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Yeah, I'm r-slurred. Why aren't you?


>why aren't you?

Because you can't live vicariously through your fever-pitch internet dream self forever. :marseymonk:

Well, not for very long, anyway.


It’s catching up w me :doomerfront:

Why not?

  • work from home

  • grocery delivery

  • VR Headset

  • nicolas flamel's wacky rock










Im totally jumpilled and jumpmaxxing right now.

"So still the scene,It must have beenThe sighing of the breeze."

Then jump allready british pig.


Me a cliffcel walking home after jumpchads stole all the pussy.



Cliffcels in absolute shambles

Cliffcels are seething because they're low-T, unlike big-dick Jumpchads.

Yeah respect our culture and learn our language bigot, its not that hard.

>User ID over 500


>only riiight above my user ID is OVER

Exactly what an over-425-cel would say

10k cope

If I wasn't r-slurred and forgot the password I'd have an account under half of yours

The biggest issue is that I don't care :marseyagree:

Same here and based

I forgot about it because I avoided/forgot about the site for a while to scope if this was all a grand ruse/data-leaking prank (so far it has not)


Idk what that means nor do I care, I was milking lolcows since like 2015, strong by 16

The average dramatard is nothing more than a lowdown snivelling conformist, concerned about appearance than all else, entirely agreeable to whichever argument you frame a post, fearful of becoming a pariah and far from the rebels and estoric upstarts they consider themselves to be, the dramatard is really quite a boring creature

You're right I totally agree with you :marseyexcited:

We must all let go of the meme self.




:quote: marsey :quote:

>Cliffcels will deny this :marseylaugh:

3rd repost

Wait a minute, you're telling @Awoo you don't reevaluate you're entire moral code everytime someone puts a gigachad over the opposing viewpoints? Corevaluecels are cringe. Trans lives matter.


Cliffcel, Jumpchad, it's all the same to Hillgma Males like me.

JUMPbros……..not like this…..

Reminds me of the time I planned to write a bot that replied to any /r/drama thread with It's over for [random word of the title]-cels.

I like your sig:marseywave2:

Jumpcels can't into standmaxxing


society 😔

Jumpmaxxers on their way to legmaxxing while steroidmaxxing to dunk on cliffcels that are depresemaxxing