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Chris setting Supreme Court transgender incest precedent would be a mesmerizing supernova for a drama star that has burnt so bright

The legal definition of 🚂 is about to become Chris Chan.

People not 100% convinced we live in the Meme Timeline, where you at?

And @carpathianflorist thought that this event was gonna be the end of cwc drama. Clearly, this could be a new golden age

It won’t go to the Supreme Court. Either his gender identity is already accepted by the state and there’s no incest charge, or it isn’t and there is an incest charge. It’s not the SC’s decision there, they have no involvement. And they’re a judicial, not legislative body - they don’t make laws, they rule on existing ones. In the end, any relevant charges will be related elder abuse and/or sexual assault, rather than incest.

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

Since Chris legally changed his last name, it would be Sonichu v. Virginia.

The world is full of wonder sometimes.

Chris is right we've definitely into some sort of extra r-slurred timeline

So theoretically, a landmark trains-rights case which will draw mainstream attention and thinkpieces. Involving the internet's biggest lolcow who also has the last 10 years of their life well documented on the internet and raped their dementia alficted mother. This sounds too good to be true.

It's moot because they generally don't charge anyone with incest after they've killed themselves.

I don’t think he’s capable of the requisite self-awareness needed to be ashamed enough to kill himself.

If Chris hasn't committed suicide yet, he never will.


If this happens, this website needs to shut down.

There's no point in continuing after something that dramatic, it will never be topped.

If the court rules against him, it might be appealed to the federal level, where it will set a legal precedent for all 50 states.

This is our Faces of Atheism.

If this actually happens no matter what they decide it will be good for drama coin.

10 years ago I never would've imagined that Chris-Chan would still be a thing, let alone something this fucked up. what the fuck...

Kids today will never feel the pathetic pride of knowing that they were there when this christorical saga began.

I felt late to the party because I found Chris just before Bob died.

Bob died 10 years ago.

The actual law if anyone is interested

if i'm reading this correctly, only men can be guilty of incest? seems they explicitly removed any references to "she/her" in a 2020 update to the incest clause. i dunno if that his is gender neutral, or now specifically only males can be guilty of incest, but i suspect that it's not gender neutral.

guess they weren't considering the feminine penis.

there's a chance this could be breaching the equal protection clause, which is what they used to overrule interracial marriage bans.

wow, i'll be buying up some dramacoin for sure, this could get interesting.

This is why we make fun of Dixiecels. Even in 2020, they're writing laws allowing them to fuck cousins.

fun guesstimation: it is likely that most marriages in human history (as high as 80%) were between 2nd/1st cousins.

I read "any person" and thought it was on a good start but they kept using "his".

it very likely could be gender neutral, i looked at more uses of 'his' or 'him' and it seems to be used neutrally, throughout the law. it looks like the law used to be gendered and then they recently changed it.

this could entirely be fake news.

not as good for dramacoin, unfortunately.

13 years Chris was just a bizarre, amusing character, and it's turned into genuine horror within a day

within a day

no it’s been horror for a while.

Is this the first case of troid fucking their mother?

If he's the first, then he might go into the legal history books.

Many such cases!

pinkname lives matter

Reality was indeed broken when Trump came down the escalator.

To think it started so innocently

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Virginia's incest statute doesn't apply to mother/daughter incest

What website is this a screenshot of?