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the fuck is this, i just got released from jail

I was in jail for 3 years on drug charges and I used to visit the sub pretty often. When did we move to a separate site? Is lawlz still around?

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Unfortunately he died in a car crash. He had a funeral and everything. Itโ€™s not too late to pay your respects.

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Pretty sure this is a conspiracy and @useragent13 has him locked up in a basement.

Nearly a year ago, because the admins got so restrictive, including not only taking pinging away, but also our reddit linking rights away ironically because of Lawlz, that there was no point of staying on reddit once a gigachad Egyptian named @Aevann offered us an offsite.

Lawlz is sorta still around, but he doesn't make stickies as much as he used to.

lol, i made several friends in jail by telling old lawlz stories

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When you're in a holding cell, talking about Prison Architect is unironically a really good conversation starter with gangbangers of any race.

Did you and @Arran meet in the pen?

:!marseyparty3: :marseyparty1: :!marseyparty2: :marseyparty3:

WTF Arran is back? Guess parole ended

Weakest Ben 10 enjoyer

Is this the same Egyptian who runs the cumtown sub, or are Egyptians just cornering the market on banned Reddit offshoots?

Is this the same Egyptian who runs the cumtown sub, or are Egyptians just cornering the market on banned Reddit offshoots?

I'm guessing the ladder?

From now on this is head canon. I still need to figure out why exactly โ€œladderโ€ historically means the second one, but I will figure it out soon enough.

Latter is an old spelling of later, that's why




most literate dramatardos

It was ladder not latter.


Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.

Egyptians are the new sexy Indian dudes

No, Aevann is too cool to be Marfanman


Why is Lawlz less active? Did ge get a life or something?

Wtf did lawlz do exactly? Like literally all because he apllied to be a SRD mod as a joke?

I guess you can call yourself a jailcel




Whats with the cat btw? I thought TayTay was our mascot


This is Marsey, she took Tayโ€™s crown and has already been dubbed a hate symbol by Reddit.


Tay has been supplanted by Marsey but she's still a queen :taytantrum:


Wow, you have got a lot to catch up on. About the most thrilling piece of drama we've had since pre-slammer is the reddit admins going absolutely ballistic over seeing our cat drawn on that /r/place thing. You know, that 'fun' app where everyone gets to place a pixel every 5 mins. Loads placing even a single pixel for Marsey were perm banned from reddit, and it made it big on the whole of reddit, showing the admins to be insecure powerstruck imbeciles.

Even jannies deserve to be happy.

About the most thrilling piece of drama we've had since pre-slammer (...)

It was pretty awesome and definitely notable, but I think you might be suffering from a bit of recency bias. Superstraight, Etika NFTs, LoveForBrian all happened within that time, too.

LoveForLandlords, the /r/drama teenagers ban, rdrama furries baiting Libs Of TikTok, loveforscalpers, loveforanimesexuals, transparentstranskids. That's only touching the surface.

Do you have a mention of texas bounty hunter thing?


abortion bounty hunters. I need a mention.

Sorry, I mean I need a comment that explicitly mentions us featuring on the news. This is just tangential to the topic.

No, you can't merely make references and allusions from the thing. Any mention of the texas bounty hunter thing from you MUST include media outrage.

there was some r slurred US congress woxm whom said it a month ago

Not forgetting PassOrNot.

Even jannies deserve to be happy.

I'm also biased because I like to see the users turn on the admins at Reddit haha.

Oh yeah, Superstraight was at the old /r/drama site which I suppose would technically be after he went to prison too. I have to admit, LfB was something I missed out on.

Even jannies deserve to be happy.

Also the time carp was about to be featured in an article, but then carp just stopped talking about it for some reason

Yes... Very strange.

Doreen was best drama since offsite and I will accept no disagreement.


Wait super straight was us? How is that not our biggest feat bc i had IRLs that knew about that


Taytay became a wingcuck


Even jannies deserve to be happy.