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[Effortpost] Def Noodles: One man’s descent into madness (and irrelevancy)



Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

  • The Book Of Proverbs, King Solomon

Pride is the satisfaction and pleasure that derives from an individual’s achievements or from those closely associated to them. There is nothing inherently wrong with having pride in oneself, but such as a majority of other traits, it is important to practice everything in moderation. Excessive pride makes us blind to our faults and prevents us from growing as individuals and remedying the errors of our personality. Countless times throughout history; individuals, communities, and nations have fallen due to extreme pride. Today I will be recounting the tragic tale of an individual’s ignorance of his own pride and how it led to his current downfall.

Who is Def Noodles? :#marseylolcow:





Def Noodles (Real Name, Dennis Feitosa) is a YouTube commentator and self-described comedian.

Noodles has amassed a modest following with his YouTube channel having a over half million subscribers and his twitter having over 100k followers in a little over two years, which itself is respectable growth for any content creator. Except going to any of his social pages, one would hastily notice a discrepancy between the number of views/likes he receives on his content based on what a content creator size would normally obtain.


His recent videos struggling to get 10k and his social blade showing his channel slowly losing out on subscribers. Additionally, Noodles and his tweets are unable to garner more than 100 likesThere is one thing for certain; Def Noodles relevancy on the internet sphere is bleeding out and he’s is struggling to stay significant. But the question is why?

It would be wrong to say that there was one specific event that caused his decline. It would be more accurate to point to multiple instances alongside with Noodles unlikeable personality as the cause that ultimately is leading to his downfall. Noodles has a history of lying, taking videos out of context and having lolcow meltdowns on twitter.

I can’t cover everything about Noodles because this man cannot stay out of controversy or stop posting stupid shit. Thus, I will attempt to highlight some of the more significant events and traits of Noodles that I believe leading to his current downfall.

Rise to Fame :#marseystars:

Noodles could be best described as a react channel in his early years of his YouTube career. He would simply watch and react videos he found or that his fans sent in. Examples include TRY NOT TO CRY Sad Philippines Commercial Comp. Where after watching the whole video, Noodles comments that the video almost made him cry. That’s it, nothing else. Bottom of the barrel of content when it comes to YouTube react channels. Some react videos that Noodles has made managed to luckily gather millions of views.

One of other notable event that helped out Noodles rise to fame was him being noticed by fat boy Ethan Klein. Specifically, Noodles was reporting on two major events; The David Dobrik r*pe scandal, and the James Charles underage intercourse scandal. Ethan would often retweet and interact with Noodles since Noodles would constantly post about updates to the situations. There’s too much to go over the whole scandal, but during his reporting on the scandals, Noodles would often misattribute or straight up lie about details that would come out. Here’s a video that goes into the history of Noodles, with some parts talking about his reporting. Go to around the 27 minute mark if your interested in the misinformation.

Downfall with Kavos :#marseydeadinside2:

Enter Kavos, the first major obstacle in Noodles career that would make his lolcow personality well known across the internet. Kavos is another commentary Youtuber that hosted a twitch show titled "Make or Break" where upcoming internet personalities and content creators would submit their videos to be reviewed by Kavos. Kavos was often harsh in his criticisms toward participants but mostly everyone had fun with content creators taking the criticisms in jest and enjoying the exposure they got from it.

One of these contestants that opted into being on the show was Def Noodles at the time Noodles found his place on YouTube by making meme/video reaction videos, a rather uncreative and lazy forms of content creation. Kavos ripped onto Def Noodles hard for this saying that he added nothing to the content and that he was a “soyboy sniperwolf”. Def Noodle took the criticism personally to an extreme and created a video where he talks about “how Kavos hurt his feeling and wondering why doesn’t he like Noodles”. Noodles goes on to brag about how he worked at multiple comedy clubs and that is he a funny comedian and that he isn’t affected by Kavos words. Unsurprisingly, a week later, Noodles put out this infamous video::


In the video, Noodles proclaims that he wishes more Youtuber were like him and made low effort content instead of content that made fun of other people. Noodles also talks about how the Kavos mean words made him sad for several days and almost resulted in Noodles quitting YouTube forever. Kavos responded by making a video called “Def Noodles DISGUSTING Lies & Slander EXPOSED!!”, where he brutally rips into Noodles again and exposes how pathetic Noodles actually is along with the some of the lies he told.

Kavos and Noodles would consistently clash again with one another to this very day:


Noodle attempted at one point to try and cancel Kavos for saying cute twink one time back in 2016, by riling up progressive dream fans, but unfortunately for Noodles this was another L for him since the cancellation didn’t work and Kavos continues to make videos to this day.

After this failed attempt to remove Kavos from the internet, Noodles had to improvise and devise a new plan to remove Kavos from the internet. What was his new plan you may ask? Well it was to bait Kavos into a street fight so he could murder him and end his existence:



Other people catch wind of these death threats

To end this section, I will leave you with this unironic tweet by our tragic hero noodles:


Exposed by Taylor Lorenz :#marseywall:

Hilarious enough, one lie Noodle got exposed for is lying about his age. I originally thought he was somewhere in his early twenties, but apparently Noodle is 37 YEARS OLD. He would tell people that he was in his mid-twenties, but unironically got exposed by Taylor Lorenz herself. Noodles at first attempted to deny that he was lying about his age, but rather changed his story and claims he lied so he could get acting gigs.

The mayo question :#marseymayo:

Noodles is rather a progressive individual, where he often wants to find himself on the right side of history. Often reporting on those chud alt right nazi’s:


In the context of those tweets, the people he was referring to aren’t actually Nazis but rather just edgy individuals. One of the individuals accused of being chud was AugieRFC, who has actually interacted with Noodles, calling him out on his lies.

But more amusing about Noodles is his constant effort to deny his mayo heritage, to the point where he posted this tweet:


That’s right. Noodles came here to the US from Brazil at the young age of 12, with no help! But, if one does enough research about Noodles, they come across his IMDB page which actually talks about his background:


So from his IMDB page we learn a couple things. First, he wasn’t born in brazil but was rather born in the US in New Jersey. Secondly, the Noodles father was an executive at Warner brothers! Noodles unending desire to be mixed race has even become a joke in his subreddit.

The lesson to take from this section is that there is nothing that Noodles won’t lie about, no matter how bold. And that he will never be mixed race.

Failed Comedian :#marseysting:

Noodles has been an aspiring comedian from a young age. He even described his own show as a mix of ace venture and Jim Carrey. If you’re this far into this thread, you noticed by now that Noodles tends to over exaggerate a bit much. This also includes his comedy. If you have a minute, I highly implore you to watch this video. This is considered one of Noodles best jokes

Yikes. If making bad comedy wasn’t often, Noodles has also tried stealing viral tweets/jokes in an attempt to boost his engagement, but was quickly called out by others:


There’s even discussion on his subreddit on whether or not if he even performs at his shows. But don’t worry when he is found performing at his show, his audience will critique his set, and those critiques will often be funny than the show itself:


But this isn’t the first time and definitely won’t be the last time. Even funnier is that his subreddit points out that the joke he stole doesn’t even make sense due to the fact that he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Other attempts at comedy by Noodles includes doing baby voice that many don’t understand as to why he does. To attempting to innovate new funny videos that end up failing to get any views. His own fans begin to even question if he can even write his own joke

Noodles has such a thriving passion for comedy that he opened up his own comedy club, where he hosts his own “roast battles”. But unfortunately his club isn’t doing well, with most noddle fans discussing how the quality of the shows continue to decline. Even worse for Noodles, moist critickal created a video talking about how terrible the roast battle. Noodles apparently makes random nobodies go against one another, meaning the only thing those people can roast the other person on is their looks. Fans of Noodles have also done some sleuthing around and found out that he only sold 5 of the 40 tickets available for his next roast battle, with him possibily being not able to financially support the club in the future.

A Passionate Streetfighter :#marseypunching:

As we’ve seen in his interactions with Kavos, Noodles has a history of challenging people to fight him. But not in the a ring with gloves, Noodles prefers to do it on the street with no rules, no gloves, no shame.There’s videos of Noodles boxing, but like a majority of Noodle endeavors, its rather underwhelming.

His ambition and passion to murder his critics has become so deranged that even, his fans take notice and wish that he would get help before he gets himself into more trouble.

Now you would think that an individual such as Noodles, who is keen to fight (and possibly murder) anyone who makes fun of him, has probably been into some number of fights right? Well, not in Noodles cases. With all of the threats he’s made, none of them have come to fruition. Except one, which brings me to the…

Salvos Incident :#marseyflamewar:

Noodles was beefing with another internet personality called Salvos. *Its unclear whether Noodles invited Salvos to his comedy roast, or Salvos showed up unannounced. Nonetheless, Salvo ends up on stage performing, when at one point where this incident occurs.

Noodles comes from behind stage and attempts to push Salvos. Salvos attempts to fight Noodles, but Noodles has his bodyguards intervene to protect him. A b-word move indeed. Noodles than attempts to brag about this on twitter where his followers call him a b-word for pulling this stunt.

*Slight correction see this comment and this comment for more context on order of events

Final Thoughts :#marseybigbrain:

As mentioned before, this write-up only covers the surface of Noodles, with there being many more controversies that Noodle has found himself and probably many more to come. When I started doing research and the write up for this thread, I originally thought that Noodles was just some average lolcow with a bad personality, but after everything I feel that he’s severely mentally ill. I think what we are witnessing is a man going through a middle-age crisis where he is coming to terms that his dreams are dying and everything he’s worked for is crumbling in front of him. I wonder what the future hold for him as do some of his fans. I have this inclination that if he continues to spiral downwards, he might just rope himself. Hopefully his inflated ego keeps him from doing that.

Thank you for reading my thread. I will leave you with my favorite Noodles quote:


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