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Vegans are literally dying and having their organs removed because of some vegan delivery service

The USSRโ€™s two greatest mistakes: educating Ayn Rand and treating Solzhenitsynโ€™s cancer.

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lentil crumbles

do vegans really? how do those even get food poisoning its a god damn plant.

"It tis, it tis, a glorious thing to be a Major General"

they touched it with their grubby little vegan hands :marseydisgust:

Veganphobia, very disappointing mom.

I like lentils but I can't imagine paying to get a poverty food delivered, they deserve what they got

My cousin went vegan for a while and had to get his appendix removed because he kept eating raw spinach.

I've been vegan for over 7 years, zero issues other than being neurodivergent and 5'6"

brb going to eat a steak

How does that even follow from A to B. I've been eating raw spinach my whole life.

I stopped when I heard it can give you kidney stones. Shame because spinach and black pepper was my movie-night snack.

In all seriousness, you probably shouldn't, it contains oxalic acid when uncooked, that prevents your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals properly. At least wilt the leaves a little before shoving them in your mouth.



He's just a severely neurodivergent gymbro so I guess it has to do something with the gymshit he consumes

Is that a thing wtf

Apparently :marseyshrug:

Vegans don't have an immune system

How tf did raw spinach cause appendicitis?

People been eating spinach salad for how long now? Sounds like your brother met the wrath of Allah :marseysalat:

He took the Gorillapill and sadly couldn't achieve Silverback Status. Real ones know you need to graze on shoots and leaves, sleep in the trees, beat your chest to intimidate beta males, bodyhairmaxx and recline 24 hours per day to achieve Natty Gorilla Gainz

Kidney beans can kill you if you don't prepare them properly. Lentils though, I don't know.

I make my own lentil dishes, couldn't imagine paying some r-slurred meal delivery service for them.

Sounds like a toxic fungus infected the crop

p.s. everyone should read Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead


Since their heckin liver is heckin shuttin down its probably a fungal infection. Those can occur on legumes and they can be pretty fucking deadly, they produce some nasty carcinogens too.