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Texas at #1

Might it all just be Steve..? :marseyhmmm:


It's all streaming to his goon cave (that's in his Repuglican parents' garage :marseysmug2:)

The search terms are just a single word. So people searching "transgender law" get clocked as train porn lovers

brilliant science

It also doesn’t provide any evidence about what groups are actually searching these things. All it shows is loose correlation to republican states, which means fuck all

Yeah the raw data doesn't say much either:

All search volume data came from Google trends. Daily hourly trends data by DMA (Metro Area) was collected from June 1, 2022 to June 19, 2022. Because the data was pulled by hour, aggregate values will likely not match what you see on because the web interface shows daily (not hourly) totals. Hourly data was acquired programmatically using PyTrends for each day in the range. It should be noted that data from Google Trends is on a 1-100 “popularity score” scale which is a comparative score of all 200+ DMAs for which Google Trends provides data. The values in the dataset reflect aggregations of this popularity score, not raw search counts (which Google does not provide).

Post got jannied already



The terms are considered slurs so no leftist would search them and the only one that questionably isn’t (femboy) has a zero correlation map and isn’t even trans!


rightoids love to watch train porn

i mean, who doesn't?

The country is healing

Drumpf is finished

I only watch lesbian porn so im not adding to this statistic.

I only jack off while browsing rdrama, it's the same as watching two r-slurs fuck.

Lesbian porn is the gateway drug to becoming a train. :marseyeggirl:

No thats being an incel



Most transwomen seem to be lesbians :marseythinkorino:


Much to think about!

>the meme about rightiods secretly liking femboys has been proven with data


femboys ≠ 🚂🚃🚃s

Yes but it was specifically mentioned in the post

Of course republicans are gay. How else would all those bucks get broken?

There is so much wrong with this methodology but it makes rightoids look bad so I’m not questioning it



By that logic wouldn't the Left's ideal fetish be Stormfront from The Boys?

Yea probably


I have a counter theory:

They are searching for the non approved trans names: Shemale, 🚂🚃🚃, femboy, etc.

If you redo this study for "trans porn" I'm 100% sure the results will be different.

Any true dramanaut rightoid should say “okay, and?”