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:marseybooba: White Woman rejects Buck Broken King

tbh I think this guy probably just made this conversation up for attention like ya boy Smollet, lol

You’re a man wearing makeup. What do you expect?

For people like you to keep your trash opinions in your trash minds.

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For people like you to keep your trash opinions in your trash minds.


Another zinger for the ages. haha trash opinions in your trash minds. haha lmao. lol.

ar slash murdered by words!


It's probably real, ugly old women and basically all men filled with resentment when using dating sites. Apt to lash out. Homophobia is coded "political" for most but when you viscerally feel most men don't want to fuck you, it morphs into vague existential threat. I remember reading "is my husband gay?" like the #1 search term on Google, and the husband probably isn't gay, you just look like an average American 42 year old (unfuckable.)


Were humans meant to live past 50 bros? What’s the upside?


Also why did elfbinn go so hard with Christmas Marseys?




And she didn’t change names till summer


Men were

Wrong use of "apt" nigguh

lmao he does look like a twink or enby





:marseyexcited: Have you tried any type of self-improvement or NOT coming off like a whiney, self-obsessed, needy twink?


>Give me advice

>No! Not advice that would work!

And he is sure he isn't trans?

Blackstreet Boys :marseylove:

Lol please help me change the outcomes of things without changing the inputs in any way

What a r-slur

He's way out of that foids league even if he is gay

He looks fine. Fuck these hoes a brother should learn to stick (it) to brothers.


His body frame is too big to be a cute twink.

No, thanks! :!marseyno:

I mean, "help me find people who are into weird freaks" seems like good problem solving if you're a weird freak :marseyshrug:

Slow zoomed in pans on this image set to the gigachad meme

Bro what the fuck you look incredible. Like, borderline supernatural.

Who fucking talks like this?

...borderline supernatural

Careful there bro I think you gettin ready to suck his dick.

i mean i'd suck his dick


Probably tastes like moisturizer and glitter.


Like a foid?


I pray I go to the grave never knowing.

He probably wont let you

It’s how redditors talk about black people.

Why is he matching with her? :marseypuke:



i am a white woman so I must post Ls

And that's the BEST picture she could produce :marseypuke:

:marseyceiling: :marseyceiling: Are the white wom*n extinct yet?! :marseyceiling: :marseyceiling:

:!marseyextinction: :marseyextinction:




Goddamn Snappy.

I’m pretty sure that last line is fake as shit, lol. Despite claiming this dude is smooth, you know this limp twink was crying all night over the makeup line alone, lol.

because a 30-years-of-rural-poverty looking white foid called him a cute twink?

Oh sweaty, you have no idea how fragile twinks are behind all that sass, do you?

lmao he does look like a twink or enby



Too fat to be a twink

Doesn’t look like something Bethany would write and way too on the nose of what this broke buck has been complaining about on Reddit.

“Men should be masculine”

this should ruffle some feathers on rTinder

but maybe something a little more controversial to really drill my point home

“Go keep yourself safe you fucking cute twink, I’ll drag you behind my truck that I drive because I’m a white w*man named Bethany. Oh and by the way, here’s a slave auction poster in Times New Roman to remind you of your place in the world. Also Jan 6th was just a tourist visit”

perfect. Time for some updoots

She know that I’m lying but the cash real

Are dating apps just filled with these kind of cute twinks?

:marseyyass: I stan a queen

That bitch is prime basketball dating material, he must have been crushed

He's a good looking guy, and his makeup is fine. The real problem is that ridiculous haircut. Zoomers have the worst taste in hair. :marseyzoomer:

That said, I'd love to tear his bussy in half while shaving his head Full Metal Jacket style. Since it's clearly only a matter of time 'til he realizes he's not a straggot and never has been. :marseyhomofascist:

It says right there he's pansexual, I don't think he needs convincing

"Pansexual" is something straight people call themselves when they're pretending to be bi in an effort to seem more interesting. But in this case, he's gay, thinks he's straight, and is pretending to be bi. :marseybigbrain:

Because God forbid Zoomers have the self-awareness necessary to realize what they want, and the balls to say it when they do. :marseysigh: