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Agree and if redditors fall for this with some of those usernames, they are even more r-slurred than I thought. You have to use names a coomer consoomer would think of like MegatronsPrincess or I_uwu_for_Funko_Pops

I make chuddy observations so you don't have to :!marseyyes:

This comment aged beautifully. We were so wrong lmao


Trans lives matter.

:#marseytrain: :#marseytrain: :#marseytrain:

We were? :marseyconfused:

Before I edited it to the beautiful image above, my comment was saying that this wouldn't work because people were posting the most obvious shit with usernames like tariqnasneed and bussyblaster420. The reply is also complaining about obvious bait and thinking this would flop, but eight months later it's still paying dividends

Ah ok, that makes sense :marseyreading:



I make chuddy observations so you don't have to :!marseyyes:


Lmao my sides