:#marseyscooter: While we're celebrating the bans of r/TumblrInAction and r/SocialJusticeInAction, let's take a look at the next subs on the chopping block - rDrama site banner
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While we're celebrating the bans of r/TumblrInAction and r/SocialJusticeInAction, let's take a look at the next subs on the chopping block

Seeing those two Nazi subreddits get banned has made this an amazing pride month! However, we anti-hate researchers and activists still have a lot more work to do. Here are the next subreddits we need to get shuttered.





































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The fact /r/4chan has not been gone gotted yet proves they have some protection. That place is 100x more obvious than TiA.

:marseyqueen: :marseyqueen: Long Live Queen Marsey :marseyqueen: :marseyqueen:

How the fuck is averageredditor still alive? That sub was ConsumeProduct tier

Itโ€™s really tame now.

/r/RedScarePod eventually

How is average redditor still around lol


just don't ban /r/rapekink because i be jerking off to that shit

Taking over/privating the original /r/rapehaven ruined my sex life for weeks because my gf stopped wanting noncon.

can't wait for stupidpol to get banned, then i won't have to keep making new reddit accounts every time they ban me for race realism.

Did they ban redscarepod yet?

Once stupidpol is banned and enough of them migrate to rsp it will be

maybe /r/guacamole_penis they have a few edgyposts once in a while :marseyshrug:

Just subscribed to every single sub on your list. Thanks king.

/r/greentext is to /r/4chan as srd was to drama

don't even joke about /r/4chan

Id love to see stupidpol go tbh

I would love to see you gag to death on a dildo

Thats very rude of you

Lets also talk about how we're going to keep those scum from coming here. Maybe a question at login that's like "where are you a refugee from?"

Just county club every post for a week post ban wave.

shocking that /r/4chan has escaped a ban until now, but I hope they don't ban it because the last thing that godforsaken site needs is another wave of newstrags.

I'd also put /r/stupidpol on the list, although I think they'd be the last on the list to get banned.

They banned /r/classic4chan, which was basically it's better cousin. /r/4chan is controlled by the usual train mods who quietly remove anything politically incorrect.

4chan is completely new cute twinkged since 2016. There are no more "oldstrags", except me hahah.

/r/4chan is for people too afraid to go on /b/, which really isnโ€™t saying much nowadays.

Yeah /r/4chan is pretty tame these days.

/r/4chan getting banned would probably make this site unbearable.

How many of their users do you think actually know about drama? I shitpost a lot on 4chins but only once have I seen someone mention rDrama, and they were talking about the sub not out off-site. And I've seen a lot of clear drama ops make their way onto 4chan and every single time anons swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker. If anyone else was aware of what was going on they were like me and just stayed quiet to keep this site from being swarmed. Now I imagine there's way less cross-over between /r/4chan and 4chan than one might think so I don't know how many /r/4chan redditors are aware of this site, or at least the sub.

AHS seems to be more obsessed with pcm so my guess is pcm.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track: https://vocaroo.com/1ch7DVALybPf


add /r/berserklejerk/, far too much fun is had there for nu-reddit


No idea what this is from but lol

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

>not knowing Berserk

Read it

>shit, i am cumming from my neck


I'm surprised /r/tucker_carlson hasn't been yalled yet. They often updoot unironic white ethnonationalism

It's crazy how different the comments are from the post titles, the posts are normal rightoid stuff but the comments are straight out of MDE.

It's been toned down quite a bit. It used to be for all practical purposes /r/antisemitism. Your average post would be Jew did a thing, followed by a flood of our veys, ((())), early life check, etc.


AHS (alt right parody of AHC)

They're definitely getting banned if there are more ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ threads, they've already been warned multiple times about it.

/r/Democrats because they'd be right of Hitler in Europe

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Uh Akshully, Bernie Sanders would be considered an extreme far right monarchist in Europe and wouldn't even be able to run for office

Actually true

>Hitler was more antitobacco than Biden

>Hitler hurt the 1% more than Biden

>Hitler was vegan

>had an official policy of cancelling interest on loans (not just student loans)

And he killed a lot of d*tch people

>was against usurious loans

I'm starting to think Hitler might have been an anti semite

Banning usurious loans hurts POC (People of Camaro) who otherwise couldn't live their lifestyle without 25.99% APR 84 month loans

And he also loved heckin pupperinos! :marseylove:

AND he killed hitler

Reddit tier "joke"


Wow this guy sounds awesome


If that place gets banned the rest of Reddit will suffer greatly.

That's why we need to get it banned

How could I forget the place where Nazis pretend to be leftists? Added.

You forgot the entire deuxrama ecosystem subs like loveforlandlords, loveforanimesexuals, loveforscalpers, etc. Oh, and you forgot KotakuInAction

/r/oomers fell with deux too. This is one of mine


Add kia idiots too

Thanks for reminding me. I recall that subreddit banning all talk of trans people, even trans positivity. How evil.

Reported by:


I see you're still not over your harassment save havens being taken away. Your kind is being wiped off the face of Reddit for good.


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It's not the longest snappy reply maybe, but it's on the list of the longest



Ive never heard of twittermoment sounds like a good sub