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inshallah durka durka mohammed jihad Women are mad, on, get this, the internet

>The mental gymnastic just to make r*pe appear to be morally legal.

>Morally legal? That’s double fricked up, not only raping women, but doing it in an attempt to prevent the women from entering Heaven? Those men are pure evil.

>Can we talk about what kind of god is cool with these people going to heaven but r*pe victims not?

Redditors when God doesn't 100% obey their 21st century post-modern moral values that definitely won't be outdated and barbaric in 100 years(unlike the last 294729362):

>Somebody mangle that man. Don’t kill him. Mangle, rape, repeat. And keep him alive. fricking disgusting waste of space.

>I would fricking volunteer to destroy that man. fricking monster

>This is unforgivable. Absolutely monsterous.

@Dahl_Fook is sure he'll be losing sleep

>Beyond horrific. Words cannot even express.

>I feel like that's not quite enough. There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men...for this...

Why are they like this

>[YOU raped them so the sin is on YOU, you lowlife excuse for a peace of shit.

and dont r*pe woman is deplorable @Dahl_Fook cant believe someone actually thought the line of thinking is valid its just disgusting.](

darn bro hope he sees this πŸ™Œ

>Yeah, THEY are the ones not getting into heaven lol. Not that it exists.

>I am willing to bet that if they start killing prisoners in big numbers, the reaction will be ferocious and regime-ending. Frankly it’s not β€œif”. It’s”when” IMO.

Its gonna be like the marvel movies where the good guys beat the bad guys

>frick these scum of the Earth trash humans.

>This is not funny at all, this is straight up femicide. All the Iranian men who are doing this should have their peepee cut off with a rusty knife, and let them bleed out to death. We should not care about the male feminist's "human rights". Since these stop being human after commiting such an act. This is why I'm pro-torturing male feminists.


Trans lives matter


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>Laughing at the real r*pe and murder of children to OWN the libs

darn bro you're parents must be proud.


Trans lives matter


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Rape :marseygigachad:

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*Your πŸ’…

Trans lives matter


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But they all cried when catfricker made fun of an ugly girl.

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