Too many sex offenders attending Furry Con puts its future in doubt

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Well, there goes 90% of the attendees.

Libertarians might gain social acceptance before furries, honest to God.

....isn't the point of furry cons to just have tons of degenerate sex and drugs with strangers in hotel rooms?

Man, furries got soft.

Zoomers ruined gay culture

Zoomers pushed gay men out of the rainbow lol. Normie guys who suck dick aren't Queer™ enough

Furries, like everything from the Old Internet, were sanitized by queer zoomers, then bought, repackaged, and sold back to you at exorbitant prices by corporations

Socialist Teeth headshot commissions: $140 each!!!

Can’t identify you as a sex offender if you never take off your suit

Everyone in a suit is a sex offender. Too easy.

So congress really is a cabal of sexual predators?

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

Less of a cabal and more of a pyramid scheme.

Well, yeah.

If a politician is vocal about sex-related issues, 100% chance they're into it or worse

Registered sex offenders

So the unregistered are all good?

Shit, I misplaced my sex offender registration. Need to go back down to the DMV to get a new loiscence to sex offend

we are updating our code of conduct to make it clear that registered sex offenders are not welcome

Way to ruin all the fun

Surprised Pikachu meme

They'll never truly ban sex offenders because that would remove half the furries staffing the place.

Do roadkill offenses even get you on the registry?

Where is it?

Miami or Tampa I can go Iguana shooting outside the event. Could provoke seethe. Might also have Egyptian Geese out there too. IRL trolling?

Oh shit, I was expecting the Internet Historian's video about Rainfurrest. Is this even worse?

When you realise that the family friendly funny animal fandom was patient zero for the viral infection model that diaper wearing child abusers use now days to take over every fandom and online community. Using complaints of discrimination to force access into a community, get one of their number into a position of authority, they backdoor in their friends and slowly push out the original community leaders, saturate the communities media and art with their own sexual and fetish material thinly disguised to be on topic, exploit their conventions to indulge in debauchery until they all get shut down, then throw out anyone that objects for being 'hateful'.

Don’t kid yourself. Furries have been diaper wearing sex creeps from the start. The only hostile takeover they got was from queer leftists that pushed out the original sex creeps and replaced them with troomers and libertarians.

I watched one about a furry con that took over a hotel and scared the normies by fucking in the pool area, walking around in shit filled diapers, and doing whippets in the common areas but I'm too lazy to find it.

felt harassed or worse

Or worse? Someone was drugged and raped weren't they.

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

They made another rainfurrest?

You can't have a furry convention without the degenerate hangers on turning up, their the majority of the fanbase now.

the majority

It's all furries, r-slur. The ones who you think aren't sexual deviants are just good at hiding it.

I love when stereotypes are true.

All the seething over 'felt harrassed' 🤣🤣🤣

Maybe in his lived reality he didnt harrass you, furry foids, so its a perfectly fine way to phrase it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Wom*n only don't need br**sts if they don't want to feed babies the milk they need.