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:marseykween: r-slurred foid kills herself and her daughter for TWO THOUSAND pounds debt

You can make 2000 pounds in one night as a ho if you arent an uggo lmfao

Sneeding: (unlinked comments are on same thread)

>Kinda whack how people here are so focused on blaming the system that theyre ignoring the fact she killed a child. Over £2,471. All everyone seems to focus in on is mental health (assuming there was issues) the debt (assuming it was unfair and not her own mismanagement, life choices or fault) or the fact the big bad society pushed her to do this as if to kinda imply its justifiable. Stop assuming things to make a narrative. She killed a kid. You dont know any more than that.

>Their own mismanagement in a system heavily pushing people into debt? A system that has refused reasonable pay rises while exploiting us for their profit. You, you’re a heartless monster, victim blaming someone who felt she had to kill herself and her child to escape. You’re either a troll or you’ve got something wrong with you in your head. Go see a shrink and tell him you don’t know what empathy is!

>So if someone kills someone then we shouldn't punish them, we should say "Look what the system made them do!!!". Is that what you're saying?! Absolute insanity.

>She murdered her own child. Whatever sympathy I had for is pretty muted by that - no matter how bad your own life, is you don't get to murder an innocent.

>If you were suicidal with a dependent, you'd understand.

>This 100%. She’s fricked either way if she takes her daughter with her or not the public would still have their uneducated inexperienced opinion on the matter.

>Except in the second scenario the child is still fricking alive. That’s a heck of a lot better.

>Fascinating take from the top comments here that it’s “understandable” and not your fault if you murder a child so long as you can sort of vaguely blame the tories for making you do it…

>The ghost of Maggie Thatcher pushed her and Boris Johnson was actually the one driving the train

>Female privilege- you don’t murder your child because you owe 2k A father wouldn’t have this sympathetic article

>Three victims here. Some train drivers are so traumatised that they can never work again due to their PTSD. If you have to keep yourself safe, don't ruin someone else's life doing it

>Don't blame suicidal people being suicidal. Its not their fault.

>I’m sorry, but this woman is a murderer. Not even a debate. She could have left the girl with the dad ffs. Pure evil.

Who gets to tell him?

>It’s not the size of the debt , it’s the constant frustration of being ignored, signposted and having to deal with constant barriers by the bureaucratic system which remains faceless and now voiceless in the uk. You are constantly being told/forced to make phone calls and yet fall constantly into a system that doesn’t deliver answers - situations like this is the outcome of that frustration

"Um hi could you please pay back-"


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Foids will literally commit murder before taking responsibility for their actions.


Hi :marseywave:

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It was family annihilation: a total moid move.

But go on, keep a sister down.



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Yeah when scrotes do literally this no one says anything like:

Poor woman.

She murdered her own child; drop the sympathy act.

She obviously wasn't very well was she? Drop the lack of empathy. It's not like she threw it in front of the train and ran off it? Yes it's awful and totally unnecessary, she should have left the child somewhere but she was very obviously not in the right state of mind at all and likely failed by mental health organisations.

Redditors excuse literal murder rather than imply a woman is at fault or responsible for anything.


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>It's not like she threw it in front of the train and ran off it?

At least she killed her kid while displaying manners. Y'all who criticize her can't behave.

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black women killing themselves saves the taxpayer thousands.

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I'm imaging a new TRP but it is intentionally just showcasing male feminists and murders.

So basically twoXhomosomes.

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>young mother


We’re so fricked we are not making it to 2100

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>People waiting until their brains are fully developed to begin raising the next generation.


keep yourself safe.

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Cope r-slur, early twenties is prime breeding time

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Actually the mid teens are, if you're only looking at fertility.

Anybody who isn't okay with fricking children realizes that there are other factors involved in determining the best time to have kids.

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Fertility peaks for women at 25.

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Source on that?

I'd assume fertility peaks immediately after puberty similar to how intelligence peaks immediately once the brain is fully developed.

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26 isn't a young mother.

Pregnancies after 30s are considered geriatric

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30s are objectively the best time to have kids though.

In your twenties you're supposed to be the hero of your life, not devoting all your attention and income to raising kids. Plus the human brain doesn't fully develop until 27.

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:marseyxd: the number keeps on increasing day by day

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Holy shit krayon weren’t you leaving

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Nobody that announces their departure leaves forever.

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I did for about three days. I'm probably leaving again for a longer break today.

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Lmao not enough self control to leave even for a week. No offense dude but :marseylaughpoundfist:

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oh no people's brains will fully develop while they're raising kids, now they'll adapted for a life with kids in it oh no

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27 is pretty young

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27 is the wall unless you want a dramautist

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Thats 35 you fricking r-slur

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Stop robbing the grave. You probably have a preggo fetish

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I think he meant the other direction.

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A decade from the wall


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On the other hand, 27 is a ripe old age for a k pop idol

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Indeed snappy, this poor br*tish w*man would never have needed to end it all if it weren’t for the nefarious Irish scheming behind the scenes and pulling the strings to ruin her life.

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Begorrah! The Sassenach Know!

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>foid dead


>foidlet dead


>single mother dead


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Be nice.

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2 children are dead and you’re laughing

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frick empathycels

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The clump of cells came out her body so it's her choice

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>If you were suicidal with a dependent, you'd understand.


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>Why would the tories do such a thing?



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rivers of blood

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Journos are r-slurred. No one ever kills themselves over the things they claim they're killing themselves over. They just pick the worst thing in their lives and say it's because of that but the desire itself comes from within. Undramatic answer but that's how it goes irl

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Removing specific, big stressors could be enough to put them above the boundary under which they generate these suicidal thoughts within them.

Or not. Afaik suicide is only a first world phenomenon.

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I don't think so. The inner thing is always there so they just move onto the next r-slurred justification to keep yourself safe themselves

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You are partially right. There are people who will not kill themselves no matter how bad their life is at the moment. The ability of feeling suicidal thoughts and acting on it is genetic.

But that it is also related to stress is proven just by looking at veterans and their suicide rate. I don't really care but if you want you can look if acute stress from divorce or death of a loved one leads to temporarily higher suicide chance, I'm pretty confidant that it should.

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>Afaik suicide is only a first world phenomenon.


The Green Revolution murdered 17 million innocent people by forcing them to commit suicide with pesticide

Works cited: Ayanthi Karunarathne, David Gunnell, Flemming Konradsen & Michael Eddleston (2020) How many premature deaths from pesticide suicide have occurred since the agricultural Green Revolution?, Clinical Toxicology, 58:4, 227-232, DOI: 10.1080/15563650.2019.1662433

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They are actually so sympathetic with her jfc. Imagine the rage boners if a dude decided to murder his daughter because he had a tiny amount of debt

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imagine if a man owed $2000 in child support that he cant afford. People would be celebrating his death

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If I weighed over 2000 pounds I would kill myself too

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No wonder Jamal left her

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Shooting someone who is pointing a gun at your face after informing you they intend to kill you? You're a murderer.

Yank your daughter onto the train tracks because you bought too many clothes? Victim of capitalism

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If she had crossed state lines to throw her baby in front of a train I'm sure they would change their tune

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I mean frick at least give the kid a chance at life if you're too tilted to continue.

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Lol no. Good riddance. More poors should take themselves and their spawns out in this fashion.

Africa is going to add 1 billion people in 28 years. We need to make sure the African trains are fast, cut through slums (as well as keep running on time :marseytroll:)

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Zozzle chud confirmed

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>foid child

No chance

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>moid commits murder/suicide

"wow what a psycho, toxic masculinity at its worst"

>foid commits murder/suicide

"a heartbreaking tragedy, capitalism has failed once again"

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I almost forgot that you guys were immoral losers

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You the baby daddy?

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On one hand she killed a kid.

On the other hand she kept the kid out of foster care.

Kinda 50/50 on this one

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Come on lady I spent way more than that on fake internet money that's lost all its value now :marseystocksdown: :marseywagie::ragejak:

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marseybux never had any value though?

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I can play games and chud ppl with marseybux so tbqh it should probably be valued higher than 1BTC

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>unironic "capitalism did this" posters


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This is just sad


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Jesus Christ @BBallameriKKKan hate redditors. @BBallameriKKKan wonder what they would say about family annihilators? Many of them killed their whole family and then themselves because they were out of work, in huge debt, etc. @BBallameriKKKan doubt Reddit would be that understanding.

Detrans lives matter.


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I don't think it was the money that pushed her over the edge imo but the way in which we deal with these debts.

they just take your possessions, its not like they torture you or cut your limbs off ??

i think that with government assistance you'll be able to work on that debt lol

too late tho she already clarted her kid

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You don't end up being 2000 pounds in debt by being financially literate. Education system has failed them.

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Probably just get handed over to collections and then you work out a payment plan where you have to pay most of the money back.

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This is pretty dark bros :marseypearlclutch:

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Hahahahha, b-word, there is literally 0 0️⃣ consequences to being poor in the U.K, you aren't in some fricking rust belt hellhole with meth zombies trying eat your kids, lol just chill with some gypsies or something roflmao, b-word, it ain't that serious

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You could always just not pay it. Your credit will be trashed but collections will often negotiate with you after it becomes clear you can't pay.

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Trashed credit is better than death, but obvi wasn't thinking straight, probably hysterical and acted rashly

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I was gonna make a racist joke but didnt because this is just sad

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Woman murders daughter for r-slurred reasons

Reddit decides society is to blame

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This isn't the whole story, it's just the only spin that the Redditors could swallow.

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She needed to talk to BelleAriel. That b-word has been mooching gubment gibs for years with a kid and just buys RC drugs and uggo tattoos.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

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