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Most Homeless people are homeless for reasons they can change, but refuse to. - r/unpopularopinion

Jesus Christ. This isn’t an unpopular opinion it’s just an ignorant one.

It's just a weirdo using a sub to vent his petty issues

Like this isn't a opinion it's just a dude upset he tried to get cheap labor under the table and it bit him in the ass

weirdo posting his opinion on /r/unpopularopinion

This is an unpopular opinion because it's ignorant and flat out wrong.

your opinion is incorrect sweaty :soyjakanimeglasses:

Yeah? How many homeless people have you housed and or put to work only to be robbed and have your home destroyed??

Yeah honey how many have you? You said three earlier; there are thousands and thousands of homeless people, 3 do not speak for all of them.

you just haven't met the good ones chud

Most fat people are fat for reasons they can change, but refuse to.


This isn't an opinion yr just a POS


I like the lack of elaboration XD /lh

this!!! /lh /j /s

Wow you are complete bullshit.


Until you house homeless people and they rob you, stfu

Maybe don't house homeless people if your not a rehabilitation center eith actual help and a way tonrender necessary rehabilitation not just cash for work to save you some money


I thought redditors said all they needed was housing and they'd instantly do well once they got it

This sounds personal, if you're letting homeless people live with you and they betray you, it's your own fault.

:marseyhesright: imagine letting random addicts into your house and expecting things to go well

Same goes for poor and pretty much everyone else who cries. Poverty's a practice and a mindset, not a status.


Theoretically no one (at least in my country) has to be homeless. But there are homeless people, many of them. There are plenty of reasons for that, and often, it's not the fault of the homeless.

> I don’t have the energy to type out what has reaffirmed my belief (actually is proof!)

Translation: I have nothing to back this up, but trust me bro.

Actually, I hired them to do work. Payed for all supplies. They used my supplies to rebuild their trailer and ran out of flooring in the middle of my bedroom and kitchen. Destroyed plumbing and left mounds of trash in my yard

lol did OP hire random hobos to renovate his house :!marseylaugh::marseygigaretard:

In other words, you tried to get cheap renovations by hiring an unqualified person(probably paying under the table too) and are now upset that your shenanigans bit you in the ass.

Actually, I paid them very well. Fed them. Gave them clothes, household goods, even babysat the kid.

None of that makes them qualified to do the job you hired them to do.

And stealing building materials to fix their trailer, while shitty, sounds like the thing that may have been of the most help to them, which is what you were trying to do in the first place.

lol redditors justifying stealing

This is not a good answer, come on.

You help them by letting them rob you?

It might not have been seen as robbery. She's got a big pile of materials and is sharing stuff, you fix your urgent trailer needs, work on hers and realize you don't have enough. I've worked several jobs where taking stuff that's surplus to requirements is totally above board, and might even be part of the pay.

Some randos who don't know much about renovation could well think we have enough for everything, and then realize they didn't.

We are only getting one side of the story, after all.

they didn't know they were stealing bro

You’re right, this is an unpopular opinion because it is just flat out wrong. Sorry your personal experiences have given you such a bias towards people in need but most homeless people are victims of an environment that lets too many slip through the cracks. Still, this post follows the rules so here’s my upvote😜


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Redditors should teach the homeless to code.

This but unironically


Computers would be pretty useful to barter for heroin



>Be Schizocel

>Go to college to Learn To Code ™️

>Become hobocel

>Sleepmaxxx in school library

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>B average

True story

QED: The Science says it's possible



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I did smoke a lean blunt that semester which is the only time I have used schizoopiates

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