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Transmaxxing will not prevent a beating.

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God-darned TERFs need to be taught a lesson! :marseyliathomas:

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He identified as women plural?

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That makes it a protest instead of a sexual assault, your Honor. Motion to dismiss all charges.


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The way they're dragging him by the hair is downright animalistic. It's like an apex predator cat who isn't even hungry and doesn't really want the kill, just wants to make the catch suffer

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The tweet is fake. Apparently all three are trans; hair-pulling is an integral part of any fight between women, bio or neo.

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I knew a legacy couldn't man handle a valid woman like that.


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Lol tranfight

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Yaaaaaasssssss neoqueen! Beat he cracker ass!

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>scrote on scrote violence


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Okay but were the trains beating him because he whipped his peepee out or is that also fake news? Because that would still be pretty based of said trains.

edit: actually read the thing. unbased and boringpilled

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>it's simple maIe on maIe violence. The 3 involved are All maIe.


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So just deranged poors fighting. Another day in brazil

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Off duty brazilian lady.

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A gaggle of progressive white women in this situation would have offered to jerk his girl peepee off for him and clean it up.


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Its fake

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I saw that :marseyrain:

:brainletchest: But the fact that I thought it was true says a lot about yada yada yada

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Worst cameraman ever

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You weren't kidding. He keeps focusing on everything other than the beating.

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It made me woozy and I was already in bed

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You've said it multiple times so I'm going to go ahead and assume it isn't a typo.

You are calling that person "sweaty" as in someone who is covered in sweat.

The word you are looking for is sweetie.

Obviously someone with opinions like yours has a hard time grasping simple concepts such as spelling, so I won't lose any sleep over this.


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