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Burlingtonians sneed about racism, misogyny against WOPE (Women of Parking Enforcement) after cars ticketed while parking garage was closed following shooting - some suspect feral hogs are to blame


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A second shooting at the Marketplace Garage in Downtown Burlington this year left some people stranded without their vehicles early on Saturday morning — and stuck with parking tickets they don't think they deserve.

Robert Long, a St. Albans resident, was at the bars along Church Street until about 1 a.m. When he went back to get his car from the garage, he was told he wasn't allowed in because of a police investigation.

"He said something along the lines of 'think about seeing your car in the morning,'" Long said.

He left without his car and got another ride back home.

The meter on Long's car had expired during the time the garage was closed, and after the 40-minute trip back to Burlington later that day, he found two parking tickets on his windshield.

The tickets were time-stamped for 7:41 a.m. and 11:17 a.m. on Saturday.

The officer that Long had spoken to at the scene said to reach out if he were to get towed or ticketed, but that officer has yet to respond to his email. Long also reached out to parking enforcement, who also haven't answered.

"It's frustrating," Long said. "It's something I'm going to have to deal with even though I attempted to get my vehicle from the parking garage."

So what should residents who had to leave their vehicles in the parking garage overnight do if they feel they were wrongly ticketed?

NBC5 reached out to the city on Monday regarding the parking tickets. Public Works Director Chapin Spencer replied to our request since their department runs the garage:

"We will certainly void any parking tickets issued to people who were unable to get their car out [of] the garage in a timely manner due to this incident. We are reviewing tickets issued around this time period and anyone who feels they were unfairly ticketed as a result of the police investigation should contact Public Works or the City Attorney’s Office. The City apologizes to anyone inconvenienced by this investigation.”

Redditors sneed:

It was probably Nina, she will ticket delivery drivers for partially blocking a driveway while running a pizza up to the owner of the driveway.

She may be the single worst city employee behind Miro. Had her ticket me once outside my apartment 2 full minutes before the meter was even up. Then it took me nearly 3 months to fight the ticket even though IT LITERALLY SHOWED HER TICKETING ME EARLY with exact time stamps. Maybe I'm just bitter but she is terrible.

I once parked in a metered spot and saw her a few spots behind me, ticketing a car. I had time to kill so I loaded up on pocket change and walked up and down the blocks she was working on, depositing coins in meters that were expired or close to it. Ahhhh what a good feeling.

You're the hero we all need but don't deserve. Thank you for your service in the name of besting Nina

[-46 downsorens] The misogyny for working women in positions of authority in BTV is palpable.

Nina is not a good role model for young girls. She is an example of someone with a tiny bit of power being a bully and abusing that power. That is a sadly common human trait regardless of gender or culture.

"Robert Long, a St. Albans resident, was at the bars along Church Street until about 1 a.m. When he went back to get his car from the garage, he was told he wasn't allowed in because..." he was f*cking shithammered.

LOL.... This is classic Burlington. Sooooooo disconnected with absolutely no thought process to what/why they are doing things.

What would you suggest they do better? Seems like a phone call and quick void isn't terrible, and crime scenes are crime scenes. If a shooter was able to escape because they let people access their cars without investigation, we'd crucify them for that, so seems like they did it right?

Probably just not ticket right away. The appeal system isn’t difficult, but also not nearly as simple as a quick phone call.

Lots of Vermont dairy farmers hunting in that garage lately

I heard there have been sightings of thirty to fifty feral hogs in that garage.


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Bring me Queen Nina so that we may sire the next generation of metermaids the land over.

Nina is a bitch no cap she tried to ticket me while I was sitting in my schizocar trying to get their stupid app to work so I could pay for parking


She could smell the schizo emanating from you, she did the city a favor to try and teach you to stay away from the public

My schizo smells like cigarettes and coconut scented shampoo


Damn girl you better back that thing into my spot or I’m gonna give you a parking thicccet

Now watch this drive.



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It was not Nina. It was an idea of my colleagues and I :gigachadglow::gigachadglow::gigachadglow::gigachadglow:, we wanted to troll those civilian, so to speak :marseytroll: