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CasualUK starts noticing the pride flag additions

Whole lot of noticing going on in the UK only somewhat decent sub.


Some personal favourites

The purple ring with a yellow background is the intersex flag and then it's a chevron of the trans colour.

I'm not even gonna pretend to care. It looks like they offer IT solutions.


The flag is absolutely ridiculous now. The whole point of the original rainbow flag was to include everyone under the LGBT spectrum. There’s no need to keep adding to it! I especially don’t understand the black & brown stripes. What has race got to to with sexual preference??


I'm yet to encounter a single person (online or offline) who doesn't hate that flag or think it looks ridiculous, but it keeps popping up at every Pride event.

Who's organising this stuff?

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I can't wait for the 2025 pride flag to drop



It's the flag of Titty Skittle!

queens' jubilee :marseyxd:


Honorable mentions also include “the queers jubilee”

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I can't tell if you're making fun of the word "Jubilee" or making fun of him for saying "queens'" instead of "queen's"

? I think his deliberate use of "queens'" was quite funny


Oooooooh :marseybrainlet:




It's such an unattractive vomit of colour. There's probably some symbolism there about something getting uglier the more you add to it

I just know I won't be happy until the trans racial, trans species, transabled and furries are added their own little spot.

Even jannies deserve to be happy.

Its called busy or too busy

The symbolism is clear - there are niche, unrelated groups slowly taking over the LGBT community.

It should have stayed LGB


It’s so fucking ugly, the aesthetics alone should cause enough backlash for them to make changes. The only option is to go back to the original rainbow because any attempt at a real redesign would be plagued by inclusion police.

DM ME FOR A GOOD TIME :marseyhomofascist:

going back

Holy shit do you actually think that's possible? Trains would instantly claim genocide and probably actually start killing themselves if they took their super special status off the flag

Pffftttt the new pride flag is barely inclusive at all - here's what I've been flying proudly because TRANS LIVES MATTER chud.


Laineyball is one of /pol/s few great contributions to art


What the fuck is that thing?

The future liberals want.

Wow maybe I am a liberal

It looks like they offer IT solutions.


How long until the rainbow can't even be seen on the pride flag? And can we help it get to that point?

I'm disappointed they removed our ukraine addition

NuPride flag looks like dazzle camo

On the battlefield, the enemy blinds themselves to avoid having to look at it.

/r/casualuk is UK normie central. More like a Facebook group than a Reddit board.

What you’re seeing here is hyper-progressive and terminally-online Redditcels rubbing up against what actual normal people think of woke intersectional claptrap, and it’s wonderful.

its generally an actually tolerable sub. Heavily enforced no politics talk has saved it from turning out like the others

:marseyqueen: :marseyqueen: Long Live Queen Marsey :marseyqueen: :marseyqueen:

good study group

Where is the MAP line? I don't see it.



Found this mod censored comment which actually sheds light on why the rainbow just wasn't enough anymore:

The rainbow has been hijacked by the cis female lesbian/bi community who’d rather it was just ‘LB’. Not G and definitely no T.

Trans and non binary people in particular did not feel represented by it. When I see just the rainbow flag now I automatically think ‘TERF’.

Even jannies deserve to be happy.

I have it on good authority that this means "Muslims stay out"

i was for gay marriage but if i had known how cute twinkgy everything was gonna get i would have been against it

Fucking bigot flag doesn't even include agender or 2 spirit ppls.


I'm all for pride month, but geez, as a bi man, that flag is getting uglier by the year.

The rainbow looked good and included everyone already, but now it's just weird looking and pointing attention at ceratin groups more then others.


Yeah we can read the subtext chud. We know you're racist scum and are trying to hide that idea behind what you think of the flag itself.

Some are even less opaque about it:

[−]vegemar4 points13 hours ago

Are LGBT circles especially racist compared to wider society?

From an aesthetic standpoint, the black and the brown are incredibly ugly colours to add.

+4 as well! :marseymad:

Even jannies deserve to be happy.

0/10 not even with Ukraine