Straggot nerd with homo experience resigns after other nerds protect sex offender :marseysoylentgrin: - rDrama site banner

Straggot nerd with homo experience resigns after other nerds protect sex offender :marseysoylentgrin:

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I have resigned all my positions in ISO C++ in protest of the decision to use CoC anti-discrimination rules to protect a duly convicted registered level 2 sex offender. This would force victims of sexual assault to interact with this person or face censure or ejection.

In particular this would include me -- as while black out drunk I was subject to a graphic homosexual encounter for which I could not consent. I am heterosexual. This should not be a relevant fact.

Chairs were given the option to recuse themselves as long as they found a replacement, but it was made clear by several members of my national body that avoiding this person is discrimination of an ex-felon and the CoC would be enforced.

This person was given special access to WG21 leadership in order to offer a favorable and absolving narrative, but I am not aware of victims of this or similar crimes offered the same audience. WG21 leadership went so far as to claim the real problem here is the registry.

To be clear, I never asked for this person to be excluded physically or logically, and I certainly believe in the possibility of redemption -- but weaponizing the CoC against sexual assault victims is a step too far. I am not afraid of this person physically, others might be.

While I empathize with any ex-felon's right reintegration, I empathize more with past or potential victim's right to do their jobs amongst people who haven't fallen short of one of the lowest moral bars in society. Choosing one side must exclude the other.

Participation in WG21 is a privilege, and should have a moral qualification. However current leadership believes "professionalism" is literally "above all else". I believe "professionalism" without morality is bankrupt.

Leadership would say their hands are tied by policy, but in a free society we all have choices. With sufficient will any policy can change. Right or wrong, anyone who doesn't resign in protest of any immoral policy literally doesn't care enough to.

Whatever your politics or ethics are, or what you think of mine, don't be a bystander. If you believe in something, have the integrity to see it all the way through. All it takes is for good people to do nothing.

FWIW, when I made clear on the internal chairs mailing list that I was subject to the same thing this person was convicted of, the leadership said nothing in public or private but to work on the logistics of handing over my position.

Leaderships spent well over 9 months working on ways to include this person, and spent no time in helping me pack my bags on the way out.

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Funny: confirmed. 10/10 did giggle a little bit.

pedos are gonna be included in the ever expanding alphabet list within five years

Didn't it take the alphabet people until the 90s to drop them last time?

This is why hollyweird never canceled Polanski

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Can't wait to see the new C++ libertarian lead a 'Girls Who Code' event. Nothing bad will happen at all and there wasn't a single warning sign.

What do you mean none of the chairs had their own kids in that event. Stop noticing things

I think teaching teens C++ is almost as life ruining as diddling

There's no reason to teach C++ to legacy foids. We already have enough cute and valids to bridge the gender gap.

I was wondering why Rust has so many MtF advocates, is it because they were all using C++ before?

I dunno much about the Rust community but I know it's designed on C++ style principles and competes in the same domains

Rust is newer and attracts hipsters.

I’ve only seen tranners and 16 year olds praise it. Linus Torvalds said “he’s think about implementing some rust parts in the Linux kernel”, just to prevent 37 high schoolers from deleting their GitHub accounts and programmer socks from rm -rf --no-preserve-root /‘ing their Living System

It always makes @volcel laugh how Big Tech execs decided too solve the "women in tech" issue. They truly are innovators.

Trans lives matter

They can level up!??

Feel like the current social mores are schizophrenic on these issues.

On one hand, a 29 year old woman can be groomed by a fellow researcher that she doesn’t report to. He must be punished forever.

On the other hand, a felon has paid their debt and should not be discriminated against regardless of the severity of their crimes.

I’m not saying it’s the same people making the argument but i would absolutely not be surprised, people tend to just go with feels these days and what they think the group wants to hear on social media.

Homeboy’s tweet sounds reasonable, though. He didn’t even dox the dude.

He hid the only reply with the dude’s actual name: Arthur O'Dwyer


So this person was raped, which means its a woman and his opinion doesn't matter. Got it.

That whole post is essentially everyone taking it seriously are admitting to being worthless little weeby shits. It is so glorious when they put themselves like that!