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[foid nonsense] Spotify about to be racist against Meghan Markle (allegedly)

Continuing with their “Get woke, go broke” theme, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ALLEGEDLY about to be dropped from their Spotify deal, meaning Meghan’s feminist podcast about women stereotypes may never see the light of day. 😥

It was supposed to premiere this summer. teaser had dropped 3 months ago but since then it’s been radio silent (haha get it?). Two big gossip sites have mentioned over the past two weeks her show is about to get cancelled. There’s a “royal reporter”/syncophant of theirs who put out a piece the other day about how the pair is still concerned about “COVID misinformation” on Spotify—preparing an excuse for the break-up that doesn’t look like them getting fired.

The gruesome twosome had signed a slew of deals (Netflix, Spotify, Penguin) when they left the royal family but in two years they have only put out ONE Christmas special podcast 18 months ago. That’s it. No other content on any platform, just one train wreck interview with Oprah.

One of their projects was already officially dropped from Netflix and (allegedly)Harry’s book isn’t juicy enough for his publishers (they paid him $8MM).

The reason this is so juicy is their expenditures are MASSIVE and they have pretty much no other financial support other than some small inheritances for Harry. Their house has a big mortgage, their security is easily $100k a month, they pay a bunch of staff at their foundation, their foundation gives away $$ but doesn’t have an endowment, MM has expensive taste and they are constantly suing people. They were iced out at the jubilee and loudly boo-ed so they are DEFINITELY not coming back into the royal fold.

This is a train wreck in motion and I will keep you all updated.


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The reason this is so juicy is their expenditures are MASSIVE and they have pretty much no other financial support other than some small inheritances for Harry. Their house has a big mortgage, their security is easily $100k a month, they pay a bunch of staff at their foundation, their foundation gives away $$ but doesn’t have an endowment, MM has expensive taste and they are constantly suing people. They were iced out at the jubilee and loudly boo-ed so they are DEFINITELY not coming back into the royal fold.

Please run out of money and crawl back to the Queen :marseybegging:


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How r-slurred do you have to be to become bankrupt after being born into literal royalty?


Absolute r-slur threw it away for a past her prime twit. NGL, I'd smash Megan, but wouldn't give up a royal fortune to put a ring on it.

She must fuck like an absolute animal to have tempted him away from his birthright.

She's an arch BPD foid who essentially copied his (dead) mother down to a T to get into his bed and fuck his mind because of course he has deep seated Mummy issues.



new dating stat 4 u above.

I respect the grift tbh

Being a woman is a grift...?

The oldest grift in history. Adam got conned out of a rib, and kicked out of Eden because of foid nonsense.

Got any interesting articles on this? :marseypopcorn:

/r/SaintMeghanMarkle is unironically the best place for this. It's a den of foids and cute twinks but it's also fairly dramatic.

I've never cared about royals but this shit is like a trainwreck crashing down a mountain. I can't look away.

He's a r-slur

I'm pretty sure her throwing the royal family into disarray like this technically qualifies her for some kind of American medal.

All it takes to sink any institution is the inclusion of a bipoc foid with big ideas about how the world should bend to her will.

past her prime

Dude, she was a yacht girl, she's like:


Aw fuck, im halfway thru a 72 hr fast attempt and that looks fucking scrumptious

just remember being fat is fucking disgusting

Yeah I’d like my abs back, but also that 4chan screenshot about fasting make orange juice feel like a crack hit inspired me

Just do stims. You'll have to force yourself to eat.

I just got done with a nice shrooms trip that got me off needing adderall for work like 2 weeks ago

I would eat that any day. The Bluegum blue blood? Not so much.

You've obviously never touched a vagina, nor know how they work.


I despise foids, but I've touched a vagina, and know their anatomy, unlike r-slurred 4chan incels.

never marry a succubus like Harry did

He's genuinely dumb as shit.

He managed to fly an Apache without smashing it into the ground and that isn't what I'd call an easy task. Not really a big monarchist but being a good pilot does take some talent.

That's what they want you to think

Colleagues slam the MP for saying Prince Harry "can't actually fly a helicopter" - "he just sits there going 'vroom vroom'."

Doubt... although yeah, they're not known for being smart... IDK

According to some fly boy shit talk choppers are like easy mode compared to jets. Allegedly

They shove through a shitload of women pilots in chopper school. Some dumb bitch couldn't even land an Apache without help during Apache school when my buddy went through Apache school.

Well that confirms it, choppers are the tricycles of airborne vehicles

According to DCS world they're not

Isnt it his brother that’s a fly in fly out helicopter paramedic?

Was he the pilot or just the gunner? Pretty sure it takes a lot less skill to sit there pew-pewing while someone competent does the hard work.

This makes me think he might actually be Charles's son and not the captain's

royally r-slurred

They'll let him back in but dropping the baggage will be the condition. She's gonna get Blac Chyna'd lol

She's going to get Diana'd.


Hey that never happened and MI6 totally didn't 'oops, dart in your neck' that frog chauffeur.

Theyve had ways to take control of cars as long as we first started putting chips in them

>he doesn't think the driver was high on adrenochrome and drove into the 13th pillar in a modern day sacrifice to the reptilian goddess Diana

Do dramatards even David Icke?

Surprised she didn't get Diana'ed before he proposed.

MI5 slippin.

:marseybegging: I need this


Trashy stripper that attached herself to the male Kardashian. Looks like a dollar store version of Nikki Minaj.


I am disgusted by their behavior. I think it is just fine to abdicate if you want to marry some déclassé burger, but expecting to be simultaneously and conveniently both royalty and not-royalty is boorish

Indeed. It would have made sense if he wanted to escape the media and lead a quiet life in another country, but he's trying to whore himself out as much as possible.

We really should have a law that allows us to deport members of foreign royal families at any time for any reason.

Dust off some old death warrant the Founding Fathers wrote up for King George while drunk af and add harry to it.

Based but extend it to native royals as well

And that’s good

I used to respect Prince Harry. Flying Apache's and getting dressed up like Hitler, pretty based stuff.

But after watching Suits I couldn't imagine being with a women who "acted" so in love with a dude on screen.

Harry is a cuck, end of discussion.


I think everyone including Harry would have been better off if he got stingered in Afghanistan.

This whole thing makes me wonder what dat mouth do.


Well we know it goes on and on and won't be quiet so I assume the same is true in the bedroom

lies, probably

Eats hot chip I'd bet

Yes the family would had a lot of bragging rights

They all are r-slur cucks. Just check their bio in Wikipedia. They literally were dragged from private school to private college and they marks were barely good and kwin who is 100 years old can’t out smart a bipoc young foid. There are a lot of ethnics in bungestan, she should been way more delicate

Nigga sold his fucking guns and then moved to the US.

Beyond cucked.

Really great, informative post. I'm glad we have users like you on this site proving us with such high-quality content


People are saying subservient men are simps. What the fuck is wrong with a subservient man? How is treating a woman like gold nullifying oneself? If that’s who you are as a person, you are solidifying yourself, establishing yourself in the relationship. There is nothing wrong with being a “simp.” You don’t have to be an “alpha” male or fake some ogreish form of masculinity. Being subservient does not make you weak. If anything, it makes you stronger than those who can’t see past their own inflated chest to recognize that you don’t always have to be rigid, withholding, and in control of the situationship.

Big push to stop using the word.. in any sense. I’ve seen it mostly used to describe younger guys who do nice things to display the affection they have for someone.

“ If that’s who you are as a person” hitting on other man waffus is what you are ?


Please don’t flirt with her

She is mine wafu !

You got this from the Saint Meghan Markle subreddit didn't you?

I love that subreddit because the femcels are bitchy and bitter, hehe, although there is one crazy schitzo poster who thinks their kids are fake, I fucking love it.

I unironically eat my lunch to this daily drama of a subreddit. I love it so much, I'm such a foid. Womxn do drama better than gay men when it involves other womxn, they're like Piranhas.

Thank me later:

Reported by:

Yes I did 🙌 I go there every day lmfao

ooooh thanks for this, I can make small talk with my old bong co-worker who absolutely detests the royals, and these two specifically, his old man brain almost exploded in anger when this topic came up during a meeting, almost called them privileged cunts but bit his lip

Those subs where women obsess over a specific celebrity are always completely unhinged lol

i think they cleaned it up but there used to be a sub for adam driver and it was WILD. they would deny that his kid was his and that his wife was either just a PR stand-in or cheating on him. here is some extra foid nonsense about it

I've always believed Harry was the son of Diana's bull, major whasis name, her "riding instructor"

Isn't Will Carling (the rugger bugger) the go-to?

That sounds like an ironic bait subreddit. It's not...?

It's not lol

Welcome to the drama filled world of Royal watching. Middle aged housewives and gay men ...and even lesbians surprisingly, who live for haute couture drama

There is also

Not as great as what the original subreddit was, the mods killed the original when it went private because suburban housewives got a 'lil bit racist. The closing of Royal gossip is how I discovered drama because I needed my drama fix.

Hell, even as a straight dude I'm so happy you shared this subreddit. I hate these two royal cunts so much so it's great to see I'm not the only one

Surprised Meghan didn't get shivved by the one blonde bimbo who was Harry's ex.

Such a great sub.

thx bby


Dear god I love how bitchy they all sound. I'll be taking notes, thanks


Allegedly the reason they went to the jubilee was for content. Neither has talent or skill (except Megz remarkable social climbing ability) so they gotta go back for Queen pics.

But it's from Blind Gossip so more than 50% probability it's made up.

>They are not producing the kind of content that justifies a big payday. They need help. They were pretty much ordered to go to [his family event] and get content.

>The one unique photo they absolutely need is of [Elderly Relative with Child]. Their trip is practically all about that one photo.

Yes blind gossip sucks but this other Twitter has broken Markle stories before


I don't follow Royals shit because I can't imagine anything more r-slurred, but are you telling me Meghan Markle is black? She looks Italian at best.

lightskin bitches when they go back to the block:


She's got a whole hoodrat extended family and everything

Harry deserves it for marrying an American yacht whore and basically just for listening to a woman at all.

This is the one that thinks the family's disdain for her is all about her race and nothing to do with her 'wanting to avoid the spotlight' (by which she means embarking on a series of dirt-dishing interviews starting with Oprah.) Less class than Posh Spice and I didn't know that was possible. Girl thinks that royal families just sit in palaces and polish their jewellery, she has no idea of the extent of their diplomatic and commercial connections. She might get 10 minutes of airtime in the next 10 years if she's lucky. Complete fucking idiot.