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Stav announces he’s leaving Cumtown, show is actually ending (question mark)

Stav just tweeted

Commies discuss

Also discussing the last show yesterday

I have no idea if it’s true, waiting for poltifact to post about it

I don’t listen mostly because to Stav being an annoying joke and just listen to Highlights of Nick talking about movies so I’m happy he will be detached from those dead weights if it’s true.

Edit: Apparently Nick has been doing the show with Adam recently.

I listened to 15min of the latest show and it’s actually listenable. I wonder what’s changed….

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Can someone sum up what cumtown is all about for me?


"it's a podcast about being gay with your dad"


The more correct description of CoomTown is "what if X was gay and r-slurred?"

It's a podcast about one (funny) degenerate manlet riffing with himself, while a fat hyena and silent Jewish stereotype sit next to him and make zero jokes

Cumtown is for people who like to listen to a podcast about sex, relationships, and other topics that may be considered taboo. It's also for people who like to hear two guys talk about their dicks a lot.

Thank you. That does not sound funny. Dick jokes are as funny as period jokes.

I'm sorry you don't have a sense of humor.

Thanks, king :marseykneel:

Don't thank me, thank yourself. If it weren't for you sucking up to me, you'd be nothing.

:#marseynotes: Fascinating!

Thank you for your interest.

It's Chapo with less testosterone deficiency.

I never bothered finding out what exactly chapo was all about. I just know that their subreddit was filled with crybabies and that the hosts hated them. What's the gist of that show?

It's angsty and edgy commies discussing politics and current events. But, to be fair, they are funnier than libs.

They are honestly pretty funny for the fact they're wrong on everything, especially Felix

It's basically like Howard Stern, Nick is Howard, Stav is Robin/Artie (laughing a lot and fat and pretty funny,) and they are cruel to Adam like Bababooey or Scott the Engineer.