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[Elonpost] Rocket daddy officially embraces fascism

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I think the pressure might finally be getting to ol' rocket-daddy.

Endorsing anyone/anything concrete right now will just make half your audience mad. Probably more than half.

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He literally has autism. He cannot see that what he's doing is r-slurred and is too rich to care

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Oh no! They might unfollow him! It's all going down the tubes!!!!


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If you haven't noticed, he doesn't give a shit.

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I vote against whoever happens to be in power at the time


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The internet is a cesspool of information and I'm surprised you'd take anything you read on here as gospel. I vote against whoever happens to be in power at the time because they're all corrupt and out of touch with reality.

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Of course, the truest centrist position of all will enrage even this shithole. This man is maximum drama--too much drama for even rdrama.

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Truly centrist daddy elon, I am gonna go get a tub of ice cream and read all the seethe

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What a dumb frick lmao

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