Protest against Literal Sith Lord Canned because America is Transphobic

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Antifa super soldiers will only show up to fight fascism if fascism is represented by one decrepit, lonesome old man who says that penis = man. Any more people and they flee.



Any more people and they flee.

Nonsense. There've been large scale "battles" between Antifa Supa Soldiers and Meal Team Six many times before.

It all depends on the city/state. Are the cops/prosecutors more likely to beat up or change your team or the other team? Will someone get charged if you hit him and he shoots you back as self defense?

Washington is a mutual combat state so it's really the perfect venue for all those r-slurs to fight to the death.

I keep lollin at Meal Team Six



The old man fought in Vietnam. So he could take out about 20 antifa cute twinks.

I wonder if he had personal experience with chicks and dicks during R&R in Thailand?

Could he really call himself a Vietnam war veteran if not?

Itd be like going to Italy with out trying their wine

How? Vietnam veterans are probably the biggest losers on the planet.


Drafted into a war they had no business fighting and then lose. Vietnam vets are the ultimate cucks.

The funny thing about Vietnam (besides the general hilariousness) was that the US has basically won in 1968, as Wikipedia (not known for its imperialist sympathies) puts it:

Critical "failures to convey" occurred. During the 1968 Tet Offensive, the North Vietnamese government erred in its certainty that widespread assaults would trigger a supportive uprising of the population. People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and Viet Cong (VC) troops throughout the South attacked in force for the first time in the war; over the course of the offensive, 50,000 of these troops were killed (by Army of the Republic of Vietnam and American troops).[3] The Viet Cong would never again fight effectively as a cohesive force. These reversals on the battlefield failed to register on the American home front, as shocking photos and television imagery, along with critical appraisals by influential commentators like CBS television anchor Walter Cronkite, undermined the U.S. position that the Tet Offensive was a failure.

And so instead of finishing the job the US rapidly withdrew all its ground forces, and even then it took the North more than five years to recover and destroy the demoralized South. The US army was victorious on the battlefield but defeated by domestic journ*lists.

Many such cases by the way, even more strikingly a decade before French army completely crushed Algerian separatists only for public discontent stoked by the usual suspects to force the government to go and grant Algeria independence, forcing about a million of French-Algerians to flee for their lives. The pen is in fact mightier that the sword and it's not a good thing at all considering the kind of scum that wields the former.

The irony of Walter Cronkite being repeatedly called the golden standard of reporting is that he just outright lied about the Tet Offensive and is almost single handily responsible for the change in public opinion of the war. The US could have easily won but public support soured so quickly that the government decided fuck it and just left the south to be slaughtered.

"Journos were always like this" is the biggest blackpill. At this point I'm like 80% sure Nixon did nothing wrong

It really is. No one working for a large news corporation gives a shit about honest reporting or doing anything other than making themselves a hero and the center of their story, and everyone working for an independent company just wants to make it large enough that they can sell it to a corporation. journ*lists shouldnt even be identifiable.

Look at the shit they used to say in journals to sway public opinion like 100-150 years ago, especially during elections. Journos have always been IRL agendaposters, and always will be.

>golden standard of reporting

>outright lied

If it's intentional, is it ironic?

South Vietnam was a corrupt shithole and there was no way the US was ever going to invade North Vietnam, meaning that all Hanoi had to do was continue applying insurgent pressure and let the Soviets and Chinese flood the country with materiel.

It doesn't matter that Tet had exhausted the VC without accomplishing their overarching strategic objectives. The North just needed to play the long game until the South Vietnamese government collapsed in on itself. It is impossible to beat an insurgency while it is being actively aided supplied by an outside power.

The US lost because the South Vietnam government was a horribly corrupt basket case while the US could never actually eliminate the outside power(s) funding the VC. Sound familiar?

No, it doesn't sound familiar, because in Afghanistan or Iraq or whatever the insurgent pressure means that the US and its puppet regime sort of controls all major cities, but now and then insurgents emerge from the mountains or desert or jungle or favelas and blow shit up.

The Vietnam situation was fundamentally different, because North Vietnam remained an uninvaded country, fully in control of all its territory, cities, and production centers, and frantically rebuilding its army that its deranged commie leaders just almost completely wasted (two more times after the Tet offensive) because their ideology didn't allow for the possibility that South Vietnam proles would not rise up. The fact that they resorted to guerilla tactics shows that they had no army left!

And you don't get to say that oh well, guerilla tactics are hard to fight against, if you still had that whole country up north that you're at war with and that has no army and that you can just roll into with your tanks and air support and take over. You're not losing against insurgents in your country, you're not even trying to win the war with the country that attacks you that way! Is it possible that after soundly defeating North Vietnam, South Vietnam would still struggle against insurgents? I don't know, did the North struggle against insurgents after taking over the South? Seemingly not, so maybe it was worth a try in the other direction?

there was no way the US was ever going to invade North Vietnam

Yes, that's the problem. North Vietnam had no problems whatsoever with invading South Vietnam, but the other important event of the 1968 (besides South Vietnam utterly thrashing invading Northern forces until they had no real army) was the US presidential election and the surrounding fake news bullshit, so yes, instead ending the war by Christmas the US snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by deciding that no, helping the South Vietnam reunite the country is kicking the underdog and so they stalled and hoped for a two-state solution of sorts apparently and then abandoned South Vietnam entirely. All this distributedly orchestrated by commie-sympathizing journ*lists.

Why exactly do you think that there was no way the US was ever going to invade North Vietnam, but the opposite happened as a matter of course? I'm honestly interested in your rationalizations, as an amateur anthropologist.

  1. Yes, media coverage was ultimately what turned the American public against the war in 1968.

  2. The outside power supporting the Taliban was the Pakistan ISI. They literally sheltered OBL, lol. They let Taliban leadership hop back and forth across the border to coordinate Taliban insurgents in the Kandahar region. They supplies intelligence and materiel to the Taliban. And the US couldn't do fuckall about it because we ruined our chance of basing operations out of Uzbekistan and had to resort to Pakistan. The US-Pakistan history during this time period is both fascinating and frustrating.

Why exactly do you think that there was no way the US was ever going to invade North Vietnam

Avoiding a repeat of Korea. The PRC made it very clear that attempts to invade North Vietnam would be met with the same resistance as in Korea, and they did not fuck around back then. They were incredibly paranoid allowing any rival power any more military buildup along their borders. The PRC did not like North Vietnam, but they overwhelmingly preferred a Vietnamese regime friendly to the USSR rather than the US.

Of course, as the Sino-Soviet split deepened after US withdrawal the PRC changed course and eventually invaded Vietnam itself b/c of the latter's relationship with the USSR. Breschnev Doctrine and the crushing of the Prague Spring convinced the PRC leadership that the USSR had imperial ambitions. This is around the time the PRC started viewing the USSR as a larger threat to China than the US, which would culminate years later with the development of US-China relations.

Also keep in mind that there were Soviet "advisors" in North Vietnam and that the PRC had nuclear weapons by this point. The stakes of invading North Vietnam would have been huge.

This is a huge topic that spans one of the most complex web of interstate relationships of the Cold War.

Also keep in mind that there were Soviet "advisors" in North Vietnam and that the PRC had nuclear weapons by this point. The stakes of invading North Vietnam would have been huge.

But the US had thermonuclear weapons by this point, and yet nobody blinked an eye when the North just went and rolled through the South with no fear whatsoever, and no annoying guerillas afterwards by the way.

Look, look at it, the things you accept as givens unquestioningly are actually very weird. They are very asymmetric for some unexplained reason!

And if you doubt the narrative for just a second, trying to accommodate the givens, it can rearrange into a much more sensible explanation wherein the Vietnam War was about the State Department fighting against the US Army and winning decisively. The Army's loss took half a decade to materialize out there in the lands of the heathens of course but it was entirely inevitable.

yet nobody blinked an eye when the North just went and rolled through the South with no fear whatsoever

The loss of South Vietnam was not an existential issue for the US. The loss of North Vietnam was an existential issue for the PRC for the same reason that the loss of North Korea would have been.

and no annoying guerillas afterwards by the way

It's almost as if Marxist-Leninist organizations historically excel at political purges. Furthermore, North Vietnam had set up and operated an insurgency in South Vietnam for two decades. The South had nothing of the sort prepared, which means that the VC paramilitary had free reign to identify and execute political dissidents and collaborators in the South when the NVA rolled over the border. Hell, they had already identified most of these people years prior. It was just a matter of compiling the lists and scratching off names.

Look, look at it, the things you accept as givens unquestioningly are actually very weird.

Accept as givens? The Vietnam war took place half a century ago. We have a ton of facts now with which to observe the Vietnam War. I'm just providing you with the overwhelming historical consensus.

They are very asymmetric for some unexplained reason!

There's a reason they call it assymmetric warfare.

it can rearrange into a much more sensible explanation wherein the Vietnam War was about the State Department fighting against the US Army and winning decisively.

A much more sensible explanation that entirely excludes the actual country of Vietnam in its reasoning? Lol. Taking such an obscenely Amerocentric, reductionist view doesn't strike me as sensible at all.

That's true about South Vietnam losing the country after the US pulled out. But the US bombing the absolute shit out of the North in the 70's during OP Rolling Thunder pretty much forced the North into signing the Paris Peace Accords. Every piece of infrastructure the north had was bombed into the stone age.

In the end nothing really mattered because communist Vietnam became the new corrupt RVN and now there are McDonalds and KFC all over the country.

I believe you're thinking of OP Linebacker 1 and 2. Anyway, the US also lost a shitton of aircraft. This was before Top Gun when naval aviation and the USAF got its shit together. South Vietnam and the US also expended an extraordinary amount of resources on these two operations. I doubt this was sustainable because the clear goal was to force North Vietnam to the negotiating table.

My overall point, however, is that the North Vietnamese had all the time on their side because the US would never actually invade North Vietnam.

On a final note, air ordinance at the time was nowhere near as lethal as modern air ordnance. The bombings were clumsy in comparison.

Yeah, that's why Great Leaders sack the parliament, setup their own Junta, and nationalize mass media. Makes things much easier.

Journos are to blame, but the US Congress did cut off funding to their puppet state during '73 or '74. They could've used riders to keep it going. The DoD also could've shuffled funds to keep that regime afloat for longer, but the ARVN were kinda useless.

The fucking dumbasrats liebrals let this mess go on. Fucking scumbags!!!!

Demonrats! 五

They're good at committing war crimes. All he needs is some heroin or weed (the shit they smoked in Nam) and non stop playing of Fortunate Son and he's ready to go.

"We can't safely bully an old man because we picked a day when most people have off from work. The next bully and vandalize event will be a mid afternoon weekday. Our bad."

As long as this fact doesn't stop the rightoids from seething about a few r-slurs in ski masks, I'm okay with them being pussies.

Reminds me of when they tried to cancel the Factorio developer. Turns out more people are tired of that shit than they expected.

Oh i havent heard of this one

He did a wrongthink a little while back and they tried to cancel him via Steam reviews, but that only resulted in about 10 times as many people spamming Steam with good reviews and I guess the game gained some popularity as a result.

Kovarex is the game dev, the only game dev on factorio lol

If Eastern Europeans are really the last bastion of hope against the menace, then I'd much rather die.

Im too tired to make a thread about this but maybe I should, thr digimon community is in a massive uproar trying to cancel someone in digimon.

Digimon to me is what ben1p is to madsterlawls

Too many weeb fucks are pussies so it actually gained traction nothing is sacred

Make a post. Weebs are funny.

There was also the time Heartbeat RPG's developer's girlfriend did a heckin t-phobia and then came out in support of her viewpoint (they are lesbians) where the same thing happened. There were a bunch of positive and negative reviews, with the same reasoning.

Update from the Soy Wars Shop

Who brought their fucking toddler to a fight

EDIT: also lmfao at the guy with a neon teal pistol, is that a requirement to carry or is he just in the closet?

Right? Like can you even imagine your mum dragging you to something like this? Because I can't.

Like dangling a toddler above a gorilla enclosure

Awfully racist analogy, sweaty.

Even babies hate them.

which side are they protesting?

Total lack of hoverhand, straight line, this old dude fucks.

the penis is facing the world

All things in life boil down to dick and bussy

>taking the L before arriving onto the battlefield

Soy Tzu moment

Soy Tzu lmao that's a good one

That boomer is so fucking based. Hes incredible and even destroyed anfifas

Zoomers are so easy to please, he's a starshit nerd AND a little king, in what universe is that based? Just because he told a to fuck off? lol

He's on >my side< so yes he's based as fuck

Based means you don't care what people think

Vietnam Vet

Confronted someone about transphobia

Hmm, I wonder which one of these brave people Hollywood has-beens support?

The one with a dick

>getting duncked on my an old, starwars nerd, little king

Lmao it's over for s

I would've never expected that some spaceshit store owner would be such a massive

Sad it got cancelled though, I wanted to see the counter-protest and watch the soyjak civil war unfold.

taking money from spaceshit collectors is very based


Completely unsurprising that this dude fucks mad bitches.

> staged photo with some redneck 7's

"this dude fucks!"

Why are moids like this?

This man expertly baited a lolcow with his shop sign. We could learn little from him

so anyways, I was just literally minding my own business when a train derailed

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

This is one of those instances where the backstory is very important. The transwoman is on the City Council and apparently they have been harassing this store owner because he was selling "anti mask' signs and items. Then he put up the chicks have no dicks sign and the cat girl knew it was her time to pounce and film.

All of this was a bit anticlimatic.

But at least he's drowning in gussy now.

Hahahaha I called it horseshoe unite the right yesterday

What a disappointing conclusion.


It has been really hot around here so Ive been wearing a small tank top dress around the house. Sometimes it rides up or a boob is close to popping out, but it is incredibly humid and we dont have AC, Im just trying to stay cool. I get groped non-stop. I wouldnt mind him putting the moves on me if it was an appropriate time, but this is when Im doing my makeup, cleaning up, or even doing work. And he turns into a 13 year old boy. He just shows me his boner without any attempt to 1) gauge if Im in the mood, or 2) try to get me turned on. He just wiggles his boner around all proud of himself like hes the most seductive man in the world. It really just actually creeps me out. Weve always been pretty sexually active, and probably are intimate about once every day or two. But this behaviour is such a turnoff Ive been kind of grossed out lately and sex has felt like a major chore. I have told him soooooooooooo many times that I dont appreciate that kind of thing, that its immature, and also that Im allowed to wear whatever I want in my home without being harassed. He does not get the memo. Yesterday, after he followed me into our very small hot bathroom and rubbbed is boner against my butt while I washed my face, I snapped at him. I said please leave the bathroom, its too bloody hot for this, you need to give me space! He legit had a temper tantrum, stomping his feet and pounding his fists on surfaces! He said you always reject my love and I tried to explain that its normal for me to have boundaries and it doesnt mean Im rejecting anything. He didnt see it like that and stormed out of the house. Today it is even hotter but Ill be sure to cover myself so I dont have to deal with that.


It is also drizzling