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Niche drama in the recreation of a 10 year old videogame - World of Warcraft WotLK Classic

Blizzard has been hard at work de-:chudsey:-iffying all of their games. This is solely to distance themselves from the decades of sexual harassment and the resulting lawsuits. From replacing scandalous paintings :marseyohno: with paintings of fruit bowls, to the addition of a incubus so warlocks wouldn't be forced to use a succubus. They even renamed "The Knicker" to "Blackrock Slicer" :marseywtf2:

They've just launched the beta for WotLK Classic and renamed the ability "Every man for themselves" to "Will to Survive". While this does seem like a perfect example of virtue signaling from a company desperate to distance themselves from a history of sexual harassment, redditers can't help but make smug posts and comments about it. OP had the :!marseybigbrain: idea to crypost about people crying about a name change. Lots of I AM SILLY vibes

Thought "every man for himself" was a saying, didn't think it meant literally "man" as in only guys

it never meant as only guys in ANY language. its just fake virtue signalling as always

Virtue signaling in a game that is predominant played by guys with fragile egos such as yourself.

This guy is unironically right even if he doesn't know it.

Instead of virtue signaling with changes like these Blizzard should try not to sexually harass their employees.

Found the guy who didn't read the right text..


Redditers will flipflop between hating blizzard for not standing up to China, and threatening to quit and :!marseysoypoint: over their next shitty video game.

But... but OP that's basically what you're doing..

Or he’s using it as bait for all the other people. As seen by the comments.


I am someone as far left as you could possibly be, and this change honestly just pisses me off. The fruit and incubus too. It's such transparent corporate pandering and what the term virtue signalling was made for, just a shame it's been taken over by right wing idiots, because this is exactly what Blizzard is doing. Like, oh thank you so much Blizzard, this really makes everyone forget about all the sexual assaults and suicides. Good for youuuuuuuuu!

It was a cool fucking name, just stop abusing your employees.

Lots of sneed in this chain :marseyagree:

Ah yes, true diversity. Great job, Blizzard. Pls congratulate yourselves on this great example of inclusivity /s


This same guy who loves Woosh posting

That would be hypocrisy, not irony.

Irony means you're saying something the opposite of the intended meaning on purpose. Like for example if you get a speeding ticket and you're angry as fuck and you say "Thank you Officer."

Long chain of people arguing if it's ironic or hypocritical.

This is only 4 hours old, so it is still ongoing. You need an account 30 days or older to comment if you want to participate :marseywave:

Jump in the discussion.

No email address required.

People still pay for WoW?



:marseyimmortanjoe: :marseywarboy:

:marseytruck: :marseymaxrockatansky: :marseyfuriosa:

I'm excited to relive my college days playing Wrath again. Hopefully I don't fail all my classes again in order to kill Algalon the Observer. His name is quite close to the noticer.

I'm gonna ooobserve!

He should have been called down to observe blizzard long ago!

the noticer

:marseyjones: Azeroth, as a planet, is corrupted and the Titans WILL check in and order it to be destroyed when they're done with the diagnosis we HAVE to get into the prison of the God of Death (the current one at least) it's the only way WON'T YOU FIGHT FOR YOUR LIVES

Azeroth, as a planet

Isn't Azeroth a titan?

iirc the planet is a titan egg or something because blizzard lore is generally r-slurred

Nonsense nu-lore Joe, but I'll take it, it's interesting. They REALLY don't want us to know this. :marseyjones:

Lol just go to a private server


:marseyimmortanjoe: :marseywarboy:

:marseytruck: :marseymaxrockatansky: :marseyfuriosa:

The only private server I enjoyed that wasn't liittered with spam and bots was shutdown by blizzard lol. So I'll give them 30 bucks to play for a couple months until I realize I'm so far behind because I'm old and have no time to play.

Tldr it’s not worth it unless you just wanna level on release

I played vanilla classic pretty hard and had a lot of fun leveling, making friends along the way, progression raiding in a casual guild. Got most of the t3 set. By the time tbc came out though it was a different game. Everything, and I mean everything, is min maxed to unfun levels. After grinding straight dungeons to 70, the end game consists of waiting an hour to find a heroic just to be told my gear sucks, even though I’m in t3 and there’s no upgrades in normal, or one wipe and everyone leaves. Tried pugging raids and even Kara is too hard for these absolute r-slurs. Got in a very casual guild by luck and still get benched for the sweat lord priest autist who is an alt for a sunwell raider. It’s really just not fun anymore because the people left playing treat it like a job or take it so seriously. I don’t see wotlk being any different, if anything it’ll be worse after the initial hype

oh also I've had to hop servers 4 times because if the mega guilds see there's more than a 1% difference in faction balance they leave and every tryhard leaves with them leaving the server in a death spiral

Nerds ruin everything. No lifting a twenty year old game is being pathetic

not supervising the the noticer was trying to blow up azeroth so its users would touch grass



Last time I played was on the original WotLK.

Do Blizzard not even bother developing content anymore? Or just outsource model and texture upgrades to third-world sweatshops and re-release decade old games?

This is the model in every “creative” industry now

>Do Blizzard not even bother developing content anymore?

Eh, it's still content, I guess. Their new expansions are dogshit. They had a well-liked expansion back in 2016 or so after two mediocre expansions, but that was about it for WoW.

The most recent one from a couple years back was unironically good at the start. But they didn't bother releasing any updates for it for the longest time. If they came out with updates like 50% faster it would've been okay but instead they blamed COVID (as if they were somehow incapable of hiring more people) for two years straight.

>as if they were somehow incapable of hiring more people

Take it easy, they're just a multi dollar company

They release grind fest, shitty stories expansions now. The raids can be solid but the daily timegated bullshit is worse than ever.

daily timegated bullshit

The daily/weekly timegated bullshit is unironically why I quit for good. It's so annoying.

M+ would have been really good if they didn't put all the good stuff behind a weekly lootbox lol

  1. Playing video games with other people defeats the point of video games

  2. Subscription services for a video game is :marseymerchant: cuckoldry.

Example 1, a dude started an online stationary/crafting store. After a few years he switched to a subscription service where you receive a monthly set of products, and then you can buy other stuff on top of that. He lost 50% of customers yet profits skyrocketed.

Example 2, RC Willey doesn't want to sell you furniture, it wants to give you free furniture and sell you loans.

You can't have a F2P model in an MMO. It will just turn into a fuckton of bots.

Buy once, play online forever, like they did with StarCraft 1 and WC 1+2

What are botters going to sell in SC1 or Warcraft? Almost all botters exist to farm currency to sell on third-party sites.

I remember when video games were good and fun

old + g*mer + ratio + cope

thank you and yes I will

it depends on the scope of the MMO. If GW2 had been F2P I think it still would have worked

Any moderately popular F2P MMO will gauranteed have to deal with tons of bots. These aren't just individuals botting. There are companies that have infrastructure set up to cycle and run tons of bots. There's an entire business model behind third-party selling of MMO currencies. This goes for other multiplayer games with in-game currency, e.g. Diablo. It would be very interesting if it weren't such a pain in the ass.

When I was 19 I used to go to Wendy’s on raid night and get a baconator and some fries around midnight.

Now they im 30 and married I don’t want to do that… if you raid WoW is good, if you don’t it’s in the shitter

Sofo is shit

When will they ban gn*mes?



In a next patch for real, instead of picking sex on character creation, you instead pick nothing and watch Thrall have sweaty buttsex with a gnome who looks like Ru Paul mixed with Warwick Davis in a 30 minute cutscene explaining the world of Warcraft will not tolerate racism.

I would legit watch that on repeat lmao. You should apply to be their diversity director.

these people really paying this much to play a grinding simulator from 2008 in 2022


shortest leftie meme, unironically

I remember thinking WoW had already passed its prime when WotLK came out.

I liked Pandaria and Wrath, but admittedly after I killed LK in Wrath I was kinda done with the game

Blizzard and their remaining fans should be put out of their misery.







Classic was the time from when I stared until the time I quit playing, obviously

Anyone who still plays classic after classic tbc gets what they fluffing deserve. Couldn't be me


Haven't bothered with WoW in a while but if you just check out the two subs you'll find a similar thread literally any time blizzard does something.

Blizzard bad for hurting women but good for making game more inclusive. Me not know how to feel?


kill all g*mers

recreation of a 10 year old videogame

Just this sentence warns the reader that this contains abnormally high levels of concentrated autism, of course there will be drama involved on it! :marseyxd:

Dont ask questions just consume product