He went to Google then got married and dipped from Google and public life entirely. We think he's had a kid but nothing else is known.

Damn what a Chad

Didnt he get arrested or arraigned or whatever for being a libertarianphile or some shit

No? He's been called to court before for shit that had to do with 4chan and what gets posted but he himself was never charged with anything IIRC.

Mr bussybunter deboonked my crazy memory, i see it now

That wasn't moot, it was just some libertarian with the same name

Ah there it is, lmao

No, that was a different guy with an identical name. It was just funny to act like it was Moot.


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

I genuinely donโ€™t understand. Youโ€™re saying that a guy who decided oldschool /b/ was too tame and decided to make an even edgier splinter is saying that rdrama has too much wrongthink? What am I missing?

Wingcucks and libertarianphiles 180 on their opinions all the time because they are not normal and in fact mentally ill. Several Reddit giga jannies used to be heckin Nazis back in the day and now Hotwheels is going down the same road. Thats because horseshoe theory is 100% correct.


nigga had a TV camera film him and realized he could get further in life being a disabled grifter than a fake edge strag because he could get laid

The incels who get laid and immediately do a 180 are the real dangers to society.

He, like many other people, did a 180. He's basically an Elizabeth Warren voter now.

What a fucking cute twink

I am reminded of... Tzar Alexander as described by Historia Civillis.

Spin the randomizer, and what do we get?

I would caution anyone who watches this guy's videos to take it with a grain of salt. He lets a lot of bias get in his script and he takes all sources at face value (stupid). His video on Octavian in the Triumvirate is full of hearsay and slander being reported as fact.

He's a bitch. He only wants free speech when people are sucking him off