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Ana Mardoll (Lockheed Martin train) comes back to beg for money, debunk hate facts about xer life.

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>I do not own my home, I have a mortgage

I fricking hate financially illiterate millennials

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We should retvrn to tradition and go back to when the bank would take the only physical copy of title as security and if you were even 1 millisecond late on payment they would keep the house even if the remaining balance was $0.0000001

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Technically the bank owns my home

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mortgagecels are rentoids

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>not a trans boy, Ima trans maaaaan!


Then why is her pfp a short-haired girl?

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Mardoll liked having a slightly androgynous pfp along with the name Ana because it let him freak out on the people who accidentally misgender him because in a sane world a pfp of a foid and the name Ana would mean it’s a woman.

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She's probably reportmaxxed thousands of chuds with that strategy

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Didn’t Rekieta or someone do that? Put she/her in profile and then reportmaxxed people “misgendering” him

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I did that on all of my Twitter accounts, I got a bunch of :marseytrain:s yalled since no one actually checks for pronouns in the bio. Idk about rejeita

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The PFP would do a lot for his "I'm not putting on a fake identity" defence. But even he knows noone wants to look at that

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>accuse KF

>plug donation

Why is it always the same?

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Because it keeps working

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Rich people claiming to be poor because they're not wealthy to justify shameless e-begging is one of my least favorite variations of e-begging. At least when CWC and Kevin Gibes e-beg it's because they're actually poor because they keep spending their internet bux™ on stupid toys instead of anything they need to live.

![]( Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Baked Bean Bucket Hat, lmao"

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Doesn't Gibes get a decent inheritance check each month, or had a pretty substantial payout? Can you be really considered poor I'd you have money but blow it all on wal mart dinosaur toys?

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I haven't kept up with too much Gibes because there's unironically too many people in the Gibes Cinematic Universe and everyone has like 3-5 names for some reason. I was under the impression that they were essentially squatting on the ranch after one of the many schisms. I think there was something with getting their propane tank repo'ed or something? So I just assumed they were running out of money.

![]( Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Baked Bean Bucket Hat, lmao"

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I fell out of the Gibes thread for a similar reason. Splitting it and the ranch made it too degenerate and not enough funny.

They are squatting since Bonnie left and her name is the one on the ranch, but I hadn't heard much beyond that. I know Gibes got some kind of large inheritance at some point though.

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I’m a bit behind but did Bonnie leave permanently? I know she left to have intercourse with her schizo partner but I thought that was temp

Also gibes has an inheritance but it seems to be a monthly stipend

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I'm not up to date on the tranch sadly. I think bon bons departure was permanent though.

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I have a mortgage, so that means I'm not well off

Lol. Lmao.

Also this post puts it pretty well:

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Xhe shouldn't be worried since the hate site kiwifarms' down for the burgers



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Thanks to queen Keffals :marseyhearts:

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:marseycarp3: @schizo not an effortpost but hey it's drama

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She was run off the site because she claimed reading was ableist or something r-slurred like that lol

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Should redeem xerself by designing transformers for the military to smite ameriKKKa's enemies.


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Wtf is kissmate?

Ok, urban dictionary coming in clutch:

Rather than being a normal person and saying partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, husband or wife, a kissmate is an attention seeking way of calling your significant other. Primarily used by privileged white ladies addicted to twitter in their 40s

It's not acceptable to call your boyfriend/wife etc partner either.


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Didn't we already invent "significant other" for that purpose, is it not special enough, she needs to make it weird

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There was a good blocked and reported episode about this :marseytrain:. @HailVictory1776 think it went back and forth a couple times and is in a poly with libertarians or something trans lives matter


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is she fat?

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Lol, kissmate

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Lets be honest leftoids complaininng about this only do it because for once one of them wasnt a complete loser

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Which if you will be the first to be my "Kissmate"? WHICH OF YOU??????

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